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Chuuko Demo Koi Ga Shitai! - Volume 3 - Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Volume 3 Chapter 2 - How about we go buy swimsuits?

Ever since that day the club room became inaccessible, our club members then continued to find the cause of the rumor, but expectedly, the cause isn't easy to find.

Whilst the rumors could only have gone viral and become dirtier.

’’They say that Aramiya-kun's family is very rich, whatever he does, the girls can also do as well you know...’’

Hatsushiba announced this inside the classroom. That's why I know that the rumor is really escalating like this.

’’If you're able to do only part-time job and become very rich until you're able to roguishly hangout with the opposite genders, the city would have been demolished already. Moreover, my father is just an ordinary businessman. Whenever he doesn't have enough, he kept complaining with me continually that 'I don't have any money to drink anymore this month!'’’

Sometimes, my father had ever attempted to beg me for money, even if most of time it ended up with my mother slapping him in a very hard way.

’’The rumor has already been spreaded that there's no arrangement in sequences of details like this anymore...’’

’’Right now the rumors have gone viral on the internet, this implies that the people send messages through mobile phones, talking about this rumor too?’’

’’Do you mean underground website?’’

’’That's right as well, that's why I think that the media should be mainly from the group of texting messages, but some groups have more than ten thousands of members that cover until the other school students too.’’

You cannot really underestimate the influential speech from the famous people. When one person has the influence to say something, it will spread very rapidly over everywhere within only few words, especially the news from the unknown source would be even worse.

I hardly get to play any social network, so I don't even have a clue about anything like that at all. Even though I do have a twitter account to follow the eroge company, I never chose to post anything for tweeting at all.

’’If you really wanted to know about that, you may have to look from other people's mobile phone I guess.’’

’’It seems I'm incapable of doing it...’’

No matter what the reason is, I think we should not arbitrarily look from others at all.

Even though we have tons of evidence to support, from that point we should let it be the police's duty to take actions.

But I'm almost desperate to continue with the quest to eliminate the source of rumors relating to Ayame.

In addition, it's also getting closer to finals, we should be start revising for the exams soon.

’’This is a basic formula, please remember it accurately.’’

For today's class period, the master of formulas, Tadokoro-san who teaches mathematics is still brutal as usual.

He erases the board that was written with full of formulas and solutions, then raises his hand to knock on the board before speaking like that. His glare around the room looks extremely brutal like a hawk. When I see it, it makes me become terrified.

Ayame is very focused on listening to him teaching, so that she doesn't have to review reading it once again.

’’Then I shall ask... Ayame, could you come out and demonstrate in front of the class.’’

’’Yes sir!’’

Ayame's looking oddly edgy, until her twin-tail is wiggling while walking to the front of classroom.

Then she starts writing on the board with messy handwriting as if she's lacking confidence.

’’Umm, that's correct, this time you're safe;’’

Ayame sighed with relief.

’’Just now I was expecting that if you answered this question incorrectly, I would've forced you to withdraw from this class and retake during summer instead, until, no need to wait until finals.’’

Tadokoro smirked together with saying pleasurably.

On the other hand, Ayame is truly relieved like a person being judged as acquitted from guilt during judgment at a court.

After that, Ayame returns to her seat looking very weary.

’’If only this small task and you don't put effort into it, then there's no need to find something to do for a living. Before the finals I will give you guys a mock exam to test your understanding once again, please go back and revise.’’

Right here, then suddenly came a noise saying ’’What?’’

But once Tadokoro glares sharply around the room, the whole classroom suddenly has gone silent.


Then the bell rings following with the loudspeaker.

It seems that after class dismissal, all my fellow classmates can loosen their stressful looking face.

’’Now's the time, that's it for today, please go back home and revise, don't be lazy’’

Tadokoro packs up all his stuffs on the teacher's desk immediately and leaves the room. If previously, he was standing right behind my back.

...He probably wouldn't be staring upon me am I right?

’’...I almost forgot, Aramiya, I have something that I would like to ask you, please come here.’’


Suddenly, I just got called, I become numb for a while thinking what's going on.

The entire class is staring at me like a single eye. Some of them look at me in a pity way, but some look at me as if what on earth have you done, additionally, hey no, I didn't do anything at all!

’’Please tell me, can't you hear me.’’

The longer I look upon Tadokoro, the more he squints his eyes. In five seconds, he's likely going to beat me up for sure. There's no way out, I have to hurry out now.

’’I have something to ask you.’’

’’Yes? What is it...’’

I walk out to have a conversation with Tadokoro at the corridor, comparing to Ayame, he seems to feel more pressure in a different way.

Although the class has just finished, and there should be many people walking along, it turns out that there's nobody eavesdropping at all.

Then Tadokoro speaks quietly enough that nobody around can hear.

’’Aramiya, from what I heard that people said you gathered a group of girls to do some hideous inside the club room, is it true?’’


’’I'm asking is it true,

Hey, it probably isn't that Tadokoro believed in the rumor with the others and would tell that may I have a look as well... wait no, how could it possibly be that, that is not just only incompatible with the image already.

’’Why are you asking me about that, sir?’’

’’It happened during the teacher's meeting?’’

...The teachers seem to be very really free than I expected.

But in that case, it implies that this has already become more serious now, in another way, it is an evidence showing that the rumor has gone viral until the teachers find that it is not a small problem.

’’How could that possibly be, all teachers, please do not just believe in the rumor easily, I'm already having a hard time.’’

’’I guess so, but in that case I still have to ask you to ensure that you'll disclaim anyway.’’

’’Wait? But if there was a teaching's meeting, the person who would come to ask me should probably be my class tutor, isn't it?’’

I think Ohara-sensei never came to ask me about this, isn't it?

’’Ohara-sensei already refused at the beginning that 'Aramiya-kun isn't a boy who would do those kinds of things', in addition to that, that sensei isn't suitable of chasing down the students. There are still some cases that he has yet to have enough experience.’’

Wow, he's well-deserved to be a sensei, I'm really glad that he truly believes in me.

’’Kotani-sensei also said himself that it's not true either.’’

Kiriko-senpai as well? Wow, I'm happy to hear this, she's truly well-deserved to be my cousin.

’’They said 'do you think a person like him would be brave enough to do that,'’’

I retract my words... no actually, from what they said is correct, but it still makes me feel angry.

’’Well... and Tadokoro-sensei, do you believe in this rumor?’’

’’To be honest, I don't know... why is that, are you surprised?’’

’’Honestly, I thought that you'll be the person who's absolute with judgment, if not zero then it'll be a whole one.’’

Tadokoro quietly sighs.

’’Even though I've seen students from many generations, I'm still unable to see the internal mind and behavior of the students. Some students were very well-mannered without flaws, but after graduation they become con men. In contrast, there are some people who were good-for-nothing during school life, but after graduation they managed to start up their NPO organization for benefits to the society. In terms of our mentality, any small sparks can totally change from one form to the opposite form. Just by looking at their face, we do not know what's inside each of the individual's mind.’’

His words sound like a truly experienced person.

The fact that he's able to say it may probably be because he already made countless numbers of students to graduate from this school.

’’From what I've just said includes Ayame and also you too, Aramiya.’’

’’What, me too?’’

’’Yes, I never expected a person like you would be able to run at full speed on the corridor as well’’

’’...If you wouldn't mind, may I ask you something, in what aspect do you see me as a person.’’

’’You're a type of person who whenever is committed into something, you'll be fully enthusiastic, but anything that you don't care, you wouldn't waste your energy if not necessary, and you don't like being outstanding too, am I right?’’

...Whoa, absolutely right, he seems to see the inner self of me flawlessly.

’’Well that's true, I also think like that...’’

’’Even you yourself still has something that you do not know too, therefore, when other people, including adults, come to say that they do know in you, I think it sounds too cocky. But it is certain that there are lots of students that their true-self match with their appearance, however, there always some exceptions being included as well.’’

Looking from what Tadokoro fully teaching me this, I also thought that he would be a type of teacher that thinks he knows every single thing.

But it turns out that I actually misunderstood.

To say it correctly would be, I think he's trying to approach the ideal without stopping, even though we have to feel worried as well.


