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Chuuko Demo Koi Ga Shitai! - Volume 3 - Chapter Prologue


Chuuko demo koi ga shitai! Volume 3 - prologue

A strange sensation awoke me from my sleep, jumped up from my bed as if I was having a nightmare. I look around my room in a panic, nothing out of ordinary. Not a soul to be found, not even a bug.

Morning sun shine through the curtain illuminate the dust particles floating in the air. It is June now and summer is drawing near. My small closed room feel like an oven.

It's hot.

My pajamas are soaked in sweat.

’’So I woke up because of this heat?’’

I got out of my bed and open the window, a small breeze flown in and start ventilating the hot air in the room.

Although I feel like using the air conditioner but decide against it since it just the beginning of summer, if I got used to the cold air now I don't think I would be able to handle the real summer heat.

I switch on an electric fan next to the window and set it to ’’rotate’’.

’’It's summer, huh?’’

I lost myself in the gentle breeze from the window and the gale from human's invention when someone knock on the door.


My family never knocks the door even when I tell them to. I actually wanted to install a lock so that I can play my eroge in peace.

A moment pass while I'm wondering who could it be, the door slowly open. It probably isn't one of my family members since this one is trying not to make loud noice.

And the one who came in is.

’’Oh, you're awake?’’

It's Ayame.

My classmate Ayame Kotoko. Her sharp eyes are visibly getting kinder compared to before, her twintails hair grew a bit longer.

Her healthy complexion is mixed with a bit of confusion and dissatisfaction, as if she's not satisfied with something.

’’good morning, Aramiya.’’

’’ah, morning, Ayame.’’

I greet her back without thinking although it wasn't the time for greetings at all.

Why is she in my house as if it's a normal thing to do?

...No, it's obvious. My sister Kiyomi was probably the one who let her in.

’’I was hoping to waking you up...’’

’’Too bad.’’

As if I would let her come in and wake me up like some kind of eroge protagonist.

Wait, does this mean I actually woke up because I foresaw this? But seeing her firs thing in the morning is really harsh on my frail heart. Alarm clock is the best when it come to wake people up.

’’Tsk, then answer the knock next time.’’

It can't be helped since I'm not sure who it was.

But more importantly.



Unlike her modified uniform from before, Ayame is wearing the normal summer uniform with red stripes around the sleeves and the collar.

It's to be expected since this is a normal school day. The problem is-

’’Why are you wearing an apron?’’

She, for some reason, is wearing a cute and frilly white apron over her uniform and is holding a laden in one hand.

This is not some ero scene, be a little embarrassed!


’’Ah, this? It's because I was making breakfast.’’

’’Huh? Breakfast? For who?’’

’’You, of course.’’


’’Your mother wanted me to help her.’’


Wait a second.

Isn't this joke a bit too cruel? It's even worse than the wake up call just now.

’’Seichi, the breakfast is ready.’’ ’’Hurry up you bastard!’’

My mother and my little sister Kiyomi peeked into my room. Mom smile devilishly while Kiyomi look annoyed.

’’Why did you make her make our breakfast, mom?’’

’’Her food tastes really good.’’

I didn't ask about the taste! And I already know that!

’’Havinh a beautiful girl makd his breakfast, my son is so lucky.’’

’’This virgint doesn't suit her at all. God is so unfair.’’

’’But make my classmate cooked for us, which is still too much! And did our family have that frilly apron!? Where did it came from!?’’

How old are you? Use a mirror!

Is what I think but there's no way I can say that.

’’I didn't force her though.’’

She said and winked like someone half her age.

’’I, I can guarantee the taste.’’

Ayame speak while holding the ladle up to cover her mouth. Where did I see that pose before...

Wait, she's imitating an eroge!? No no, it's the illustration that come with the game.

’’You should go and get dressed, Seichi. The food is ready.’’

’’You already have such a wonderful life so hurry it up and don't make everyone else wait, you damn virgin!’’

The two of them walked down the stairs after they were done verbally harassing me.

’’I, I'll go finish preparing then. Hurry up, okay?’’

’’U... un.’’

And then Ayame also go down and peace is restored once more.

I can only sigh. Never thought that my family will be this careless. Seem like I got to have a word with dad for the sake of restoring peace and order to my morning.

I follow them down to the dining room after I'm dressed.

’’These are better than my wife's. Where did you learn to cook?’’

’’F, from my mother and big sister.’’

’’I really want you as a daughter-in-law now.’’

Ayame's face got as red as a tomato and my father is already fallen for her foods.

’’Oi, dad. What're you doing.’’

I whisper so that no one else will hear.

’’what are you hesitating for? It's best to get a girl early or else you'll end up like me. If I hasn't met your mother who know where I'll be now? Just go out with her.’’

Should I praise my father for raising up such a valid point? I can't really say ’’please give up about me having a girlfriend. I only interested in 2D’’ either.

If I did, there'll be hell waiting for me.

’’H, how's it? I try to cook it the way you like...’’

Ayame ask with anxious face.

My family look at me as if to say ’’If you say no, you're dead’’

Please stop. I'm scared.

’’... it's delicious. Really.’’

’’I'm glad.’’

She say with a smile.

I felt weird that breakfast taste better than usual.

Is this how Toyotomi Hideyori feel when he was surrounded by enemies?


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