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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 3


’’Line 107 is it.?’’

YongHo, on his seat, ran his Indroid application again. After looking at the notification on the top right corner for about 3 seconds it went into details.

Title: A NullPointerException has occurred

Details: The current error is occurring from

String[] mTitle = getResources().getStringArray(R.array.app_title)

Line. This error occurs when a null value is referenced.

Solution: The getResources() method creates an object from the SDK of Indroid when the onCreate() method is running. You cannot use it before the onCreate() method.

’’So it should work if I move the getResources() method to below theonCreate() method’’

After changing the position of the getResources() method, theNullPointerException error disappeared. Sunggyu came in as YongHo finished modifying the code.

’’Hey, is it done?’’

’’I think it is fixed now.’’

’’Let me see.’’

Sunggyu sat down and ran the program.

’’Oh? It really works!’’


Sunggyu, who ran the program on the connected smartphone, looked at YongHo.

’’Wow~! I guess you do have some ability?’’

’’Haha, well, it's all thanks to you.’’

YongHo often made programs for part time jobs with Sunggyu. And he learned Indroid app developing while doing them.

’’Now you are allowed to say you learned from me.’’

Sunggyu tapped YongHo's face as he made an exaggerated expression.

’’Then... By chance, can you introduce me to a part time job?’’

This was the real reason he came to find Sunggyu. Even though his parents payed for his tuition, he had to pay for his living expenses by himself.

2nd semester of 4th year.

He wanted to earn money from developing programs as it could help his study.

’’Well, let's go out for dinner first. We will speak there.’’

Perhaps because Sunggyu will earn a lot from this, he took YongHo to a barbeque restaurant rather than the student union building.(School cafeteria is usually in the student union building.)


Pork belly BBQ was looking nice as was being grilled.

’’Did you research about where you will find employment?’’

’’Well I'm currently studying for TOEIC and writing my profile for my résumé.’’

’’Then why look for a part time job?’’

’’Well preparation for employment is not free... You know all this, don't you?’’

’’Well, I guess that's true.’’

Everything needed money. From TOEIC schools to study groups for profile-writing.

Some people even have plastic surgery in order to fit the company's' criteria. If one wants to spend money, there were countless ways of doing it.

’’Do you have anything good?’’

’’Let's see......’’

’’Working with you will help me more rather than working at a convenience store, don't you think?’’

’’There are a lot of offers for app developing nowadays.’’

’’You know my ability, Can't we do it together?’’

’’There is this one that just fits you......’’

’’Let me do it!’’

YongHo shouted without even listening to the end. One more part time job meant one more line in the résumé.

’’Well then, do you want to work as my assistant? I can't give you a lot of money though.’’

Excitement filled YongHo's face as he heard Sunggyu's words. One could not work a part time job with Sunggyu as there was simply no place(So everyone want that spot and it is usually taken). Earning money while studying at the same time, it was 2 birds with one stone.

’’That's great!’’

’’I'm only doing this because you don't seem to have fooled around all the time. You understand right?’’

’’Yes, of course! Hyung!’’

’’Well, let's eat first and get into details.’’

That night.

*bang*(door shutting loudly)

YongHo went to the living room. His father just came home.

’’Welcome back, dad.’’

It could be seen that he had a lot of drink, as he stank with alcohol and his eyebrows were loose. His drunk face was filled with wrinkles. Strands of white hair could be seen between his black hair.

It could be seen that he had drank a lot, as he stank with alcohol and his eyebrows were loose. His drunk face was filled with wrinkles. Strands of white hair could be seen between his black hair.

’’Son, you were home...?’’

He staggered his way to the bed. YongHo could finally go back to his room. However, he didn't manage to. His mother was speaking to his father in the room.

’’Did you get your salary this month?’’

’’That... They didn't give me any because they said that the building management company will change.’’

’’*Sigh*, What are we going to do for this month's expenses then?’’

’’Can't it somehow be managed by the money you earn?’’

’’This is YongHo's tuition. And there's also the debt from the house.’’

YongHo silently went back to his room halfway through the conversation.


YongHo hurried to college after sleeping in. Sunggyu was already in the clubroom.

’’You look tired.’’

’’Didn't get enough sleep yesterday.’’

’’Health is the most important thing.’’

’’I understand.’’

’’What did I tell you?’’

’’7/10 of programming is stamina.’’

’’Yes, so train your body properly.’’

After that, Sunggyu went into the main point. The app this time was for chatting.

’’The request this time is for a chatting app.’’

’’Chatting? Then you would need a server for it.’’

’’Yes, we need one.’’

’’How are you going to implement it?’’

’’I am trying KCM(Koogle Cloud Message) this time.’’


KCM was a type of push message service provided by Koogle.

’’Taking the push message right out of the middle, and puts it like a chat bubble on the phone screen. It said that KCM considered chatting as they structured it in the reference manual.’’

’’Then what's my job?’’

’’You can do the server. You probably won't need many class files. You only need to receive the request from the client and just transfer it. I have something I made before so you only need to fix some lines in it.’’

’’Then what about the pay......?’’

YongHo was worried that he would receive only a small amount of money as he didn't have a big role.

’’The total is 1,500,000 Won(≈1300USD). me 900,000(≈785USD) and you 600,000(≈515USD) how about it?’’

This was not bad at all. YongHo thought that he was great for asking Sunggyu for the part time job.

’’That's okay. How long until the deadline?’’

’’The original deadline is in 2 weeks but I think we only need 1.’’

600,000 Won(≈515USD) was very good for a week long job. YongHo asked Sunggyu, excited.

’’But can it really be done that quickly?’’

YongHo asked half in fear. Sunggyu replied as if it was no big deal.

’’Well... We only need to implement the chatting. And we could probably find source codes on the internet too.’’

’’Whoa! I really wonder why you came to this college when I see you every time.’’

’’I never had interest in studying.’’

’’You had?’’

From YongHo's point of view, there was no other person who studied as hard as Kang Sunggyu.

’’Korean, English, Maths, Social Studies, Sciences. I had no interest in any of that.’’

(*TL note: the 5 subject mentioned here is the exams in CSAT)


’’That's the problem. I'm interested in nothing other than computer studies.’’


’’Becoming advanced technicians require being mathematics skills, but I hate it...... So I do part time jobs like this every day.’’

’’What's so wrong about this lifestyle?’’

’’You, have you heard about coders?’’


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