Then Tadokoro glares at me with jagged penetrating eyes, please don't, I'm scared!

’’About you gathering groups of girls, I also cannot guarantee that it won't become true, I'm still keeping your case to be an exception.’’

’’Wait a minute... those kind of things I really didn't do it sir, I'm a good person since the very beginning...’’

I'm still doubtful after saying this, but I do not have any harm or anything you know.

’’I don't believe that people like us would have the genuine element of being a good or an evil person. The goodness or evilness changes according to every generation. Like from the students that I mentioned a while ago, the people who turned out to commit crimes have done them due to family financial problems. In contrast, the students who were good-for-nothing and later start up NPO organization have thought like that is because they've been to countries with wars. The various environmental conditions have made people like us able to do both good and evil things.’’

’’So that means, I myself may have that structure as well, sir?’’

’’In optimistic view, we all have infinite number of potentials, but in the pessimistic view, we are also fickle-minded... that's all.’’

Well, I myself when I was just a little boy, if I didn't receive the love letter from Eve, I wouldn't have this behavior right now.

’’Right now I'll believe in what you've said first, but make sure you remember well that I look after you most of the time, then you should mobilize your actions. Please do not betray Ohara-sensei because he believes in you, that's all I'm asking for.’’

And finally the conversation has reached its conclusion, then I sigh with relief.

Talking with Tadokoro is really exhausting like as if having ran for over hundred meters.

’’But I received useful information, so I guess it is fortunate.’’

But if the spreading of rumor has reached the teacher's' ears like this, to eliminate the rumor as rapid as possible seems to be difficult already.

’’No matter how much you've investigated, it seems you still cannot find the source of rumor right, Aramiya-kun?’’

’’I've ever thought that if it's the room next door, by now the rumor would've experienced some changes, but it appears that there isn't, it's no different to the normal viral news.’’

After third period has ended, I and Hatsushiba then returns back to a different classroom.

We went to study music at the audiovisual room, but well, every time that girl attends class, the singing choirs often becomes different in an elegant way than usual, until I could sense the ability of Seiyuu once again.

’’I could say, doesn't Hatsushiba ever receive any new big workloads at all?’’

’’The skills at Yuuka's level is still considered to be difficult you know?’’

’’This industry seems to be tough isn't it?’’

Even when she acts very brutally, but I think she's about to nail her acting very well.

I think she's suitable to act as a Yundera who enjoys chasing up the male protagonists at every corner. It's like her voice when she's adorable compared to when she's scary is completely different in a way.

’’Is there anything you would like to say, Aramiya-kun? Are you gossiping about me?’’

’’No, I didn't...’’

Is she psychic?

’’Well actually, there's one winter anime story that Yuuka really want to dub one part. Their original affiliation is kept on running but this story is not official yet, please don't tell this story to anyone yet alright.’’

’’Winter anime, it seems that would be next year for us right?’’

’’If until that time Aramiya-kun is still following, Yuuka will be extremely delighted you know?’’

’’Then give it all your best, you can do it, so that people won't stop watching after three episodes.’’

’’What, an acquaintance who's committed to dub for the audience including you, please watch it until the end of series alright, despite the fact whether I'm going to get the job or not.’’

’’Well anime seems pretty umm...’’

I don't mind watching the whole anime series within at once, but if I have to watch in any other ways, I'm not familiar watching at the rate below my standard rate of watching.’’

It's like leaving for a week to watch each episode makes my stomach become insanely tense. Moreover, if there's a big gap between two seasons makes me really cannot wait to watch.

But in other way, if I wait and record it all at once until the end, I would be outdated from the real-world media.

Basically, I wanted to watch anime in a way that suits my preference the most. Like if I wanted to watch, I would just watch. Currently, it might be the period where I'm still finding the most fond way with anime in my own style.

But for eroges, sometimes there are errors in female protagonists in tutorial version, until we have to wait for the main version. Hence, the fact about waiting doesn't only just include waiting for anime.

’’Oh by the way, since previously I've never talked about it which is why I've forgotten about it, Hatsushiba, since you're a Seiyuu so it means you are already working am I right.’’

’’Yes that's correct, if you become my fellowship now, there may be additional free gifts in the future you know?’’

’’Umm, what do you mean by fellowship...’’

’’But Aramiya-kun should still make Cotton be your number one priority is already fine.’’

’’Her? No actually, go talk with Tozaki over there about hitting up, if he hears that he'll probably squawk like a crow. Whatever you order, I can guarantee that he'll obey every order, Hatsushiba.’’

If that guy does everything for Hatsushiba, no matter if he must act like a dog, he'll do it. No matter where you want him to go such as walking through fire and water, grassfields inside the forest, digging into the ground or flying through the clouds, or even *hiding inside a girl's skirt, he'll still be prepared to do certainly for sure. Or even if he has to become a monster, seeing the world as an **ingredient, I think he would still find Hatsushiba at last anyway.

’’Huh? Why out of a sudden are you talking about Tozaki-kun?’’

But she was asking me in a serious way. Looking at Hatsushiba's face, I can obviously see that her emotion is not moving at all. I could only see her tilting her neck, looking very doubtful, like this shows the greatest desperation you know.

But anyway, the story of this school is still over thousands of miles away, good luck Tozaki, despite the fact that you may not receive any rewards at all. While we're talking extemporaneously, then there's one girl running through the groups of students walking on the corridor.

After she walked in the opposite direction to us for a while

’’Hey...’’ ’’Oh well.’’

We could hear a yell in a squeaky voice.

It seems the girls have crashed into each other in the corner, the person who falls onto the ground is the girl who was running just few minutes ago.


’’No running in the corridors got that?’’

’’Student president! I'm really sorry...’’

The student president kneels down and grabbed the drawstring bag out from the bag.

’’Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere? Whoa, it seems like your knees are bruised!’’

’’No, it's fine, I'm not hurt ’’

’’No you can't, your body needs to be nurtured.’’

She applied some remedy to the wound onto the female student who just fell down, before putting on a plaster.

Her manners are very flowing, not giving enough time gap for that student to argue or decline at all. It seems as if she's already used to this kind of situation.

’’Thank you very much!’’

’’There's no need to thank me, you all are the priceless flowers of this school, even though you're in a hurry, please don't forget to walk smartly my dear.’’

The female student who just fell down then answers ’’Yes sir!’’ cheerfully after hearing that, before walking away immediately.

Her face becomes reddened down to the neck. I don't know whether she's fan of the student president or not, but no matter if she does or not, she would probably become passionate of her for sure.

And then the student president turns her head to this direction as well, followed by a smile.

’’Hey, aren't you Hatsushiba-san, ... also Ara-kun too.’’

And when she sees me, then she frowns. Well, why does she have to express it out that clearly.

’’Hello, President Yaotani.’’

’’Since you've already said my name for a half, may you please say it fully, dear Ms. President.’’

’’Hatsushiba-san still looks cute without any changes at all you know, and also, your voice sounds very adorable like singing birds in a huge forest, well, I really would love to record your voice.’’

She seems to ignore me.

I wonder what's going on with her, talking like Tozaki, are you an Otaku as well?

’’Thank you... and then...?’’

’’Your skin is very smooth and beautiful, next time may you please share me your secret method as well.’’

’’Yes, I can...’’

The student president rubs Hatsushiba' cheeks softly and smoothly.

On the other hand, Hatsushiba is shy until she doesn't know what to do. It seems their faces are very close to each other, so her face becomes really red.

’’In that case, may I leave first alright.’’

Once she has fulfilled her need, the student president then disappears with satisfaction.

...Beside from since the beginning, she doesn't even bother to have an eye contact with me at all.

No matter how much she hates guys, but isn't this far too much you know. How could this student president receive votes from only guys. The school is supposed to have boys and girls evenly.

Even if she has to treat boys and girls fairly, she would already look really great by now. Take Tozaki for instance, it seems his appearance looks very stubborn, until that we have to die in order to bring the political enemies for him.

’’Whoa... I'm totally astonished.’’

Once we could no longer see the student president, Hatsushiba then sighs, and slowly relaxes after being tensed for a while.

’’That president is very lusty without ceasing really.’’

’’But she's really kind isn't she, a little girl physically bumped into her but she still managed to perform first aid for the girl.’’

