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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 13


1st floor coffee shop.

Assistant manager Kim WonHo was sitting in front of YongHo and SuMin.

’’I really have to thank you for the course registration week.’’

’’Ahaha... Don't say such things.’’

’’Thanks to you, I even got fired from the Seon Min university post and I've been transferred here.’’

At that moment, YongHo thought he heard wrong.


’’You didn't know? Your professor complained to the company and the person in charge changed.’’


YongHo didn't even dream that this would happen. Kim WonHo sipped his drink and continued to speak.

’’Thanks to the almighty intern Lee YongHo, I've been branded as a useless guy in the company too.’’


YongHo quietly listened. On the surface he looked nervous, but inside he was comfortable. This was nothing compared to the sorrow he felt while he was doing various part time jobs.

But SuMin who was next to him seemed uncomfortable as she kept biting her nails.

’’I am expecting remarkable things from our capable intern in the future.’’

YongHo didn't bother retorting at his sarcastic words.


Kim WonHo's polite speech from the part time job was gone and he even talked down.

’’So you finished setting the development environment?’’


’’So you can now start developing.’’


’’Yes. You've already finished setting. What else do you have to do? It seemed there's a plan for adding a few functions to the management homepage in this year's development plan anyway.’’

It hadn't even been one week since he was put here in the project team. Moreover, his status was an intern. He wasn't at a stage where he could develop programs. SuMin and YongHo had the same thought. SuMin who read the situation, spoke.

’’Even so, we are still interns......’’

’’Why? There's Mr. YongHo for the job.’’


’’You know of WBS (Work Breakdown structure) Excel, right? Let's make the screens on there one by one.’’

’’Assistant manager.’’


’’For me to develop programs, I......’’

His skills did increase from the part time jobs, but most of them he worked with SungGyu. He could implement simple CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) but he didn't make any programs that required complex logic.

’’Oh, and Mr. YongHo doesn't need internet because you're so capable right?’’


Kim WonHo didn't allow YongHo to finish speaking.

’’I'll tell them to cut the internet, so don't worry and just do it. You're an intern now so you need to improve your ability.’’

Internet was compulsory. Most ordinary programmers reference the internet while developing. YongHo was no different. He referenced the sources on the internet and changed it according to the situation.

’’I need the internet.’’

He definitely needed the internet so he spoke. But Kim WonHo didn't even try to listen.

’’Will your ability improve if you keep referencing the internet? You don't even need the internet anyway, don't you?’’


’’I'll give you the details on a memo later, so keep looking at the sources for now.’’

Kim WonHo went back to his seat. SuMin couldn't keep her surprise. YongHo stroked his face with his hands downwards. But he still couldn't get rid of the ominous feeling.


It could have been worse. YongHo's part was the basic noticeboard. But, it needed to be able to be cross-browsed.

'Ah... I've been strongly marked.’’

YongHo's worries were about one thing.

Evaluation score.

From the tone of Kim WonHo's words, he was definitely marked. That would lead to a low evaluation score. Due to the characteristic of the hierarchical company structure, the evaluation score would be different according to the people who have seen his work up close. The higher-ups would evaluate according to Kim WonHo's words.

Kim WonHo was hostile to YongHo like that. They said most would probably become permanent employees, but now he had the chance to fail.

'For now, let's do what he ordered me to do.'

YongHo created a new JSP (Java Server Page: You can insert a java code within HTML) , and coded while referencing the other files. The card-key needed one week to arrive, but it didn't even take 1 hour to cut the internet.

'I think this is about done......'

On the internet window, there was a noticeboard made by YongHo. He tested the viewing, deleting, creating, editing one by one.

'I really need to treat SungGyu-Hyung to a meal sometime.'

The part time jobs with SungGyu was a big help. Most of the part time jobs were app and web making. The experiences he had from then was showing its might. But due to not being able to use the internet, the time he took was several times more than the past.

'It seems I'll be able to finish this by the end of work hours.'

The current YongHo's skills could be said to equal people with 1 or 2 years of experience. And there was also the bug window which was his greatest ally.

'Anyway, isn't he too hard on me?’’

It was not only SuMin who sat next to YongHo. Kim WonHo was right next to SuMin.

’’So, you have to get the resources needed by accessing the database from the DAO object.


’’Now, then. What do you think you have to do next?’’

’’We now have the data so......’’

SuMin spoke vaguely and in the end couldn't answer. But there was no scolding nor there was any neglect.

’’Now we have the data so we should put it on the screen, right?’’


’’That's why you put it in the request object and return it to the browser.’’

Unlike how he spoke to YongHo, Kim WonHo's words even sounded kind. He taught her everything from A to Z.


’’Now we have to handle the data we got on to the screen right?’’

SuMin only needed to watch how Kim WonHo did. A screen was made, just like that.

’’Here, it's done, right?’’

’’Th...Thank you.’’

’’The appreciation should be done over a drink.’’

’’Oh, yes.’’

Without even asking YongHo, the two left their seats and went outside. YongHo just silently tested the screen he made.



At the end of work hours, Kim WonHo asked from behind YongHo.

’’I think It's about done.’’

’’You 'think' it's 'about' done? Programs only have value when they are made perfectly. One bug is the same as not developing. Do you understand?’’

YongHo only thought of that as WonHo's attempt to pick on him. So he didn't talk back.


’’You are not even talking back now, huh?’’

’’No, sir.’’

’’Try running it.’’

YongHo activated the program at Kim WonHo's words. Maybe due to curiosity, SuMin peeked at YongHo's laptop monitor.


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