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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 27


'Point management huh.'

YongHo put up the test scenario on one of the windows of the dual monitors he received. On the laptop screen, he put the point management program that An ByungHoon made and started testing.

'Even if it's manager An developing the programs, there are bugs huh.'

An ByungHoon was YongHo's role model. He seemed flawless whether it was giving orders or contributing to open source projects. But even his programs had bugs.


There were 5 bugs on the bug window.

Title: Customer Points Data Exposure error

Content: There is a calculation error from line 3023 to line 3201 ofCustomerPointView.class. The error is due to a typographical error that occurs in the calculation logic and a problem that occurs in the dataflow on the Visitor pattern.

Solution: The calculation logic of the customer's point receiving rate should be changed as follows.

The bug window had details as to how to edit the source. He just had to edit the source that was in his sight. Of course, the method of editing depended on YongHo's skills.

'Even the manager makes mistakes.'

YongHo slowly read the source that manager An made while implementing the solution that the bug window gave.


The last hurdle for the unit tests was No JunWoo. Only after No JunWoo checked the unit tests could be considered finished. No JunWoo checked the basic functions of the program thoroughly. No JunWoo who was testing the units, swore.

’’F*ck, who the hell edited this?’’

’’Which part are you talking about, sir?’’

This happened all the time. If he found anything strange, he set the atmosphere by swearing, and called the developer to reprimand him.

-Will you keep doing it like this?

-Please work better.

-Shall I do it instead?

These were No JunWoo's favorite phrases. As an elite from the department of computer engineering of HanKuk University, which is the best university within the country, it's said that he personally did programming in the past. However, currently he was thoroughly on the path to management.

Especially, he showed talent in managing cooperative companies. Due to that, he was allowed to manage a project with tens of people as an assistant manager.

’’The changes to the point management, didn't I say to watch out for this?’’

’’That's why I personally edited the program. Is there any problem?’’

’’Come and have a look. The point doesn't match.’’

No JunWoo put a AS-IS(old system) on the screen and called An ByungHoon. An ByungHoon who sat down next to him checked the screen and murmured to himself as if he didn't understand.

’’I definitely implemented it correctly.’’

’’If you implemented it correctly, why is there a 2500 points difference? This is will get a VOC. If a VOC comes in will you take responsibility?’’

VOC was an acronym of Voice of Customer, and it referred to the complaints of the customers. All companies cared about VOCs but telecommunication companies were especially sensitive.

’’Mr. YongHo, did you change anything?’’

An ByungHoon looked for YongHo. He had remembered that he left the testing to YongHo after he implemented it.

’’There were a few odd parts so I edited some.’’

’’But the AS-IS screen doesn't show the right amount. I think you edited wrong.’’

YongHo stood up and looked at No JunWoo's monitor. Indeed, the customer point was different to what it should be.

The AS-IS screen showed 54500 points.

the screen in which YongHo's edits were run had 52000 points.

’’How the hell did you edit to get a 2500 point difference? That's why I said in the beginning to not give the work to some intern.’’

No JunWoo shouted with a hint of vexation in his voice. But YongHo's faith in the bug window was unshakable. Until now, when he did the tests after editing as the bug window mentioned, there was not a single error.

No, there was an error. But it was due to YongHo's mistake, and not due to the bug window.

’’It was indeed me who edited it.’’


’’I said it was indeed me who edited it.’’

At YongHo's words, An ByungHoon, who was next to him, tapped him on the waist, and gave him a hinting glance. However, YongHo didn't step down.

’’Do you know what you're saying right now? You're saying your skills are better than manager An's. An intern who hasn't even worked for 1 year is saying he's better than manager An?’’

At No JunWoo's words, YongHo's head, which was heating up, cooled down as if he got a cold shower. He had to speak carefully here.

’’That's not what I mean. However, I didn't do anything wrong. Why don't we check?’’

’’What? Check?’’

’’Call the people business managers in charge of points and check. In my opinion, it's not manager An who's wrong but the AS-IS system itself is wrong.’’

’’What? The AS-IS is wrong? We used this AS-IS until now and it's wrong?’’

’’I don't know about anything else, but I'm confident in the source.’’

Watching YongHo, who held his head high, and No JunWoo, the people could only look with expressions filled with worry and encouragement. They were afraid of the fire spreading if they did something.

Normally, the people involved in developing programs are separated into 3 categories. The user who uses the system, the system manager who translates the specifications given from the user into IT language, and the developers who did the implementation.

No JunWoo requested cooperation from the users to check. Users were also known as the business manager. To make No JunWoo request their cooperation, An ByungHoon's role was big.

’’I also think Mr. YongHo's words are right. I think it is necessary to check. Wasn't there a meeting scheduled with the business manager anyway?’’

He gave weight to YongHo's words. It wasn't an easy decision but YongHo's actions gave An ByungHoon a sense of belief.

’’If even you say that, then let's check. However, if it's a problem from your side... I will be expecting things.’’

’’I understand.’’

YongHo didn't understand what No JunWoo said by 'expecting' things. He just felt thankful that An ByungHoon stood up for him.

’’Thank you for believing in me, sir.’’

’’Coders, in the end, speak with sources. I will place my trust in your source this once.’’


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