’’Try letting a guy bumping into her, she's scoff at you until you become lonely for centuries that you feel like you want reborn again.’’

In addition to that, she would likely to force you to prostrate and she'll step on you. Also, she would probably smile like a wicked queen as well.

’’But it seems she doesn't really care about the guys, well as far I could tell that she's a Yuri...’’

’’She's not only just a Yuri... but she's more likely already at the lesbian level.’’

’’The borderline to separating that fact is quite difficult to define, each individual has his or her own perspective.’’

’’If the general line that I know, most Yuri means that oneself doesn't think that it is homose*ual, and does not touch each other's body, or if otherwise, they do not show it in the public. In contrary, lesbian is somebody who's able to realize oneself that she's homose*ual, and also shows touching each other's body bravely, something like that.’’

’’From what Yuuka knows, my Seiyuu friends are also something like this too.’’

I'm quite surprised as well that Hatsushiba would know these kinds of things as well in deep details.

But anyway, looking from her, she's actually grown up with the Otaku content.

To know about Yuri in detailed isn't strange. Without notice, some Seiyuu might have studied about this fact already so that in case one day they are able to take this role out of sudden.

’’Finally, Yuuka thinks that in terms of people's aspects who know about those kinds of things, they may imagine that the characteristics should be something like Yuri is somebody who shows it out in little amount, whereas lesbian shows out more clearly.’’


’’But for any witnesses in the situation, it is not a story that has both the beginning and end, no matter what way, the feeling of liking a female is no different, even it may be slightly different between like and love.’’

’’Anyway, it is just liking the same gender isn't it?’’

Talking about this, it reminds me what the student president had said.

’’...Well imagine during marriage, if you choose to marry with the same gender, would you choose the same gender, Hatsushiba?’’

’’Huh? What... what do you mean...?’’

I don't know whether she's feeling of being molested or not until she has to push me away, with a tense face.

’’No, the student president asked you! Not me.’’

’’Yuuka thought that Aramiya-kun shouldn't ask this kind of question...’’

And then I tell briefly about what the student president had said for Hatsushiba, which she looks like she's very concentrated on listening to this and also nods too.

’’Imagine if you could choose either between a male or female, which gender would you choose to be your lover, umm, I think that if it hasn't reached that age, Yuuka also wouldn't know as well. But Yuuka thinks that homose*uality should probably be increasing more than today, that's why I've said that if every female chooses another female, it would be something very extraordinary.’’

’’But when I was in primary, it seems the girls would see boys as kids, what if the love perspective had form into a certain shape since that time.’’

’’That trend also does exist you know, but Yuuka thinks that it's just a competition, during primary school, we didn't really know much about love... Well, it's not that we don't have the emotion of love, but thinking about it now it's not that deep in any special ways. Therefore, the love aspect otherwise wouldn't form into a shape like this already.’’

It's true, my feeling of having a crush on Eve before, to be honest it is still doubtful whether it's actually true or not. Previously, I've thought about this before, but only at just the basic level.

But in another aspect, at that time my aspect of love had already formed into a shape, claiming that the 3D girls are not trustable.

’’Imagine if Hatsushiba's female friend has a girlfriend, what would Hatsushiba say?’’

’’Friend... like Cotton for instance?’’

’’...It can be anyone else apart from Ayame.’’

’’Yuuka still cannot visualize anyway, but... Yuuka may probably ask, you won't regret it later right? And if she answers no, Yuuka may cheer up, maybe? But if it doesn't actually happen, it's not possible for Yuuka to answer.’’

’’Well it's true, I'm sorry to ask you something awkward.’’

’’I know, I'm totally astonished.’’

The fact that the student president had talked about isn't only just outstanding, but it is really unbelievable, despite the fact I was being told confidently like that until I almost believed it.

Once I talk to Hatsushiba, I feel more confident, and then we enter the classroom.

Since afterschool we're unable to attend the club room, so we choose to go to the library. It seems recently we tend to go to the library much more often.

Today, the club members are still assembling in a circle with textbooks left wide open being piled on the table as usual.

’’Yu... Yuuka, well, may I ask you something right here?’’

’’...Cotton, right here just now Yuuka had just taught already you know?’’

’’I'm sorry.’’ Ayame looks pretty shy.

Today, the hell sergeant seems to have an invisible horn grown from her forehead and lashes her arms everywhere like a giant. If this place isn't a library, by now she would carry a lasso whip and slap on others already, oh I'm just assuming by myself.

’’Aramiya-kun, are you still thinking of something ill-mannered right now?’’

’’No, it's nothing...’’

Her sense seems pretty strong, I'm terrified now.

’’For god's sake, I'm sorry that this guy is ill-mannered like this.’’

’’Oh, it's nothing my dear, it's not that much...’’

And then suddenly, Kiyomi said that which makes Hatsushiba feels hesitant.

Once I've sent the message today to inform her that the club room is inaccessible, and we came here to study in the library, so she runs at full speed to get here. I thought that she's already lazy that she would have gone home a while ago.

Kiyomi sits next to Ayame and looks at the textbook saying aimlessly that ’’every subject seems pretty difficult isn't it for grade 11.’’

’’I'm thirsty, hey Ryoma, may I have some water please?’’

’’Sure, Kiyomi-chan... this isn't a restaurant, and do not drink inside here alright...’’

’’But the library around my house allows me carry a water bottle inside you know.’’

How can you compare between the school's library and municipal library?

In fact, why do these people able to have a normal conversion among each other?

’’You know Saitani in person too.’’

’’Well, Ryoma is pretty outstanding, that's why I tried to get into him straight away.’’

Saitani blinks with sparkles and looks at us alternately between one another. His hesitant attitude between choosing one looks pretty cute isn't it.

’’...Or, is Kiyomi-chan your younger sister, Senpai?’’

’’You guys have the same surname do you?’’

’’No we don't, it seems that Kiyomi-chan had said before that she doesn't have an elder brother or anyone at all.’’

’’...When we're at school it means that I don't have one alright.’’

And then Kiyomi looks in the other direction and says ’’Huh!’’

’’Well of course, just having to be siblings with this guy, I feel like I wanted to throw up already, it would be better if I was born from the cabbage head... After looking from the house registration, we are really siblings, that's why I still cannot handle it.’’

’’I'm actually the one who cannot handle it, if you don't feel willing to then you may go home alright, in fact, please quickly go back home right now!’’

’’I'm not here to meet you, I'm actually here to meet Ayame instead! Stop making a fool out of yourself!’’

’’Well...! Kiyomi-chan, please keep your voice down!’’

Kiyomi is very loud until Saitani had to scoff at her.

It seems like even though my younger sister doesn't have manners, she still has a common sense. It's just showing emotions through facial expression and shutting up.

’’I'm sorry, Saitani, my sister is an idiot.’’


’’I told you to be quiet!’’

I said like that, and then she looks very frowning as if never been feeling any wrath before.

Hahaha, I'm really grateful.

’’Can't you be more mature, Aramiya...’’

Tozaki, who's sitting beside me, said that very confidently.

Hey, if she didn't start arguing in the first place, then I wouldn't mind, but to let her say whatever she wants, is definitely showing no respect to her brother at all.

’’If you're a male protagonist, no matter if your younger sister is very abusive, but you still need to know how to approach it in a tender way, am I correct, Aramiya?’’

He is still arguing with me on this.

The eroge male protagonist is insanely brilliant, who has kindness all the way to the end.

But let me repeat myself one more time, I cannot do it.

’’I'm sorry that I'm late.’’

And at that time, Eve has arrived.

Before coming to the library, I heard she said she's going to toilet, she seems pretty diligent with her work.

’’Hello Eve-san.’’

’’Oh hello Kiyomin.’’

Kiyomi and Eve are quite close to each other. Kiyomi is the type of person who once realizes herself when she's already become close to someone, which always happened since in the past. This also applies to Ayame too.

But there's only one person who keeps nagging on her for being late to school.

’’...You're late, Suwama-san, do you know that you're falling behind classes?’’

’’Whoa, please don't look at me with those terrifyin eyes, Hatsushibajji! The student president called me, and that's why I'm late...’’

’’The Student council president?’’

