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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 30



YongHo, after eating lunch, asked An ByungHoon because he was unsatisfied with the situation.

’’Manager, does it always take this long?’’

’’It depends on what kind of bug the bug is but... It may be because they're busy.’’

’’They're busy?’’

’’We are in the middle of the integrated test, so there must be a lot of people looking for them because of bugs.’’


Manager An sneakily glanced at YongHo and spoke.

’’Well, for us, we're quiet because of you... In truth, I'm still a little worried.’’

’’About what?’’

’’Because that kind of appearance is the norm. There should be bugs happening here and there but we are too quiet here.’’

’’Isn't that because we were good?’’

’’If that is the case, then I would really be relieved.’’

’’We are perfect. You even said it. Programmers should take responsibility for their own codes. I didn't leave room for even 1% of worry.’’

At YongHo's words, An ByungHoon laughed. Then he tapped YongHo's shoulder twice and spoke.

’’Oh, Mr. Intern here sure is confident!’’

’’Because I would be a corpse if you take away my confidence.’’

After a cup of coffee, they went back to the conference room where the integrated tests were being held. The conference room was noisier than the traditional market.

3 p.m.

There still was no word from the manager next to them. An ByungHoon couldn't hold back and spoke up.

’’Sir, What happened to the bug we spoke about in the morning?’’

There was a integrated test scenario that An ByungHoon had to complete. The related scenarios had to be completed for him to report anything to the PM and get a rest. He couldn't leave it alone forever.

’’Oh, I didn't mention it? I was contacted but there was no problem on our side. I think the bugs is from your side.’’

At the manager's words, YongHo frowned. YongHo was about to stand up to go and speak to him when An ByungHoon stopped him with his hand.

’’We checked but there was no problem with our program.’’

’’How can I believe that? Are you saying we didn't check properly?’’

The manager from the other company was sensitive due to all the stress accumulated from overtime and weekend work. Moreover, due to the bug that occurred as soon as the test begun, he was near exploding point. It was hard for him to say anything not polite.

’’I understand that you are very tired but this error is clearly due to some bug in the point spending.’’

’’I know and I checked. It isn't a problem from us.’’

’’Currently, we've generated points on customer TB10 and when it gets to the calculation part, the value printed on our side and the value printed on your side is different. Doesn't this mean that one of us is wrong?’’


When his voice got louder, the head PM from KO Telecom who was in charge of the project, stepped up.

’’What is it? Is there a problem?’’

When even the head PM stepped up, the manager from the other company grew quiet.

’’This... Mirae IT keeps saying that the problem is from our side......’’

’’When did I keep saying it was a problem from your side?’’

’’There, there! Calm down and come here. Isn't it fine if we test together?’’

Under the head PM there was the PMs from other companies and then there was the PLs who lead the project technically.

Behind the head PM stood Mirae IT's An ByungHoon and Wisdom System's manager. The head PM told the manager from Wisdom System.

’’Try generating the points.’’

Following the PM's words, customer TB10 payed the telecommunication fees and the points were generated. The points were 5% of the basic expenses: 310 points.

Wisdom System's monitor showed a grand total of 45350 after adding the 310 points.

’’Check the points on statistics side.’’

45330 points.

There was a difference of 20 points. YongHo who was watching from behind could identify the problem instantly.

’’Huh? Isn't this same problem as last time? The stuff that the KO DS fixed.’’

People's gazes which were focused on the monitor turned to see YongHo like lightning.


At that moment YongHo could only be surprised. He spoke his words without thinking, when he was supposed to only say it in his heart.

Head PM Lee DooHee.

As the team leader from No JunWoo's team, he was also the PM from KO Telecom who was in charge of the KO Telecom customer support project. He completed many big projects successfully and he was acknowledged as a talent in KO Telecom. From his well defined facial features, his stubbornness about his work could be seen.

’’What are you?’’

An ByungHoon quickly stepped in front of YongHo and spoke.

’’He's an employee.’’

’’Really? But what did you mean by the words you said just now?’’

’’Oh, there was a similar error on our side...’’

The Lee DooHee stopped An ByungHoon in the middle of his speech and asked YongHo.

’’Please repeat what you just said.’’

’’There was a case where the method for calculating points that changed last time wasn't applied to the old system, so we told the KO DS about it. I mean that this error seemed similar to that.’’

’’I didn't hear anything about that. What happened here, assistant manager No?’’

No JunWoo who was watching from the side quickly stepped up. YongHo thought that Lee DooHee would reprimand No JunWoo because he didn't report it. But the situation turned out differently from his expectation.

’’The DS said they would be able to solve it immediately so I didn't find the need to report.’’

’’I'm not asking about that. I'm asking why the same problem is happening.’’

’’We have to check if the problem that occurred here is the same as the one that happened then. This friend here is still an intern so he doesn't know much.’’

’’An intern?’’

’’Yes, sir.’’

’’Who allowed him to enter the integrated test room!?’’

That single line from Lee DooHee made the entire office quiet. The silence wasn't long and Lee DooHee spoke again.

’’Check quickly.’’

No JunWoo politely answered.

’’Yes. sir.’’

’’If it's the same problem, then tell all the cooperative companies that there should be a report by the end of today.’’

There was a saying that went 'the same vegetables for the same rice'(Korean way of saying 'like father, like son'). Those words didn't leave his mind.


After the storm went past, YongHo complained to An ByungHoon.

’’So interns should just stay still without doing anything, huh?’’

’’Don't think of it too badly.’’

’’To be honest, I thought the head PM would reprimand No JunWoo or something.’’

An ByungHoon shook his head as if saying 'that's impossible'.

’’How can that be?’’


’’The head is also from Hankuk university. He's also from the same department as No JunWoo. They push and pull each other. Isn't there even a push and pull charge rate?’’

(Uhh, so, The pushed one pulls the other up, and in Korea, there's a push and pull charge rate where you can push the data you didn't use this month to the next and pull the data from next month if you don't have enough)

’’I really wonder how you met your wife.’’

There was something that was directly proportional to time.


Between YongHo and An ByungHoon, there was enough intimacy to joke around.

’’Anyway, are you doing what I told you about last time?’’

’’Stack overfly, sir?’’

’’Yeah. Do it well. Prepare yourself in case you have to go overseas.’’

’’Are you uploading sources onto gethub also to go overseas?’’

’’Well, I'm already quite old so it's more for my own good rather than going overseas. But you're still young, YongHo.’’

’’A sunbae of mine from school told me this not long ago. There were many different varieties of programmers and which one are you planning to be. By chance, can I ask you what you think the most promising one is?’’

’’You already asked, why are you putting 'by chance'...’’


’’You said you were from Seon Min university?’’


’’In truth, I only graduated from high school.’’


Translator's note

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