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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 19


MAY 22, 2016 1 COMMENT

When the client(Gab) company employees all left work.

The contractor(Eul) company's employees were not able to leave work. Meanwhile, From a corner of the office a voice of hope was heard. It was Kim WonHo.

’’Manager, I have found the problem.’’

’’Really? What IS the problem?’’

’’In the modified source this time, there was a throw new Exception.’’


’’This is probably the file I got from Mr. YongHo......’’

Kim WonHo slurred as he looked at YongHo.

’’What is it? Send it to me.’’

After manager Choi looked at the file sent by Kim WonHo, he called YongHo.

’’Why did you code like this?’’

YongHo replied confidently to manager Choi who was angry.

’’It was not me who did it.’’


’’The code that errors, it's not me who did it.’’

’’Then who did it?’’

’’How would I know?’’

This time, YongHo glanced at Kim WonHo. He spoke 'You did it right?' in his mind. The moment Kim WonHo said he found the problem, his suspicion turned into assurance.

’’Assistant manager Kim, what happened here? Mr. YongHo is saying he didn't do it?’’

At manager Choi's words, Kim WonHo stared at YongHo with his two eyes.

’’Mr. YongHo. This is a serious problem here. Anyone can make a mistake. You just need to be honest here.’’

’’That is not the file edited by me.’’

’’Then who, are you saying, did it?’’

Kim WonHo pushed YongHo as the perpetrator until the end. But YongHo didn't flinch.

’’How would I know that?’’

’’What don't you know! Stop playing innocent!’’

As his voice was getting louder, manager Choi stepped up to mediate.

’’There, there! We need to fix the bugs first. So let's first fix the bugs.’’

’’I have the original file, so we can just use that. I committed the file to the SVN after sending it to assistant manager Kim.Won.Ho when he said it was going to be uploaded to the commercial server.

SVN was a commonly used source storage. The principle was that only the sources related to the program running in the server could be saved on it. To have committed the source meant that he uploaded the source.

’’Oh, really?’’


’’Okay. I will check. First go back to your seats.’’

YongHo and Kim WonHo went back to their seats and manager Choi sat down on his seat and downloaded the source through the SVN.

'Hmm. Mr. YongHo's words are true.'

Nowhere in the source downloaded from the SVN could a throw new Exception be found. Also, looking at the time the source was committed, it was after the file was sent to Kim WonHo.

'There's a proper condition for the while loop too.'

The reason why over 90% of the hardware limit was used was because the error was occurring from the while loop. A while loop was a statement that executed the statements within the whilestatement according to the conditions of the loop. They hardcoded the condition so it would become true, and therefore result in an infinite loop of errors.

Normally, errors that were found would be printed in the log along with where it occurred, but a throw new Exception was a programmer defined error. The programmer left the error content blank so no logs would be left.

'*Sigh*, really, has this Kim WonHo bastard really gone crazy this time?'

Manager Choi also thought the perpetrator was Kim WonHo. The sources modified by YongHo had comments (little explanations about the source) everywhere. He wrote comments on when and why he changed it. However, only the throw statement didn't have any comments. Therefore, the perpetrator could only be Kim WonHo.

There was no reason for an intern to put a throw statement randomly, even after it was committed to the SVN, then send it to Kim WonHo. However, the probability of Kim WonHo modifying the source before uploading it on the commercial server was extremely high. Manager Choi felt it was no wonder why that Kim WonHo chose to work overtime. He probably modified the source then.

After confirming, manager Choi called assistant manager Park.

’’I will send you the file, so overwrite it and activate it again.’’

-I understand. Please send it to me quickly


Now the program error was fixed. But the error from the relationship remained.


After the error was fixed, manager Choi called YongHo over in pretext of 'finding out the truth'.

’’It seems like you've been solidly marked by Kim WonHo.’’

’’It really wasn't me who did it, sir.’’

’’I know. I can tell from a glance. Your source had loads of comments in it, but that line didn't.’’

It was a habit he got from working together with SungGyu. When a situation where many people worked on one source occurred, the fastest way to see what the source does was to look at the comments.

’’I did it habitually......’’

’’It's a good habit. You have good basics.’’

’’It was thanks to SungGyu-hyung, who also entered this company together with me.’’


’’Yes. He's called Kang SungGyu and he entered the company as an intern at the same time as me.’’

’’Really? Where is he now?’’

’’I heard he was in Delivery Team 1;I think......’’

’’If it's team 1, then that's where manager An is in. Wait a sec.’’

Manager Choi stopped speaking and went outside the coffee shop to call someone.

’’By chance, do you have something like a reason to stay here?’’

’’Sorry, sir?’’

’’I mean;I'm wondering if you have a reason to stay in this project.’’

’’No, not really... Why do you ask?’’

’’I've looked into it, but a total of 4 interns came in this time. If you are alright with it, I want to switch you with Kang SungGyu. The other side also said it was okay.’’


’’It would be bad for you to keep clashing with Kim WonHo. I can't change assistant manager Kim......’’

Manager Choi carefully continued talking. There was one conclusion, YongHo would be sent where SungGyu is and SungGyu would be brought to YongHo's position.

’’It doesn't really matter to me.’’

’’Yes. You are an intern anyway, so it's important for you to acquire experience from various places. And it looks like manager An knows you too.’’

’’I understand.’’

’’The place is in Yangjae. So you can just commute there from next week. Ask the exact position from manager An.’’

’’Thank you for taking care of me.

’’They say 'avoid the storm' so maybe we will work together later when there's an opportunity.’’


’’I didn't know that assistant manager Kim would bully you without regard. If I knew, I would have taken measures.’’

Manager Choi consoled YongHo while trying to hide his shame. YongHo also thought it was fortunate.

’’No, sir.’’

’’Yes. If you act like you do here while you're there, you would be acknowledged in no time.’’

’’Thank you, sir.’’

The bullied transferred schools rather than the bully. YongHo's current situation was exactly like that.


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