Once Hatsushiba asks in an dissatisfying way, Eve nods nervously.

’’She invited me to help her become a part of the student committee, something like that! Although I told her that I'm already part of the club, so I cannot go, then she continued saying several things that I couldn't quite grasp or understand. Out of a sudden, she talked about remuneration fee and stuffs like that as well.’’

What about remuneration fee, is it redemption? Something like if you pay money then she'll stop inviting, something like this...?

’’So that means she invited all girls, according to her.’’

I think Tozaki is correct.

Even though Eve just newly moved to this school, she truly shouldn't be in those name lists.

’’Let's say we should quickly sit and open our textbooks you know?’’

I would like to ask whether she was talking about others as well or not. But Hatsushiba has entered the mode of hell sergeant already, while Eve immediately sits down, picks out her textbook, exercise book and stationery from her bag.

To ask something in this kind of atmosphere is pretty difficult. If I've asked something that interferes with tutoring, it would be scary if Hatsushiba will tackle on me. Thus, I should keep questioning for next time then.

’’Huh, the sky is really blue, so why do we have to study inside this room?!’’

’’And do you want to repeat a year again?! Please quickly start solving these problems now! The air conditioner is already cool isn't it?’’

Even though Eve would complain, Hatsushiba still rushes her callously, while Tozaki sees the righteousness, which is to act like unable to see anything. We could say that love after hundred years will still be recovered.

Hatsushiba may look cruel to Eve without any changes, but it's normal for her to behave like this while tutoring, especially with Ayame where she's always like this. About that she's able to take action in no different way. Therefore, if you ask whether she's close to Eve or not... even though it hasn't reached that stage yet, she looks more tender gradually.

’’When Hatsushiba makes her face look like an S, it doesn't look bad at all.’’

In contrary, Tozaki is still affectionate by her charm. Whatever she does, this guy seems to look satisfied everytime.

I and Tozaki glimpse at Hatsushiba in the scary teaching mode for a while, and then later turn back to study our own books.

On the other hand, Kiyomi doesn't bother to read or study, but instead she only talks with Saitani. Wow, she seems pretty chill isn't she, so I want to talk with Saitani aimlessly for fun sometimes as well.

’’By the way, Kiyomi-chan, don't you have to study for exams?’’

’’If you concentrate in class, the exam would already contain questions from there, why do I need to study?!’’

Wow, very confident aren't you.

But when we're at home, I've never seen her studying for exams at all.

’’In that case, why don't Kiyomi-chan study at a school which has a higher level than this.’’

Saitani is right on track.

Not bad, keep emphasizing her that it's not too late to change school, despite having to take an entrance exam for moving school. But I do want her to get accepted into a really great highschool, Good Lord!

’’Studying somewhere close to home is already great, I don't want to study somewhere very far away, it's such a waste of time going there and back you know.’’

’’Ah um, well it might be true, but... Kiyomi-chan are you sure that you really want to study at the same place as your elder brother that much?’’


’’Kiyomi-chan, mind your voice...!’’

All the students of the entire library turn their heads to look at Kiyomi, no surprise, since she yelled that loud.

Kiyomi also covers her mouth, lifts up her hands to pray, and bows to the people around like as if swallowing without being able to spew out.

’’Ryoma, can you please not say something awkward for once.’’

’’Am I saying something really awkward?’’

’’I almost fainted!’’

’’But from what I've claimed, why does Kiyomi-chan still choose to study at the same place...’’

I know right.

She herself is really able to apply to a better highschool than this. If she's really disgusted to stay with me that much, then just go and study at other highschool. If she had already done that, I would be like a free flying bird by now.

The feeling of saying that ’’Close to home >disgusts in me’’, is kind of even chance, despite the fact the schools with high standards near home actually do exist.

Or it could be that Kiyomi's boyfriend, her crush, or somebody that I've never seen before is studying in this school maybe? This sounds more reasonable.

’’I hate wasting time for nothing, so I chose to study here, that's it alright?’’

After Kiyomi claims that, it forces Saitani having to nod.

Then if you really hate wasting time, don't choose to join these clubs since the beginning alright... I really wanted to say that, but it's better if I keep quiet. They claimed that climbing perch dies because of its mouth. Blathered mouth will become smelly for nothing.

Then the sound of opening textbooks and notebooks, punctuated with little conversation still continues going on.

’’Huh, I can't hold it anymore... I'm going to die... I'm really dying...’’

’’You're not going to die, you still have ten more questions, if you don't finish it in ten minutes, Yuuka is going to force you to do extra ten questions alright, if one question is not finished within a minute, you will not have time you know.’’

The challenging course by Hatsushiba seems to become continually more intense until Eve cries out loud in front of her piles of problem solving question books.

’’Huh, I want to go on holiday now!’’

’’Just do it, do you want to repeat the same year again? In that case, Yuuka isn't concerned with that!’’

’’No I don't want to...’’

Eve starts to sob, turns back to her notebook, oh alright, please work hard.

’’It's a bit tiring, Hatsushiba.’’

’’It's really tiring you know, but for now we could only just stuff them into it, in the case that we don't know the way to study, we still have to continually stuff them until we could find the way to memorize in an effective way, especially for Suwama-san who still lacks a lot of the basic knowledge.’’

I'm also curious about how did Eve manage to move to this school.

’’Those who choose to study imminently before exams, if we don't force them to concentrate it won't be effective you know... Those intelligent people will be able to realize in a short time, but if they aren't clever, no matter what cases, they would still not choose to find the easy method of remembering anyway.’’

’’Using the word easy method doesn't seem to sound good, but actually it's correct.’’

We should find the easier method to memorize.

But if we're still unable to find it, then use the strategy to memorize the whole thing... well, just memorize every single thing and that's all. Whether it will be successful or not would depend on whether you're able to tackle the strategy or not.

’’Yuuka thinks that instead of solving the problems for ten hours, it would be better if you concentrate on doing it for just within an hour.’’

Every individual has limited concentration, alright that's enough it has reached the limit. The brain is overworking until it damages the health for nothing. I myself also don't want to revise too much until my life becomes shortened.


Ayame is still staring at her notebook and textbook, but she starts to spin her clutch pencil and fold her arms sometimes, without continuing yet. It seems she has probably lost all her concentration.

I could tell that she's bored, and in that condition cannot be avoided by Hatsushiba's vision.


’’I'm, I'm, I'm actually still doing it really you know...!’’

Ayame is astonished with Hatsushiba's cold chilling voice until she shudders and her body is shaking.

Seeing Ayame shuddering like this is quite strange as well.


And then Kiyomi whispers into my eye to let me hear only.

’’Don't you have any rewards for her at all?’’


’’Ayame-san and Eve-san both are very diligent with revising until their blood inside their eyes are about to explode you know!’’

’’And won't you already be satisfied with getting good marks in the final exams!’’

’’That's just the results, not rewards, if you force them to work this hard, without rewards they would lose motivation.’’

But if you expect the rewards for every attempt to work hard, there's a chance that expecting from the rewards would make the original goal become collapsed. It may turn out that if you guys are just motivated to work hard for rewards, that means from now on if there aren't any, you guys may not be willing to work anymore.

Well it's actually true from previously, when the pin was a free gift from the first stock of eroge, it seemed Ayame was extremely cheerful. The pin is still attached to her bag, but that's another story.

In that case, without rewards, it is necessary to have some targets to motivate am I right.

’’After final exams, should we travel anywhere together!’’

Once I've asked without thinking much, Ayame, Hatsushiba, and Eve all look surprised.

’’What place is somewhere?’’

Ayame asks with full of interests.

I'm about to answer ’’Comic Market’’, but thinking about it again, going there myself would be better. Bringing many newbies all at once will be very hectic. Well if we help being the porter to buy some stuffs would still be helpful. But to rely on others for first time makes me a bit anxious. In addition, the big site during mid summer makes us wanted melt by just standing still. Also, we have to wake up at dawn, very tolerating.

As a result of that, I choose to remove Komike during this time first.

’’I know right...’’

To think exactly like real world does not make any sense.

What if it's eroges?

After fully revising for exams, exams are over, and entering summer season, once it has reached summer, the gamers would start planning for travel.

