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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 12


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YongHo was working in one fell swoop. He solved the crosses(X's) on salesMng project one by one using the bug window. To YongHo, who worked part-time with SungGyu, and met with various programs needed for developing, it was nothing difficult.

'It's done!'

YongHo typed the address in the internet browser and a web screen floated up. On the ID he put root and on the password, 1234, and he logged in.

'It's about done, I guess.'

3 p.m.

It was the time when YongHo finished his task given by assistant manager Seo in the morning conference. He was met with countless errors on the way, but he solved them without difficulty using the bug window and the internet.

'How's she doing?'

He looked towards SuMin. Maybe because she's next to him, he couldn't take his mind off her.


SuMin was running and terminating the tomcat (A type of open-source web server made by Apache). In the error caused when the salesMng that was imported to tomcat ran, the salesMng didn't even run properly.

'What's this? She just had high grades?’’

Just because your grades were high didn't mean you were good in practice.

The thing you learn in school are the basics needed for developing programs.

Of course, you need the basics to apply it to various things, but the skills required in practice was different.

'It would take all day at that speed.'

YongHo stopped paying attention and had a look at the system layout diagram and the sources downloaded from the SVN. One more thing learnt meant less chance of getting fired.

At 5:30, assistant manager Seo came to YongHo.

’’How's it? Going well?’’

’’Yes, sir. I was looking at the sources.’’

’’Oh? Really? May I have a look?’’

He was considerably surprised.

At assistant manager Seo's words, YongHo ran the tomcat on Eclipse. And the logs came up one by one on the console tab.

INFO: Server startup in 8982 ms

The tomcat ran without any errors, and YongHo opened up an internet browser and went to the Sales Management Homepage.

’’You've done well. How about you, miss SuMin?’’

’’Th...That, sir......’’

’’I've told you clearly. You have to finish it before going home.’’


’’You can ask, or you can do it by yourself. That doesn't matter. Just show me the logged in screen on the Sales Management Homepage before leaving work. It seems like I will do overtime work anyway......’’

SuMin bit her nails even harder at those words. It didn't seem like her thumbnail would last.

If YongHo left work alone, it was obvious what the others would think.

'She still doesn't ask to the bitter end.’’

She could have asked YongHo by now but SuMin didn't ask him to the bitter end. YongHo thought that he would have to spend the night at the office at this rate so he spoke first.

’’I don't think the problem would be solved just by re-activating the tomcat over and over.’’


But SuMin didn't even pretend to listen. He didn't know why SuMin was so hostile to him, but he was her sunbae in the end.

’’Did you have a look at the DB setting?’’


’’The errors when you run tomcat is probably from there. The sources uploaded in SVN is standardized to common sources so the setting are for common source too. You have to change the setting if you want to test it on local.’’


YongHo who was annoyed at SuMin's narrow-mindedness, asked her, who still pursed her lips.

’’Are you listening to me?’’

’’That, uh... the DB settings thing... How do I do that......’’

YongHo first thought he heard wrong. but he didn't hear wrong. SuMin's grades were high only in Seon Min university. Here in Mirae IT, she was the same as a blank paper.

'You don't even know this?'

This sentence echoed in his mind. You had to tell her everything from 1 to 10. She couldn't eat if you didn't hand the spoon to her. It was a miracle that she even installed the programs. That was why she didn't dare ask her seniors.

’’You... have done java programming before right?’’


However, even the installed version of JDK was different. On the list given by assistant manager Seo said to install version 1.6.0. But SuMin installed 1.7.2 Even is the version is different, the program will still run. However, due to the possibility of bugs occurring, usually the principle is for all programmers to download the same version.

’’But why did you download the wrong version of JDK?’’


’’Do you even know how to access the DB?’’


SuMin couldn't answer a single question that YongHo asked.

’’What are you planning to do in the future?’’

’’I...I thought they would first e...educate me or something. I thought it would work out if I studied as the work went on......’’

’’There are not many places that educate you before putting you into work, I think?’’

Like YongHo's words, there were only a handful of companies that educates its new recruits before putting them into work. Mirae IT wasn't one of them. The fact that there's a senior to look over them was already being nice to them.


’’Well, anyway, well done.’’

It was 10 in the night when YongHo finished helping SuMin.

A dark night. YongHo, who left work, pointed at the subway station. It wasn't 11 yet so he couldn't take the taxi home.

’’I go this way, how about you?’’

*honk! * *honk! * (car horn sound)

Behind SuMin and YongHo, a car was sounding its horn while it was also flashing the headlights. Annoyed at the loud sound, YongHo turned around first. Benz S Class.

It was a car that costs over 100 million won(≈87000USD). And it was just standing there.


’’Oh, mom.’’

A vaguely pretty middle-aged woman was poking her head out the window and was calling SuMin.

'Oh, so she was born with a gold spoon in her mouth.'

He did think that she was well off, but he didn't dare think that it was to the point that her mother drove a Benz. YongHo took a deep breath and walked towards his home.

YongHo's eyes widened in a circle. It was the same for SuMin.

’’Have you seen each other before?’’

’’Oh...Yes, at college, we met a bit.’’

’’Well, assistant manager Kim DID work at Seon Min university for a while, so it should be easier for you.’’

’’Th...That's true, I guess.’’

Assistant manager Kim WonHo was standing behind assistant manager Seo.

’’To think you would work at our company as an intern. Let me formally introduce myself, I am assistant manager Kim WonHo.’’

’’Oh. Good day to you, sir. My name is Lee YongHo.’’

’’I already know. How could I forget about you? I really have to thank you for the things you've done for me.’’

A bad omen assailed from his words. Hostility could be felt from the words 'thank you' and the 'how could I forget'.


YongHo didn't talk back and turned his gaze away.

’’Miss SuMin was here too, huh?’’

’’Yes. Good day to you, sir assistant manager.’’

Assistant manager Seo spoke after assistant manager Kim introduced himself.

’’Due to the circumstances around the project, the senior in charge was changed to assistant manager Kim. If you have any questions in the future, then you can ask assistant manager Kim.’’

And Kim WonHo walked forward and spoke to YongHo again.

’’Well, then, let's have some tea?’’

Kim WonHo smiled as he said those words. But the smile reeked of fishiness. Assistant manager Seo seemed like he knew the reason, but his lips didn't know how to open.


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