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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 32



’’Manager Jo, did you send all the files?’’

’’Yes, sir.’’

’’Manager Lee?’’

’’Our side has sent all of them too.’’

’’Then let's proceed to burn it on the configuration management.’’

It was now the final hurdle. The file had to be uploaded to the commercial server,

Configuration management server.

It was a place where all the programs and related files had to go through in order to be uploaded into the commercial server. The configuration management server managed what files were on the commercial server. All the files not recorded on it will be treated as illegal. To burn something on the commercial management server meant that they will upload the source they developed until now.

’’Proceeding to upload on the configuration management server’’

An ByungHoon put together the files sent by the others and uploaded on the configuration management server. Now they only had to go to the server room and download the file on the commercial server and activate it.

After they uploaded the file onto the configuration management server, they moved from Yangjae to Seolleung. In Seolleung was one of the IDCs that KO Telecom had.

’’Is this your first time in the server room?’’

’’No, I visited the company's own server room.’’

’’There's no real difference between here and there.’’

’’Anyway, I hope it ends without any problems.’’

’’That won't be easy.’’

An ByungHoon said as he smacked his lips.

’’Now that the file has been uploaded on the configuration management, isn't it over when it's downloaded and run?’’

’’Didn't you feel it in the tests? We checked from 1 to 10 but there were still bugs, weren't there?’’

Experience couldn't be ignored. The situation went exactly as manager An described.


In the server room, only the noise from the computers could be heard. The machine noises made the atmosphere even heavier. The lack of talking signified the seriousness of the situation. A person said quietly.

’’Hey, isn't the version different? Which one got uploaded?’’

’’F*ck... really.’’

The man swore while holding the phone. An ByungHoon's eyes didn't miss that. Manager An was the one commanding the source porting (uploading the source onto the server) in the server room.

’’Manager Jo, what is it, is there a problem?’’

’’*Sigh*... A few files are incorrect.’’

At his words, An ByungHoon pursed his lips. He didn't expect that it would go smoothly but when it really happened, he couldn't accept it happily.

’’What do we do? Re-burn it on the configuration management?’’

A hint of annoyance could be heard from An ByungHoon's words. To re-burn it, they needed to have permission from No JunWoo. And that wouldn't go smoothly for sure.

’’For situations like this, we made back door(illegal server access program) to upload the files, shall we use it?’’

’’First let's proceed normally. A problem may arise if we do that.’’

An ByungHoon, after he received the files which had to be uploaded again, called No JunWoo. After he ended his call, he took out a cigar and went outside and came back in again. It could be imagined what kind of conversation happened between them

’’Manager, are you alright?’’

’’If it isn't anything big, can we talk later?’’

An ByungHoon replied with a colder tone than usual.

’’O, of course.’’

’’Mr. YongHo and miss HyeJin, after uploading the file on the commercial server, please proceed with the testing.’’

’’Then what do we do if we find a bug during the test?’’

’’Organize it and tell me right away.’’

’’I understand.’’

Not everything was over after installing the program. The QA team also had to check. There was also the self teset before the QA team's test. An ByungHoon left the self test to YongHo and HyeJin.


YongHo, doing the test, heaved a sigh.

'How's this possible.'

Of course, he didn't say it out loud and only spoke in his heart. He stared at the monitor to the point he would see through it with his chin resting on his hand.




Bugs kept appearing from the sources in which YongHo didn't take part in.

'How do I edit this.'

There was no tool like Eclipse too. He couldn't compile or build.

'By chance......'

YongHo started typed in the file search on the linux with little expectation.

'There it is.'

Ant, which could build a program, was installed. He searched because there was tomcat and he had a little expectation. There was also JDK(java development kit) installed so everything used for editing a program was there. The source was there from the beginning.

But he first reported to An ByungHoon. He still remembered that he should report to him any bugs. After looking for him, manager Lee was getting an earful from An ByungHoon.

’’That's why I told you to check again and again.’’


’’This is already the second time I called No JunWoo to get permission to edit and reupload onto the configuration management. If it happens again, No JunWoo says to reset. RESET, I say.’’

The voice was small but it head strength put into it. It was an unimaginable image of An ByungHoon who normally had a soft image.

’’You know what will happen if it's reset. If the opening is delayed by one week, you know better than me how big the losses will be.’’

At An ByungHoon's words manager Lee couldn't say anything. Perhaps An ByungHoon was frustrated at manager Lee, he sighed as he combed his own head with his hand. As he was doing that, he looked around only to see YongHo.

’’Huh? Mr. YongHo, what's up?’’

’’I did a test and... I found a few bugs.’’

’’*Sigh*... Where?’’

’’A few where the screen breaks when the personal info is printed, and a few from the payment history inquiry.’’

At YongHo's words An ByungHoon's face turned red in anger. Maybe due to his blood pressure he shook his head multiple times and blinked. And he heaved a big breath and spoke.

’’...Let's stop it here for today.’’

From An ByungHoon's face, which turned stiff, pain could be felt.YongHo couldn't imagine how much of a loss they had to take. But he could feel the stress that An ByungHoon was feeling. YongHo stepped up to speak.

’’If it's bugs, then I can solve it.’’

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