The indigo blue sky, sparkling white beach, and the emerald sea and the reflective images of the female protagonists in swimsuits-

’’For example, the sea?’’

I speak thoughtlessly.

Actually, the emerald sea like in the eroge, if we don't travel to foreign countries then there's no way of discovering it, at least the sea around here does not exist for sure.

...But hang on a minute, if you think about it again, going to the beach is very hectic, do you enjoy swimming or not, and you spoke like you wanted to see the real swimsuits.


’’The beach! Not bad at all!’’

’’Lately Yuuka hadn't been to the beach at all, sounds great you know!’’

’’Yes, that game is about going to the beach after finals are over.’’

Both Eve, Hatsushiba and Ayame accept the request positively in the same opinion.

Kiyomi looks surprised that ’’...I never expected’’, she probably has never thought of a variety of choices, that's why I chose the beach.

’’Ah, alright...’’

Hold on my friends, we are only just talking about what we often saw in the eroges, not really wanting to go the beach you know.

’’Swimsuits, which one should we choose.’’

’’It seems the top isn't fit to wear anymore, I probably should go purchase a new one.’’

’’Will my previous swimsuit be okay or not.’’

All of them have entered the beach mode already.

What should I do.

But if right now I tell them that I abandon this idea, I'll probably get moaned by them.

’’Please keep your noise level down a bit, for the seniors.’’

Saitani's cheeks become slightly puffed, showing that he feels irritated.

Wow, the layered eyes look really cute.

’’How about we go buy swimsuits?’’

And then Hatsushiba claims as if she can no longer hold it anymore. I don't know where the hell sergeant has blown away. I know right, where has it disappeared.

’’Let's end the revision right here for today, then I hope you all enjoy!’’

If Hatsushiba and others will go to buy swimsuits, then I'll go home.

But once I start packing up, ready to leave,

’’If you don't then what's the point of going?’’

Kiyomi just suddenly snatches my bag.

’’Hey what are you doing, give it back!!’’

’’We have to go together, you spongy brain, the watered sponge would truly grows...’’

’’What on earth are you comparing me with, I don't understand, why do I have to follow you to go buy swimsuits?’’

’’If you don't go then what's the point, I told you to go so just quickly go come on, go go, I'll bring Ryoma along too.’’

’’Eh? Me too?’’

Out of sudden, we're in trouble now, Saitani's eyes glow widely.

’’In a short while, the library committee is about to finish, you can go with us can't you?’’

’’Come on, Kiyomi-chan, you're forcing me too much you know...’’

If I go home right now, Saitani must get dragged along too for sure.

I may not allow to leave Saitani alone being surrounded by the four girls.

Yes, I'm also starting to realize more gradually that looking from here, he's actually a guy, despite the fact without being gossiped about when standing around the lingerie department.

’’Alright, I'll go too!’’

It can't be helped, I'm just going as well to protect Saitani.

Then we leave the school to buy some swimsuits.

First of all, Tozaki's busy, so he has to go home with tears flowing as blood.

...Is he really that hurt mentally?

Then we walk to the different direction from where we usually head home to head towards the front of train station.

I don't know where the shop is, so I could only just follow them.

We walk together as a couplet, the leading procession consists of Hatsushiba and Ayame, followed by Saitani and Kiyomi, and right behind is me and Eve. The procession shape has happened automatically from partnering each other to have a conversation. At this moment is very obvious to tell how each other's relationship among friends would be like.

’’In the past, we used to head home like this together am I right?’’

Eve, who's right beside me, gently bends her head down, musing depressingly like never before.

’’Do you mean during primary school, I have no idea about that.’’

I usually go home alone, because my school is close to my home anyway.

’’During those times, people were considerate about Seiichi, and they agreed not to seize the opportunity to flirt too, any girls who were thinking of going home with Seiichi would be angry at.’’

Are there those kinds of stories too, I don't want to remember it.

Oh I see, it's this story who Ako was the person who actually cheated her.

’’...By the way, do you know where has that group disappeared?’’

’’That group with Akojji?’’

’’Yes, Ako, Mii, Kyoya, Hizumi... those who were with her.’’

These five people during primary were the most powerful group in my class... In fact, they may probably be the most powerful in the school I could say.

These people liked to lead others in the class.

I used to never give up. I competed against Kyoya, who's a god in every type of sport, or Hizumi, who's sharply clever... But those events are just pasts a long time ago.

’’I used to ask which highschool are they studying.’’

’’And where is it?’’

’’...Umm... where is it?’’

What the hell.

’’I'm sorry, I already have forgotten...’’

’’Jesus Christ, who the hell forgets things easily like you, it's probably not our school am I right?’’

’’...Probably not.’’

But Eve is normally like this, if she can't remember then it can't be helped.

’’Anyway, let's leave these stories for now, and... who was the person who told you about Ayame's rumor?’’

’’What, people had already talked about it, didn't they...’’

’’I know of course, that's why I'm asking who told this for her to listen, when was the very first time she knew about Ayame?’’

’’Yes... once I became close to every classmate, I would've heard already. But previously I also heard that people were rumoring, so I managed to hear them too. I think it's probably supposed to be Nishiharajii, or Yamamotojji, or maybe Hozoejji who was the head of class...’’

Mainly, the group of girls who are close to Eve I could say it happened when she pushed me into the PE equipment warehouse.

’’Have you ever cooperated with Nishihara before?’’

’’Yes, Nishiharajji was a good student, he might look a bit bland but he polishes his rough behavior, he would look way better than me! It's a shame that he should care about his hair or eyebrows sometimes too.’’

From this told story, I don't know what to do with this.

I don't care whether the literal person is bland or outstanding.

If it's in the game I also do like it, including the type of bland people who turn out to become cuter. But these types usually come in a way of throwing glasses away. I would like to say that you're useless.

The glasses girls should climb higher as a status of glasses girls. Well, I'm not obsessed with glasses girls, I only just cannot forgive anyone who abandons their own style.

’’Whether there's a chance or not, let's forget about it for now, but certainly, because of that, it made my life more difficult.’’

’’...I'm sorry.’’

Her body suddenly becomes drooped.

If she has plead her guilt, it's already fine.

If she realizes that she's guilty, it means that she has already become more matured.

’’For god's sake... you're just good at tricking other innocents like Nishihara, when have you guys started planning?’’

’’I'd already planned since that day, once Seiichi chased me very brutally, I immediately came up with a plan... Nishihara told me to do like what the cartoon typically does.’’

’’What cartoon?’’

’’A comic book called 'The Recipe of Theirs'.’’

My brain becomes stunned for one second.

Isn't that an eroge! It is referred to the legendary werewolf where there was a male being raped by a female.

But hold on, is there a manga version of that story too? I remember that there isn't...

’’May I ask you, the comic book that you mentioned, is it about this thick for one volume?’’

I use my hands to estimate the thickness of a weekly comic book, but Eve shakes her head.

And then I make my hand as a size of A5 paper, but it seems it's not this big too.

’’...About this size?’’

’’Oh yes, exactly!’’

And then after I made into the A4 paper size, Eve still nods in a confident way.

’’...And about the thickness, is it about this thick?’’

I show my thumb and index finger, with only a few distance apart, approximately 5mm.

’’Yes, it's quite thin, I thought that the comic book should be at least 1cm thick, when I saw this I was surprised too.’’

Oh my god, I don't want to believe it.

An A4 paper size book and this thin, that's Dojinshi a comic book where the amateur or professional reference the plot from other sources.

Nishihara is part of this group too, will he be able to communicate with me in an understandable way? Those kinds of people are likely to enjoy BL (Boy's Love)... Wait, but this may probably be my bias.

But wait, whether they're close to each other or not is still not, they never sit down talking together, especially Nishihara isn't likely to... I want to believe that guy is part of the family member, like coincidentally she thought of some prankster, taking some belongings from the elder sister.

...Should we try ask smoothly and closely for once?

’’Then we shall talk about whether we should follow the comic book where we capture and slash... that's why I want Nishihara to help allure Seiichi to the storage warehouse...’’

’’Oh I see, no wonder why before they captured me, they had telephone call among each other for advice.’’


What, why do you widen your mouth as if you've forgotten how to shut it like that.

