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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 26


Heart attack.

That was the name of manager Yun's illness. Fortunately, there was no danger to his life, but if it was discovered even a little bit late, then he wouldn't have lived to see the rising sun again.

’’So the company decided to send another person in place of manager Yun.’’

’’......’’ Long shadows were casted over everyone's faces. Even if a new person came, he would take around a week to get used to the things around the office. Every day was crucial. Especially all freelancers looked like they had something to say. One of them finally spoke.

’’Who will take over manager Yun's work?’’

’’I will deal with that. You freelancers can just continue the work you were doing.’’

’’It won't be just one or two.’’

’’I will do them somehow.’’

Manager Yun was 2 years junior of An ByungHoon. He was one of the few people who An ByungHoon trusted, so he had a lot of weight on his shoulders.

They were worried that the work will come around to them. Another person spoke up.

’’Manager, I have something to say.'

’’Yes. Please speak.’’

’’It isn't something to be said here... Can I look for you after the meeting?’’

’’If it isn't too important, then please tell me now because I have work piled up.’’

’’I apologize but I want to stop working after this week.’’

The situation that had been festering for weeks finally exploded. The freelancers requested the annulment of the contract due to health reasons. An ByungHoon's expression turned dark.

’’*Sigh*. Even manager Yun isn't here now, and you......’’

’’I know about the situation, but I think that there is a problem with my health. I get rashes and my eyes are stinging. If this keeps going on......’’

He didn't mention it but everybody knew.

Heart attack.

He wanted to say the word which became like a taboo. I am afraid that I might get heart attacks.


Manager An ByungHoon deeply sighed.

KO telecom as the client. (Gab)

Mirae IT as the contractor. (Eul)

The outsourcing company. (Byung)

And the freelancers contracted to the outsourcing company were the 'Jung'. The most important to these people were their bodies. Freelancers didn't belong to any company so if they get ill and don't come to work, they wouldn't receive any money unlike how manager Yun would.

They had to keep in check their health first and foremost. Manager An ByungHoon sighed because he knew this point. He couldn't talk back to them.

’’Please tell it to the PM. If not, then I will directly... talk to him.’’

’’I understand. I will speak to him so please wait.’’


The change in personnel in a project was to be reported with utmost priority. An ByungHoon called the PM, and the PM called director Kim ManHo who was in charge of the KO project.

’’So the freelancers are saying they want to end the contract and leave’’

-How many of them?

’’Currently, 4, but it's expected to increase.’’

-Why something like a heart attack at this point.

Kim ManHo's words didn't have any worry towards manager Yun. He only seemed to think that the project he was in charge of must be finished without a hitch. Towards that attitude, the PM couldn't say anything.


-Is there anyone to replace him?

’’Some of our cooperative companies have told us that they have personnel to replace him.’’

-Then meet their demands. But keep the heart attack thing secret and get a written oath from them that they won't speak a word of the project when they finish it.

’’I understand.’’

-If it's leaked, it would become troublesome.

’’Yes, sir.’’

-And the profiles of the people who said they would stop working, spread them to all our subsidiaries to stop working with them. Oh, and spread them to the outsourcing companies too. OK?

’’I will do so.’’

-How can the lowly freelancers dare to stop working mid-way?


-If the project doesn't finish properly, whether it's you or me, be given the cold shoulder by the company, so work hard.

Kim ManHo ended the call first after he finished speaking. But the PM couldn't put his phone down. He was busy with carrying out the orders.


New people occupied the cleaned desks. Some freelancers left and new freelancers took their place.

’’YongHo, you explain to them.’’

There were not enough manpower in the office to the point that they had to leave the explanation of the system to YongHo, who was only an intern.

’’Me, sir?’’

’’Tell the new people of the system briefly and tell them how to set the development environment. Can you do it?’’

It was 4 months since he entered this company and it was 2 months since he came to this project. He was in a position where he had to explain the development environment settings rather than the one receiving it.

While YongHo felt that it was because of the time, he also felt fulfillment of having matured.

’’I will do my best.’’

The development environment setting was the beginning. As the manpower decreased YongHo's name was the one being called on the most.

’’Mr. YongHo, have a look at this bug.’’

’’Mr. YongHo, did you finish that report?’’

’’Mr. YongHo...’’

The majority of the people in the office started looking for YongHo. He went from the perimeter known and the intern to the center of the workforce.

’’*Sigh.* I think it's about done now.’’

Whenever he thought it was over, a new task was given to him. This time was no exception. An ByungHoon called YongHo who was sitting on his seat.

’’Mr. YongHo, are you busy with anything at the moment?’’

’’Other than the bugs, not anything urgent.’’

’’Then, I want you to take over the part that's supposed to be done by manager Yun.’’

’’The part that manager Yun was doing... Do you mean the point management part?’’

’’I have put the changes to the system. But I didn't manage to edit some parts.’’

An ByungHoon took over all the work after manager Yun collapsed. YongHo had trust in him and he worked as hard as he could to help him.

’’I will try.’’

’’Yes, your skills will increase only if you try various things. If you have any questions, then just ask.’’

’’I understand.’’

’’Then I'll leave it to you.’’

An ByungHoon never used a commanding tone while giving orders. That part of him made YongHo to follow him even more.

’’Uck... This isn't as easy as I thought.’’

Fixing partial bugs and developing a program were two completely different things altogether. Even though YongHo's skill increased after fixing so many bugs, it was still impossible for him to develop a program from scratch.

'Well this, there's nothing on the internet... The bug window isn't a good help either... I can only look at the specifications while developing.’’

The part which An ByungHoon asked him to do was the part where the point variable was called to the screen. YongHo was having difficulties after adding a few lines. YongHo, who had no time to waste, looked for An ByungHoon again.

’’Manager, this part where I have to get the points, after the FTP(File Transfer Protocol) is accessed, the rest don't work......’’

’’Really? What part?’’

’’I don't know whether the access mode should be active orpassive......’’

’’Hmm... You did well on fixing bugs but even you have stuff that you have difficulties with.’’

’’It feels different from fixing bugs.’’

YongHo spoke carefully. He didn't want to imply that he didn't want to do it because there was already so much work given to him.

’’It may still be impossible for an intern. The situation is busy so I'll take care of it. Please test the point part that I edited.’’

’’I understand.’’

An ByungHoon spoke to YongHo who was going back to his seat with a new task.

’’Also, the best way to develop programs is to try it. So try accessing and copying the programs on gethub. If there's anything to improve, then edit it too.’’

YongHo was only thankful towards An ByungHoon's advice.


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