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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 20



(*note: Remember they said the company was a SI (system integration) company?, the SI in the title refers to that)

YongHo called SungGyu as it had been a while.

’’Hyung, are you doing well?’’

-Yeah, well... I heard.

’’Yes, I will be transferred there.’’

-How's it there? Is it doable?

’’You said you were doing the KO Telecom's customer support project right?’’

-That's right. The KO Telecom's project really KO's people.


SungGyu took this opportunity to vent.

-You know me;I don't really complain much but... This place is no joke. It's very common for the specification to get changed after everything was developed, moreover, we have to ingratiate ourselves...I'm an intern but I look at the moon as I leave work and I see the sunrise as I leave for work.


SungGyu's words were shocking. It was one thing for the programming to be hard but the bossy actions of the KO Telecom gave a shock, no a pure horror, to YongHo. The bullying by Kim WonHo was nothing.


-Especially, beware of that No(surname) JunWoo(first name) guy. That thing is absolutely crazy.

’’Hyung, it looks like you really suffered. You sound different.’’

-Yeah I did...I changed a lot. You'll see when you come here.

’’Y...Yes, Hyung. Let's talk again before the intern period ends.’’

-Ok. You stay well too.


SungGyu on the phone had become different from the fast. Foul language was mixed within his words, and his words carried a lot of urgency. And his complaints to the society and the world had increased.

’’Well... Can I do anything other than working hard?’’

YongHo decided to prepare for his transfer rather than worrying about a future that had yet to come.

’’Let's study a bit more.’’

The lights in YongHo's room didn't know how to turn off until late in the night.


YongHo started packing his belongings about one hour before it was the time to leave work. Kim WonHo started bothering him on the side.

’’Mr. YongHo, I heard you were going to participate in the KO Telecom's project?’’

’’Thank you for everything until now.’’

’’You know what KO Telecom is like right? It's a place where everybody who goes there gets KO'ed.’’

’’I have heard.’’

’’Mr. YongHo, who has such high skills, will do well there right?’’

’’Of course. I can solve the table lock problem unlike a certain someone.’’

Kim WonHo's face, who heard YongHo, instantly turned red like a tomato.

’’Wh, what?’’

’’It's true when I say thank you. Thanks to your prohibited 3 education, my skills really did increase.’’

He couldn't program without internet when he first came as an intern.

Search the internet.

Find a similar source.

ctrl+C, V then modify.

He developed programs using the process above. But not now. The various functions were engraved in his mind.

’’You also said to not use Eclipse, so I got used to various tools.’’

Eclipse provided functions that made building and compiling easier. By doing them manually, he could understand more about what was happening inside. YongHo continued speaking without giving Kim WonHo the opportunity to speak.

’’My status is an intern, but it seems like I would do better than assistant manager wherever I go.’’

’’You, you think you can become a permanent employee?’’

’’If I have the skills, wouldn't I be able to go anywhere?’’

YongHo poured out everything in his mind.

They would work in different places anyway. Also, he was reassured of his skill, the bug window.

’’Th... This bastard.’’

’’Well then, I still have to say goodbyes to other people.’’

YongHo stepped past Kim WonHo and said goodbyes to various people. Nobody consoled Kim WonHo. Instead, they were cheering for YongHo who said what they wanted to say, in their minds.


KO Telecom.

The grave of developers.

One of the 3 hells of SI.

In front of the company which had various descriptions, YongHo was waiting for someone. But someone different from the person he was expecting came out.

’’Oh? HyeJin.’’

’’Sunbae. It's been a while.’’

’’You were here too.’’

’’Yes, I was together with SungGyu-sunbae.’’

The freshness of a college student couldn't be seen from HyeJin's face, after having been a while. With pair of horn-rimmed glasses which she didn't wear once in college, and a hooded T-shirt, a dark circle was spread around to her nose region.

’’You... changed a lot.’’

’’What do you mean by that?’’

’’You've really changed.’’

She had a tendency to take jokes seriously. But not now. She was definitely a girl but he had the impression of meeting a male friend.

’’The things you learn over 4 years in college, you learn in one month here. That compressed time... It would be hard to imagine for you.’’

’’I...Is that so...’’

’’Please come in. A lot of people are expecting sunbae.’’

The word 'expecting' should be heard as a good thing, but it only sounded ominous to YongHo.

As if saying: welcome to hell.......


Like when he worked in Yeoksam, nobody cared about YongHo. What was different, was the scale of the office. From a glance, you could see tens of people in their seats. Conferences were being held here and there, and everything was hurried.

’’The unit tests will start from next week. If you show some skill within this week, then you will change the sources like us, or you will just do simple labor: doing tests.’’

’’U, unit tests?’’

’’You don't know unit tests?’’

’’I think it's the first time I heard of it.’’

’’The unit tests are... well, to say it simply, you can think of it as testing the developed program by the module. The integrated tests will come after the unit tests.’’

HyeJin's words went on without end. She explained using industrial words that YongHo never heard of before. Those actions seemed surprising to YongHo.

’’You seem like a pro.’’

’’You will also become like this, sunbae. Whether you like it or not......’’

While HyeJin was explaining like that, someone butted in. With thinly rimmed glasses and tanned skin, it was a man who was 180cm tall, No JunWoo.

’’Looks like you're the newbie who came here today?’’

’’Yes, assistant manager.’’


’’I have turned 27 this year.’’

’’You are still young. Please call me Hyung in the future comfortably.’’

’’H, how dare I do so?’’

’’Today, you can hear the explanations from miss HyeJin, and I will expect things tomorrow.’’

’’I understand.’’

’’Then please work hard.’’

With a strange combination of polite and non-polite speech, it had a strangely annoying sensation. His smile looked subtle. After No JunWoo left, HyeJin tapped YongHo's arm.

’’I will tell you the specifics outside.’’

HyeJin's suffering-filled words continued for another hour.

Translator's note

Regular chapter 1/4

In your face! Kim WonHo! I'm satisfied... Hmm... I imagine that SuMin (aka bitch) won't be able to become a permanent employee if she worked in delivery team 1. As for No JunWoo... YongHo might have just met his new enemy... or... he maybe ain't that bad... who knows...

Thx for reading!

Translator : Chamber

Proofreader : Maled


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