This doesn't match with what I've anticipated.

’’I seeked for advice from Nishihara at around noon, and the remaining events all followed the situation... something like that.’’

This is insanely sloppy.

But it's true that to have a lengthy discussion with Eve doesn't seem to be useful. It's better to quickly decide and solve the remaining situation as suitably to Eve.

On the other hand, to claim that Hatsushiba likes to lead the situation... it doesn't seem right.

It's only that moment that seems like Nishihara was talking on telephone with somebody. I only saw Eve put her phone back into her bag, but before that I saw her attaching the phone to her ear.

’’After PE class ended, did she call Nishihara to ask him out am I right?’’

’’No I'm not kidding, I'm saying the truth seriously!’’


Eve quickly opens the smartphone screen to let me see immediately.

On the screen is the calling profile. When sliding to check out the profile that day, she didn't talk to anyone else apart from her home, and also during that day, she didn't call or pick up the phone at all.

’’It was that day that she didn't call anymore too.’’

’’You see?’’

’’But since the history can be deleted...’’


Even if I show the calling history to see, but since the history can be deleted so it doesn't really mean anything much... But in that case, it shows that Eve doesn't really know how to delete call history.

’’Then, who did Nishihara contact?’’

’’I don't know too? If I see him next time, shall I ask him?’’

’’...Sure, yes please.’’

I feel like there's nothing strange following by its end.

’’But, to stay with Seiichi like this ’’

And while Eve is about to say something, I notice that we're standing quite far from each other.

’’Hey, Aramiya? Are you alright?’’

Ayame and others turn their back on me while waiting for me.

’’Let's go quickly, Eve.’’

’’Yes sure...’’

She looks quite honest, as if she wants to continue talking, but let's leave it until next time will be fine.

We enter the shopping center inside the train station building, and walk up the escalator to the 3rd floor.

The female swimsuit department is right deep inside. There are a variety of cute colorful swimsuits, ranging from children up until adults.

Each of the previous senior high school girls group had already chosen their own swimsuit and brought them to hang onto the rail. This process keeps repeating over and over again. The four girl group of Ayame all look among each other and are choosing their own goods.

It seems like this shop is opened like in America, where after girls have finished trying their swimsuits in the fitting room, they'll come out to choose their next swimsuits in spite of many people around waiting.

...As a result of that, I feel like I'm as twofold difficult to stay around this area.

’’Hey senpai, how did we end up here...? This is a female swimsuit department you know.’’

Saitani, who's standing beside me, says in a soft tender voice until I feel like I want to protect him.

But it doesn't look awkward if you stay here, it's actually me myself, please understand me for once.

’’Well I have to blame on Kiyomi... but I think should stand up and fight a bit more would be better you know, Saitani.’’

’’It's because Kiyomi-chan is very fierce...’’

I'm sorry that my younger sister is very fierce to the max.

’’Then should we at least walk to the men's department among just two of us?’’

It is a suggestion that's really attention-grabbing, people must think that we're a couple for sure.

...But hold on, are the people still misunderstanding or not?

Yes, at this moment people may be thinking that I'm the boyfriend who comes here to choose the swimsuit for a young girl called Saitani? It feels like the eyes looking towards me don't express that ’’Whoa, what's the guy doing right here?’’

Others may see Saitani's school uniform as a girl's uniform for sure, because the school also allows girls to wear trousers too.

’’Saitani... I beg you please don't leave me alone...’’

’’Eh, what are saying, senpai!’’

’’If you go, I'll be completely isolated, and this time I'll get stabbed by the sharp penetrating eyes to death for sure!’’

’’I think that I'm also getting penetrated almost to death now by the sharp eyes you know.’’

You misunderstood already, Saitani, the eyes looking towards you, they actually see us as companions instead.

For instance, the girl's eyes right there are conveying that ’’that guy is shy as well, so cute!’’ isn't it!

’’The eroge male protagonist is literally a person...’’

I whisper without letting anyone hear me.

You guys just finished buying swimsuits am I right...

But the male protagonist would sometimes get dragged to the lingerie department.

That already won't be just chilly only now.

’’Seiichi, Seiichi!’’



Once I turn my head, then I see Eve's body right there.

Her top body looks healthily chubby, wearing a blue bikini.

It looks not bad at all.

’’Hey, why are you trying it right here!’’

’’Well, this shop allows us to do this.’’

Oh I see, I guess it's true!

No actually, I mean why is she showing to me instead!

’’How's it, how's it?’’

She looks pretty over excited.

I don't know if the swimsuit is too small by one size or what, it looks very tight.

’’No, I mean why do you want to show it to me! And isn't it way too small!?’’

’’Well, this swimsuit looks pretty cute but there are no bigger sizes than this, it can't be helped, but what do you think of it?’’

’’I told you to stop! Can you stop tensing your breasts! I'm not here to assess your swimsuit!’’

Well, it's like if the breast bounces a bit, it's almost going to snap the whole swimsuit already, I'm spine-chilling right now!

Whenever Eve moves, her breasts would bounce, so it's no surprise if her top would fall off.

’’Quickly go change right now!’’

’’Umm, don't you like this suit, then I'll try a different one.’’

And then Eve immediately walks back into the fitting room.

For god's sake, do you want me to get a heart attack, just a few seconds that girl said she's going to try a new one... Hey, she's probably not misunderstanding that when I said no need to show it to me, is implying that I don't like swimsuits am I right?

’’Damn it, she's going to show it again for sure, Saitani, I think we should back off first... hey, Saitani?’’

Just now, Saitani was still standing beside me, and where has he gone now.

’’Hey, what have you ditched me...!?’’

I cannot find him at all.

Because of what! You're not a guy who's going to ditch others, aren't you...!

When there's no Saitani serving as a role of girlfriend, it feels like the girls' eye expressions are looking more fearful. My skin starts to feel irritated, those are sharp penetrating eyes!

’’Well, it can't be helped, then I shall back off too?’’

And at that second I'm about to turn my face around, then there's somebody grabbing my arm.

’’Aramiya-kun, what do you think about this swimsuit?’’

This voice, it's Hatsushiba am I right.

I must not turn my head.

’’I'm sorry, Hatsushiba, I can't hold any longer, I can't handle to stay here, may I go the men's department upstairs, this thing no one really can tell me.’’

’’...You were able to look at Suwama-san, then can't you take a look at Yuuka and Cotton's?’’

Her voice is very chilling, like someone's dropping some ices on me. My whole body is shaking all over the place.

’’Hey no, that's because she forced me to see...!’’

’’Isn't this too unfair you know?’’

My arms are locked, unable to escape. Her tenderness and warmth makes me starting to feel some unpleasant feeling, as if creating some apperception constantly.

’’...If I take a look, will you let go of him?’’

’’Yes, of course!’’

Once I turn my head around, I can see the magnificent image floating around attractively.

Hatsushiba's body is not bad at all too, despite the fact that she's not that tall, but her young face, at the place where it's tender is tender at the right place.

The one-piece swimsuit, where the tail is for ventilation, doesn't look too mature to wear. This pulls the charming inside Hatsushiba to come out, it looks really suitable for her.

’’It does look pretty suitable for you?’’


She sends her eye signal to arouse me.

’’Yes, I'm serious!’’

The fact that I've said that it really suits her, therefore, I wanted her to please let go off me first.

But well...

’’Well, if I say this it may sound really ill-mannered, but... isn't that suit too tight?’’

Especially at the breasts look pretty tight...

’’Umm, there's no bigger size than this suit you know.’’

...Not again! Hey, I do understand!? I also used to want to buy five get one free, but it appeared to be sold out. That's why I could only hold my tears and buy three get one free... But wait, I think giving this example is a bit odd.

’’Then Yuuka shall find other swimsuits first... do not leave this shop to anywhere else?’’

Now she tries to menace on me you know.

Hatsushiba keeps on repeating that on me and then returns to the fitting room.

Well it's true that I'm not afraid about the consequences, but I really want to get out of here anyway.


But it seems like the god isn't on my side.

Despite that she doesn't grab onto me like Hatsushiba and Eve, but...

She still tells me to have a look as well, but I think it's too ill-mannered if I ignore Ayame.

