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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 29



There was a notice when he opened stack overfly the next morning.

'Huh? Did my answer get selected again?'

He clicked the notice with a little expectation, but it wasn't that his answer was selected. Someone asked a question specifically to him.

'It seems like people saw my profile.'

-Please leave your test code We solve all the bugs.

It was written with half-baked English. Perhaps the asker was on his last straw, but he left a question for YongHo who had less than 100 reputations score.

Maybe because YongHo only left a 'JAVA' tag on his profile, but the source the asker left with was also in java. YongHo pasted the source onto Eclipse and ran it.

There was an alarm on the bug window.

Error constructing Android Custom VIEW.

From the word 'weekday' in the middle of the question, it seemed like s/he had been stuck on it for at least a week.

'Hmm... It doesn't look that hard.'

YongHo edited the constructor for the custom VIEW according to the bug window. The bug window always gave the most efficient solution. It was a code that an open source contributor such as An ByungHoon acknowledged so there were no problems.

'So the resolution of the image have to be changed according to the screen size by getting the screen size from the phone OS.'

YongHo finished editing and sent it via e-mail, but he still sat in front of the computer.

'Gethub, huh......'

He showed amazing skills in fixing bugs, but he was still inexperienced with developing a program. YongHo decided to look around gethub to raise his developing skills per An ByungHoon's advice.

'There's a lot of sources related to indroid.'

Looking around the website, he found many sources related to smartphones. Especially pertaining to smartphone screens.

'Shall I upload one too?'

YongHo thought of creating a view that he thought up while using smartphones.

A view where the screen will show an effect like shattering glass when it was touched.

He thought it would be interesting.

'Ah... My head hurts.'

However, it definitely wasn't easy. Making a customized view source was difficult for even veterans with 5 years of experience. It meant that his skills would increase just by thinking to challenge making it.

If he didn't know anything, he couldn't start.

'Let's put the constructor and the necessary methods first.'

YongHo started developing a program by referencing various sources on gethub, not knowing how fast time was going.

People say that the method to program well is similar to the method to write well.

Read a lot. Read a lot of good sources.

Write a lot. Program various things by oneself.

Think a lot. Think a lot about how to make the program better.

YongHo was thorough in doing these 3 things. The tight project schedule made him read various sources. He could tell and compare the good and bad sources by replacing some parts with the most efficient code which were on the bug window. YongHo also didn't just blindly followed the bug window.

He strived to understand why it was like that, and he tried to think up of even better ways.

Those efforts that he put in in his everyday life materialized as confidence to make the customized view.


The unit tests were over after 2 weeks. The majority of the people who participated in the KO Telecom's project said that they will never work with KO Telecom's project.

YongHo raising his skills was good, but he felt the strains on his bones even though he was only in his 20's. The PM privately called YongHo who was preparing for the integrated tests after the unit tests were over.

’’Did you really do all this?’’

The PM, who called YongHo, looked at the report and asked YongHo again.

’’What do you mean sir?’’

’’Here, the test results report. I had a look but more than half of the names here are yours.’’

’’Ah, then it's probably me.’’

After manager Yun collapsed with a heart attack, work found its way over to YongHo. YongHo, following manager An's words, fixed bugs without holding back. And the results were on the document.

’’I called you here because I think it doesn't make sense. However, manager An also said it was you.’’

YongHo spoke when the PM made a gesture that he couldn't believe him.

’’I did my best.’’

’’No matter how you do your best, this shouldn't happen according to my experience.’’


’’If you said you did it, then it's probably true. The integrated tests begins tomorrow. Do your best there too.’’

YongHo's name was now also engraved in the PM's head.


Integrated tests.

After the unit tests finish, something known as the integrated tests would start. They were tests that collectively tested the units together.

If the developed programs could be separated into the 'train', the 'rail', the 'ticket office', etc, then the unit tests would be testing each of the train, the rail, the ticket office, etc by itself.

The integrated tests would be testing a customer that would go to the ticket office to buy a ticket and get on the train which was on the rail.

The part that YongHo was in charge of was the same as manager An: the point calculation. If the point usage was received, the algorithm would calculate and show how much points each customer used and how much points each customer had.

’’Isn't the data strange?’’

An error occurred as soon as the tests begun. YongHo who was looking at the screen spoke to manager An.

’’It's not right?’’


The people who participated in the KO Telecom's customer support project were also gathered in one side of the conference room, looking at the data.

Mirae IT was in charge of the customers, the product and the market and other parts were managed by other companies.

Manager An looked at the person who represented another company who was also looking at the integrated tests.

’’Manager, the data on our side is slightly strange, I think we need to check.’’

’’Which part doesn't match?’’

’’Customer TB10's points are printed differently.’’

A manager who sat next to An ByungHoon frowned. If a customer uses points then the first algorithm to be used was the program developed by him.

And YongHo's side would receive the points from him and then calculate the amount of points that customer had.

And finally, that number had to match with the number printed on the screen, but it didn't.

’’How the f*ck did this bastard develop this. Wait a moment please.’’

The manager who did the integrated tests with them suddenly called someone.

’’Hey! Assistant manager Lee! The data doesn't match!’’

-It doesn't match? Where?

’’The points calculated and printed on our side and the points they calculated are different for customer TB10! Check right now!.’’

-Hey, there maybe something wrong with theirs. We did ours correctly.

’’I will talk to them to redo their tests, so check ours too.’’

The manager who ended the call said to An ByungHoon.

’’I told my side to check, so please check your side too.’’

’’I understand.’’

An ByungHoon said to YongHo who was next to him.

’’Check ours too.’’

But it didn't even need to be checked. YongHo could see all the bugs on the program. The program YongHo was in charge of was clean. There was not a single bug to be seen.

’’There is no problem with ours.’’

Not even 5 minutes had passed when YongHo said to An ByungHoon. After he confirmed that there was no problem with the bug window, he had confidence. And there was An ByungHoon's trust to top it off.

There is no bug, so why do is there a need to check one more time?

He already knew which side made an error. YongHo didn't want to waste time fixing THEIR bugs. But those words managed to touch the other side's manager's temper.

’’Then are you saying it's our fault?’’


Perhaps he was offended at those words, but the manager sighed as he tilted his head and made a call again.

’’Hey, how'd it go?’’

-I'm still checking.

’’This side has just finished checking but they are saying it isn't their bug.’’

-Ok. I will check as fast as I can and call you back.

’’He will check and call back, so I will tell you if he calls back.’’

However, nothing happened in the morning until lunchtime arrived.

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