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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 18



After the regular monitoring ended, there was 1 hour till the end of work. Kim WonHo said he had some business to attend to and left early;and assistant manager Park took SuMin and YongHo to the nearby coffee shop.

’’How was today?’’

’’To be honest, I didn't understand anything.’’

It was an unfamiliar environment and a string of new words. For YongHo and SuMin who didn't even learn shell commands, the server room was an unknown realm.

’’And you, miss SuMin?’’


’’Well, everybody's like that at first. To be honest, for newbies who haven't even learnt java properly, it is difficult for them to freely useshell commands.’’

’’Do we have to learn that shell?’’

’’Of course, shell is mandatory if you want to work with servers like Linux or Unix.’’

’’It really is one difficulty after the other, isn't it?’’

’’But still, if you get used to even just one programming language, then you can learn the rest pretty fast, so it's better to master just one.’’

’’I understand.’’

’’Don't run too fast and overwork yourself;and don't run too slow and get left behind either.’’


’’Come on, it's an early leave in a while, so let's go.’’

Those words were SuMin and YongHo's greatest pleasure.


YongHo who came back home saw his father lying down.

’’I'm home.’’


Perhaps he had a daytime shift but YongHo's father was lying down at home. However, he looked pale as if he was very ill.

’’Are you ill anywhere?’’

The response came from somewhere else.

’’He can't sleep at all nowadays.’’

’’Well, does he receive stress? It seems like initial symptoms of insomnia. How about going to the hospital?’’

’’What hospital... It will probably get better if I stay like this.’’

YongHo's father asked YongHo as if he had more worry for his son than his own body.

’’So, how's work?’’

’’I'm doing my best.’’

’’Always greet your superiors well.’’

’’I understand.’’

’’Always say 'yes, yes' when they give you work.’’


’’Ok. I believe in you, son.’’

The word 'believe' made YongHo's shoulders feel much heavier.


The work Kim WonHo gave him was endless. When he thought it would end, he was back at the beginning, like a Möbius strip. Today, YongHo was checking the corrections again while looking at the Sales Management Homepage on the commercial server.

But a bug he didn't see yesterday on the bug window popped up.

'What the heck? There was no such error until yesterday.'

There were clearly no bugs until yesterday on the Sales Management Homepage but there was a bug alarm. At that moment the telephone in the office rang.


And assistant manager Park who received the call had his face turn ugly.

’’Sorry? WHAT?’’

-Currently the web server you're in charge of had over 90% of its hardware limit used. I think you must quickly come in here and check it.

’’No, no, no. Why would over 90% of the hardware limit be used?’’

-We don't know the exact reason either. Please come here quickly and fix it or delete or do something to take care of it.

’’I understand.’’

Manager Choi asked assistant manager Park who just ended the call.

’’What's wrong?’’

’’So... You know the server that has the management page?’’

’’What about it?’’

’’Apparently the over 90% of the hardware limit is used’’

’’What? Why so suddenly?’’

’’That's what I want to know. Dammit’’

’’Check it quickly.’’

At manager Choi's words, assistant manager Park hurriedly requested permission to enter the server room.

After assistant manager Park went to the server room hurriedly, manager Choi called Kim WonHo, YongHo and SuMin.

’’Did you touch anything in the server room yesterday?’’


YongHo and SuMin didn't have anything to say so they quietly stood there. The only thing they touched in the server room yesterday was the pen on the name log. They didn't even touch a keyboard and just kept watching the monitor until they left work.

’’Assistant manager Kim?’’

Manager Choi asked Kim WonHo.

’’Didn't you say you were fixing some bugs?’’

’’I applied things... that weren't within the range of the maintenance contract.’’

’’Isn't the problem from there?’’

’’There was no problem during the test I did with the interns......’’

’’Assistant manager Park is confirming the problem so Assistant manager Kim, you too, check the source you uploaded yesterday.’’

’’I understand.’’

’’YongHo and miss SuMin too, look at your respective codes and look for any problems. Now!’’

Returning to his seat, YongHo put the management page on the screen.

'This is from the file we uploaded yesterday.'

YongHo looked at the bug window. The details were on there.

Title: A throw new Exception error has occurred.

Details: A throw new Exception is occurring on line 735 ofSalesAvgControl.class. The origin of the error is due to the programmer purposely making an error so the mentioned line must be commented.

Solution: Commenting of line 735

YongHo opened the file mentioned on the bug window and looked at line 735.

’’What the heck? There's nothing. To say it's a programmer defined error......'

YongHo who opened the file he made from local, couldn't find anything.

'F*ck, bugs occur on the bug window too?'

YongHo suddenly thought that it was possible for the bug window have an error occur. It pinpointed errors with 100% accuracy until now but it was possible. He didn't find any error in his file after looking at it many times.

'There is nothing on Line 735 is empty for sure......'

Moreover, the line was empty. However, even when he ran it again, the result was the same.

'What the heck is the problem? Even if this is an error, why is over 90% of the hardware limit used?’’

It was littered with things that weren't understandable to YongHo;why this kind of error suddenly occurred and why the over 90% of the hardware limit was being used.


A call from assistant manager Park, who went to the server room, arrived. The problem was the log file. The size of the log file of the web server was abnormally increased.

’’Hey, why did the size of the log file increase so much?’’

-We do not know. We have deleted the log file but the size is increasing rapidly as soon as it was deleted.

’’F*ck, this is killing me.’’

-For now, I will delete the log files while on stand-by until all the employees from the contractor (Gab) company leave work, so it would be best if your side quickly find out the reason.

’’The log would have printed where the error occurred, no?’’

-Oh, so, I haven't told you about it. This is similar to the error we had last weekend. This doesn't have anything printed on it, whether there is no log printing from the try-catch statement, or where the problem is occurring. The log file is full of blanks.

’’...Whoever it is, I want to kill him.’’

-Kill someone later, this comes first.

’’Ok. Assistant manager Kim said he fixed the source yesterday so we'll probably find it there. So hang in there for a bit longer.’’

-Yes, manager.

Manager Choi called Kim WonHo after he finished calling.

’’Assistant manager Kim, did you find anything?’’

’’None as of yet.’’

’’Assistant manager Park just contacted me. Apparently the log files are piling up and eating away the hardware limit.’’

’’What did he say the content of the error was?’’

’’Apparently, there is no content. The files are blank.’’


Kim WonHo stroked his chin as if he didn't understand well.

’’Who edited the code?’’

’’Miss SuMin and Mr. YongHo did it.’’

’’Find any blanks in the throw new error statements in the sources sent by the two.’’

A line that was on the bug window flashed in YongHo's head, who was listening to the conversation between manager Choi and Kim WonHo.

throw new Exception(’’ ’’);

'That means the bug window was correct, isn't it?'

If the log file was full of blanks, then the error was from throw new Exception statement like the bug window said. The blanks in between the double quotation marks were piling up in the log file.

'So, the throw new Exception means that the programmer makes the error on purpose... so that means that line was added to the source.'

YongHo checked the source he committed to the SVN. YongHo uploaded the source on the SVN before sending it to Kim WonHo. He learned to commit the sources onto the SVN before applying it to the commercial server from assistant manager Seo.

'I can't find it no matter how many times I look at it......’’

But a line like throw new Exception was nowhere to be found.


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