I consolidate my mental strengths, and turn to take a look.

’’What do you think of this?’’

Her swimsuit is separated into two pieces, as a bikini.

It is really a heart-pounding swimsuit.

Ayame's top is oversized as well.

’’It does look suitable?’’

’’Really, what a relief, and is it cute?’’

But once she asks me whether it's cute or not, it's quite difficult to answer.

And it seems she takes it as a no when I keep quiet.

’’Umm, then I shall go find another one?’’

She claims like that, and returns to the fitting room.

Damn it, it would be great if I have said that it looks cute. But at least I can finish my business with Ayame for another.

’’Let's say I should run away now!’’


Are you ever afraid of this endless cycle?

Hey, what's the matter with you girls, coming like a Jet Stream Attack, if I don't stop somebody, it means I'm screwed am I right?

If I run away right here, Eve must be chasing me up for sure.

If I get girls wearing swimsuits chasing me up at some places where they don't belong to swimsuit department, I think I'll look very outstanding beyond the centuries for sure...

’’What ’’

I turn my head to look at Eve.

I can see two strings across her shoulder and her breasts down to the bottom half, apart from that there's nothing else that could be found.

This type of swimsuit is called slingshot, it's a type which is strongly raunchy.

’’There's too less material! Please go change quickly now!’’

’’What, really?’’

Eve says together with pulling the straps across her shoulder.

The hidden place is about to be exposed, why does this girl really confident to wear something like this in a public place!? We're not at the open beach in America you know!?

’’Please do trust me! If next time you still wear too exposed swimsuit again, I'm going to give you a red card chasing you out of this field!’’

’’Okay, alright.’’

And then she returns to the fitting room.

Her back looks even more dangerous, a rubber band clothes that is able to see through her whole bottom.

I quickly turn my head and hold my head.


But the desperation has not reached its end yet.

’’...Can anyone please kill me now?’’

’’What, did you just say something?’’

’’No, there's nothing, this it's Hatsushiba?’’

Hatsushiba's swimsuit this time

It's a type called monokini, where the top and bottom are connected together with three white rings. At the middle ring, we can see her cute belly button, which can be referred to its mellow Moe.


’’It's covering well.’’

’’At least it looks better than the slingshot by Suwama-san right?’’

Well it's true, but it feels like I'm being deceived by some magic. And even though it looks better than previous one, but it seems it looks too tight for her body.

’’Aren't there any more bigger sizes than this...’’

’’No more my dear, but actually it's not too tight like from what you see you know.’’

’’Really... may I ask you something, aren't you shy at all?’’

’’No not at all, there aren't any other guys around here, and people around all wear swimsuits you know?’’

’’...Well I want you to have a consideration my mind who's being left alone in the middle of girls wearing swimsuits.’’

’’That's like... getting to see the real swimsuits by eyes is considered to be a surplus am I right?’’

’’Well if it's 2D then yes.’’

And while we're having a conversation, then there's another person.

’’Aramiya, what do you think of it this time?’’

’’Oh alright.’’

And then I turn my head towards Ayame. She's now wearing a bikini, and there's a vent over there which looks pretty cute.

This swimsuit looks kind of towards adults a bit, wow this is not bad at all, it looks more like an image in the game than previously.

’’Whoa, Cotton, you look really cute my dear!’’

’’Really? And what do you think, Aramiya?’’

’’Well, it's great too.’’

This swimsuit seems to be the one where 2D female protagonists would usually wear. On the other hand, I just acknowledged that this kind of swimsuit does exist in the real world too.

’’Seichiii! This type it looks okay right.’’

Eve returns once again in a bikini.

This time looks much better than previously, even if it looks a bit dangerous indifferently.

It seems like now I'm getting used to it, after the repetitive events.

’’How's it?’’

She bends down, and pushes her breasts close to each other.

Her breasts are bulging until I'm about to faint.

’’What? Are you doing a se*y pose? This is how you actually do a pose!’’

Hatsushiba doesn't give up as well, she reaches out her hand to the back and pushes her chest out.

Have you girls forgotten that there are people standing around. I want you girls to realize that other people are looking at you all in a peculiar way.

’’I could say...’’

And then Ayame poses like as if it just came up to her mind.

She turns her back on them, her right hand is grabbing her chest, and her left hand is reaching out, with her eyes looking towards me.

It is a typical pose by a famous illustrator. This girl is always truly consistent.

’’Hey, Ayamejji, what's that pose? Can you make it look se*ier than this?’’

’’What? Are you insulting this pose, you're insulting me right, do you want to have a fight?’’

’’Suwama-san's pose doesn't have any passion at all!’’

And then they start to yell at each other.

The fact that when girls are together and yell out loud, it seems to be true.

’’Oh my god...’’

I could only stay in a period where I have to take a deep breath.

May I leave now... I have to go find Saitani, who has disappeared to somewhere.

’’Kiyomi-chan, stop it! Don't pull...!’’

At that moment, I could hear a scream.

’’Give me back my school uniform! I thought you said you're going to return to me after wearing it once...’’

’’Hey, if I wear it and I don't show, it would be a real shame, it doesn't do any harm right.’’

’’My mental state of mind is in a poor condition right now you know!’’

Kiyomi is wearing a one-piece swimsuit with carrying a male school uniform on her arm. Well, that swimsuit I just saw makes me stood still, well I do like flat chested girls. But my condition is currently when I cannot really think of anything else apart from the word ’’destitute’’.

But let's forget about it for now, the important thing is who does she drag along with covering its whole body. The screaming noise just a while ago also came from that area.

’’There you are!’’

And then we get to see the swimsuit wore by a young girl behind. Over there is Saitani as expected, wearing a fresh yellow bikini, which the bottom half is a see-through beachwear.

According to the material, after wearing, it looks totally outstanding from others.

The attitude of praying at the chest and twisting the body looking shyly seems to be awesome. In fact, praising only this is way too less.

’’ ’’ ’’ ...’’ ’’ ’’

Ayame, Hatsushiba and Eve individually has gone quiet.

’’I give up...’’ ’’Right, the result of winner is already obvious...’’ ’’Looks really girly you know?’’

All of the three have given up.

Are you guys sure it's going to be fine.

’’You see! Very cute isn't it! Well, I may probably have the ability to become a stylist, or in the future should I head towards that direction!?’’, says Kiyomi.

’’This is crazy, you've just forced Saitani to wear a swimsuit and praise his cuteness, is that all you could do and you've claimed that you have the ability of a stylist, wow I want to laugh my teeth off.’’

’’What!? Saying like that, do you have the skills to make it cuter than me!?’’

’’This is such a piece of cake for me! Come on Saitani, let's do it!’’

’’Aramiya-senpai, hold on first! Please come back to your normal consciousness first!’’

’’Don't worry, you can definitely enlighten more than this.’’

’’I don't want to enlighten myself in the status of a girl...!’’

’’Alright, let me choose a swimsuit for you...’’

’’Where has the shy-looking senpai disappeared... please don't lose your consciousness, senpai!’’

’’Don't worry... this is my normal consciousness!’’

The final result is that it took already thirty minutes to lose my insanity and have my bright mind back once again.


’’Sorry, I'm really sorry...’’

I cannot stop putting my hands together and pray. Sorry Saitani, who's looking sulky.

From that point, I cooperate with Kiyomi and force Saitani to wear up to five swimsuits until I could bring back my consciousness. Now it's too late to beg for apology already.

This revenge I must make Kiyomi pay the price.

’’Doesn't matter, there's no need to apologize.’’

Saitani sighs quietly and smiles as if there's nothing can be helped now.

’’Is it fine?’’

’’Well, it's not that great! But... it's secretly a bit enjoyable too... just really a bit you know.’’

The reddened cheeks look really like a girl. I almost hugged her.

Oh, if guys are together, hugging each other isn't considered as molesting am I right?

...In fact, doing that is like making Saitani become dirtier, so don't do it.

’’But, if next time you're thinking of forcing me to dress as a girl again, I'm really going to stop being your friend alright!’’

’’Okay, I understand, from now on I will not force you to dress as a girl for sure.’’

I won't do it, because Kiyomi, my family member, will be the one who's do it anyway.

