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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 14



Kim WonHo couldn't hide his surprise while looking at the noticeboard made by YongHo.

'You are only an intern and you can make noticeboards without internet?'

When Kim WonHo first came to the company, he was more or less the same as SuMin.

A perfect blank.

Now, he could make a noticeboard like this easily, but at that time, he didn't even know how to start. Moreover, he even cut off YongHo's internet connection.

’’Kuu... Hmm.’’

’’Is there any problem?’’

’’Run it on another browser.’’

Cross browsing.

The function to work on different browsers without a difference. Like Kim WonHo had said, he put up a new Grome window made by Koogle.

’’Looking at the sources in SVN, they were coded using the html5 standard. So I coded using the same standard so there wasn't a big problem.’’

Like YongHo's words, the noticeboard was running smoothly without a problem in Grome. But Kim WonHo's test didn't end there.

’’What account have you used to log in right now?’’


’’I said what account have you used to log in the Sales Management Homepage?’’

Due to the sudden question Yong Ho stuttered.

’’I...I think it was root......’’

’’So you have tested only using the root account?’’


Kim WonHo logged out from the homepage and logged in with a user account, and then he went to the page made by YongHo.

’’Huh? The edit, delete, and create function all works.’’


’’Don't you know that you cannot give the non-root accounts any other functions than view?’’

'How would I know something like that?' was stuck in his throat. But he knew he couldn't say that.

’’There was no such content on the WBS, though.’’

’’Did you read from start to finish? Shall we check if there really isn't?’’

Clearly, there was no such line in the excel when he looked at it. He had a bad premonition but YongHo who had the hope of leaving work opened the Excel file which had the WBS in it.

’’Is it really not there?’’

Reading it again, there was still no such line that Kim WonHo talked about.

’’There is none.’’

’’Look here.’’

Kim WonHo placed the cursor and clicked the 'cancel hide' button. And a few rows popped up.

Fundamentally, other than the administrator, no other account can create, edit and delete posts in all pages of the Sales Management Homepage. If the permissions are needed, it can be specifically given to a specific user.

YongHo's irises trembled. Kim WonHo asked Yong Ho again.

’’Is it there or not?’’

’’There is......’’


If he ate these foul words because he wasn't capable, then he wouldn't be frustrated. His body tensed because of all the anger. Not minding YongHo at all, Kim Won Ho spoke.

’’You don't have the basics when developing. You have to read the specifications slowly and carefully. Don't you? I'll train you from the very beginning starting tomorrow.’’

YongHo couldn't find the relation between not having the basics and the current situation. He only thought that he was being bullied.

*Tap* *Tap*

Kim WonHo spoke as he tapped YongHo's shoulder.

’’And edit the stuff you developed today. I'll check tomorrow. Got it?’’


’’Miss SuMin can leave work now.’’

’’Oh, okay......’’

Even with all the anger he was feeling, he couldn't do anything.

YongHo was an intern.

An intern that no one minded if he disappeared or not.

Everyone had left work.

YongHo was alone in the office.

’’It's a good thing that I have a phone.’’

If YongHo didn't understand something, he used his phone to search and finished the program instead of using the laptop which had the internet cut off.

2 a.m.

It was the time after he did the account rights test.

’’Ah, it looks like the future is bleak.’’

YongHo muttered as he held his head.

Internet prohibited

Eclipse prohibited

And ctrl+C, V prohibited

This was Kim WonHo's so-called Prohibited 3 education. In the name of education, he took away YongHo's hands and feet. Internet was a source of information when he didn't understand something. Eclipse was a general tool for developing programs. If there was no Eclipse, the user would have to do everything from compiling to building. To compare, it was like a situation where you have a washing machine, but were told to wash them with your hands. And to go as far as prohibiting ctrl+C, V. YongHo had to type the repeated lines by hand.

Overtime work became the norm, and fatigue became his friend.

'Oh, f*ck.'

YongHo had a nosebleed. He blocked it with a tissue and hurriedly headed towards the toilet.

'Should I really continue working here?'

His normal leaving time became 2 a.m. And also, he came to work on weekends, half voluntarily, and half against his will. Even on weekends, it was difficult to leave before 6 in the evening. Kim WonHo gave him impossible tasks, probably determined to make him leave.


On a sunny weekend, YongHo alone was in the office trying to finish the task given by Kim WonHo.

'But it is a relief.'

There was one relief. His ability was clearly improving. Not using ctrl+C, V became his habit and he naturally learned various APIs. And his coding speed quickened.

In addition, by not using Eclipse, he got to know how to use ANT(Apache Ant Java Project Build Tool) while researching how to compile and build. Also he was now able to run the SVN on the CMD(command: basically a monotone screen where user types in the commands and run various things).

The methods for developing programs were very similar in general. If you knew a few principles, then you would learn others very easily.

The office, weekend..

A person opened the door and entered the office where nothing could be heard apart from typing.

’’Oh, assistant manager Park, Good day to you, sir.’’

’’Oh, yes.’’

Assistant manager Park CheolWoong.

From what he heard, it seemed he came into the company at the same time as Kim WonHo. Assistant manager Park who lightly greeted YongHo went to his seat and sat down.

'I feel like I've turned transparent.'

The people in the office didn't have any interest in any of the workers in the office usually. Everybody was busy with their own work. It was the first time assistant manager Park had come to the office on the weekend.

'Is there something?'

Assistant manager Park who came into the office picked up his telephone.

’’Yes, manager. Yes, Yes, I understand.’’

*Tick* (putting down the receiver)

’’F*ck, why is this happening on the weekend?’’

Assistant manager Park spoke foul language as he put the telephone receiver down. He was clearly annoyed probably because he got called on a sunny weekend like this.

’’Why the hell is this not working suddenly?’’

The program he was in charge of seemed to have errors occurring.

*Ring* *Ring*

The telephone in the office started ringing.

’’Yes. I am currently on it.’’

’’No, it would be fixed in a short while.’’

’’Yes. I will solve it within today.’’

Assistant manager Park who was answering the call answered the call while looking down. It seemed like the client company's person in charge had called.

(*Note: the word for 'client' here is 갑(Gab) which can also imply being superior. In Korea acting 'Gab' means acting bossy. And it applies here too. Gab is in a superior position, and 을(Eul) is in the inferior position. 병(Byung) and 정(Jung) will appear later on in the story, and they are even more inferior than Eul. And the four words are a part of a 10-character series with implied hierarchy between them.)


Assistant manager Park who heaved a long sigh looked at the monitor. YongHo also turned his head to his laptop screen to finish the task given by Kim WonHo.


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