But anyway, let's keep this joke for now, let's say if Saitani forgives me I'll feel better. I don't want to stay in the library where Saitani looks at me arrogantly. Well, I'm not an expert like Tozaki who's excited with that kind of eye expression.

The photo that I took in my mobile phone, Saitani told me to delete it so I did it already. But I uploaded onto cloud successfully, I'll back it up to make it more concise.

’’Hey Kiyomi, you should apologize too!’’

’’I also really stepped over the line, I'm sorry, Ryoma!’’

And then Kiyomi glares sharply onto me.

’’But hold on, it's actually because of you, you forced him to wear up to five swimsuits!’’

’’What? I want you to realize your (terrible) stylist skills instead, Saitani is ’’

’’Both of you?’’

When we're arguing as usual, then Saitani interrupts us.

I feel like Saitani is almost about to become furious, looking at his atmosphere is no longer the same, I feeling of 'oh no' is flying around me now.

’’Come on, since you are siblings, you guys should be good to each other.’’

’’Well I do understand what you're saying, but...’’

’’I'm curious since the beginning already of why Kiyomi-chan really hates her elder brother very much.’’

Kiyomi, who suddenly got owned, winks sparklingly.

’’Well, it's because this guy is extremely pathetic!’’

’’How does he look pathetic, for instance, he helped stopped Ayame and many other things, he's such a great brother you know. Additionally, I also want him to be my elder brother too, saying that he's intangible is too mean you know!’’

Well done, keep pounding into her, Saitani!

Phew, when there's somebody on your side, it makes me really happy, especially if it's Saitani I can gain extra happiness as a bonus.

But if Saitani calls me, dear brother (Onii-chan)! I might likely to get a bursting nosebleed for sure! Or it's fine if he calls me senpai, I'm welcomed, but it's a bit of shame with the word dear senpai.

May I ask him to really become my younger brother or not.

’’This is none of Ryoma's business you know...’’

Kiyomi has got scolded by Saitani until she becomes sulky and looks away. This is a very rare facial expression from hers that I've never seen recently.

She may probably be unable to talk to him in an offensive way.

’’By the way, don't you have any brothers or sisters, Saitani?’’

Once I've asked, he replied me exhaustingly with a still-looking face as if the eyes have seen the fairness,

’’I have three elder sisters...:’’

Oh (that's why).

He'd probably had got forced to do this and that for many times already I guess...

I'm waiting for everyone who's buying swimsuits at the walking area outside the shop.

Anyway, if it's outside, no matter if it's women's lingerie I won't be shaken up, or maybe it's because I've seen enough swimsuits until I've strengthened myself mentally.

’’Seiichi, sorry to make you wait.’’

Eve manages to be the first to leave the cashier.

She lifts up her swimsuit bag for me to see together with bringing her body to squeeze against me.

’’No it's fine, I'm not waiting for anything.’’

’’That staff was so clumsy, I guess Hatsushibajji and Ayamejji will be stuck there for quite a while too.’’

’’Well if it happened to you, it's already a disaster!’’

’’You're so mean!’’

Eve says that and smiles.

’’Then why are you smiling?’’

’’Well just getting to talk to Seiichi, I'm already very satisfied.’’

Eve squints her eyes a little bit, and her cheeks start to show some color. Once I see this attitude without getting ready yet, it makes me astonished.

...What is it.

Despite I don't have anything related to her anymore, why do I kept being reminded about the previous stories.

’’Seiichi, are you alright?’’

’’No there's nothing.’’


’’...You seem to look very lively everyday, Eve!’’

I unintentionally said something that I thought out loud, and then Eve nods without hesitation as ’’yes!’’.

’’It is enjoyable, well I got to stay with Seiichi, Ayamejji and Hatsushibajji, and everyone looks at me property without ignoring.’’

’’You've got treated like that?’’

’’Well once there's no Akojji, I couldn't do anything properly.’’

This conveys that during the times when Ako was there, she still had some few friends right.

This girl seems to be very clumsy than usual... her innocence may probably make her classmates either become fed up or angry of her...

’’And during junior high school, what on earth were you doing?’’

’’Umm, normally Akojji would call me and buy drinks for everyone, reserve the seats, or even take off other people's shirts to make people around laugh their heads off.’’

’’...Wait, you..’’

’’What is it?’’

’’What are you asking...’’

Haven't you ever realized at all?

That was clearly only just bullying each other...

’’And you guys went to hangout together?’’

’’Well we did sometimes, like a person who helps carrying things, looking from this I do have lots of strengths you know.’’

Although it was about bullying, if you don't realize that you were persecuted, that means it might had been a happiness for you.

...Well, if there wasn't anyone witnessing.

That kind of image makes me feel indignant. Just imagining about it would make my anger index upstart.

I start to have hatred against Ako beyond the maximum limit.

That girl's personality trait was extremely scurrilous.

’’To say like this won't be good to Akojji, but I think I enjoy having fun with everyone much more than this, I really feel enjoyable everyday.’’

Should we say whether I should feel pitiful for her or not.

But this girl deserves to step forward ahead to the direction that should be more right than this. We have to ensure she has more common sense than this, at least a bit more would be better...

’’Therefore, Seiichi...’’


’’About during childhood, I'm really sorry.’’

Out of a sudden, Eve bends down her head.


She does something unexpectedly that I don't know how to handle it properly.

’’Even though I actually know that it's strange as well, but I only think about Akojji without thinking by myself... I made Seiichi feel extremely painful didn't I?’’


’’I also don't think that just apologizing would be enough, I think I should pay a big price more than this... but in that case, I still wanted to stay sorry, no matter how many times...’’


’’Thus, if you let me say thank you... for giving me happiness right now, I may be happy already.’’

Her condition has changed, the way she talks doesn't look the same, until I lose myself.

This girl deserves to laugh clumsily instead. When she's serious like this, I also don't know what to do.

’’...There's no need to be considerate of me this much alright?’’


’’About the love letter, in one aspect has made me discovered a new path, I also don't want to yell out loud or anything, therefore right now... what should you do, I guess you should enjoy your life as a student to the fullest extent.’’

This also goes for Ayame.

She also has the right to enjoy with her school life as well.

But if there are rumors about almost getting deceived by her friends because of her innocence, I think it sounds pretty sad.

This also goes for Ayame, if she's unable to escape out of misery from bad deeds, our world would have too much injustice.

’’Alright thank you Seiichi, I really love you since we were children before! My feeling right now, will definitely never be changed!’’

’’Aren't you embarrassed from what you just said at all! I never want to have 3D girls for sure!’’

’’Wow Seiichi, you're blushing!’’

’’I'm not blushed alright!’’

’’You still haven't admitted, did you?’’

’’Don't you poke my cheeks!’’

Even I have said that much, she still smiles cheerfully with full of happiness all the time.

...I don't understand, but if she has happiness, I think it's already fine.

Finally, we walk back home.

Right now is almost six pm, but because it's during the start of summer, the sky is still bright and blue.

Ayame, Kiyomi, and me, separate from Eve, Hatsushiba and also Saitani, and then we walk together among three of us.

’’Do you think that will work?’’

’’Umm, I want to set the details more than this.’’

While walking I can see those two chattering about something in front of me. These girls, last time you were causing troubles in the bathroom.

And the picture of Ayame wearing swimsuit that time has suddenly appeared on top of my head.

What's this, previously I've always been thinking about events in the 2D world, why recently have the reality world play a huge role towards my life gradually more. Is this a curse or something.

’’That's where I'll send the messages.’’

’’Ok alright, would you mind doing this for me?’’

But anyway, they probably won't do anything to me continually.

It may only just be about seeking advice, it may probably be about the school activity.

’’Yes sir, let this Kiyomi manage everything by myself!’’

Kiyomi says that and hugs Ayame's arm. Ayame then shows her gentleness and rubs Kiyomi's head sometimes.

’’Haha, I'll leave it to you, Kiyomi.’’

They really look closely related to each other like sisters.

If it was the old Ayame who was a thug, it would look like she would be merciful with her junior only.

...But try doing like them by staying close to each other, some people may misunderstood that it's really Yuri.

But, I don't want Ayame's rumor claiming that she's Yuri's spy to go viral further more than this.


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