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Chronicles Of Primordial Wars - Chapter 265


Chapter 265

Chapter 265 - Wait!

Translated by Lesyt Team
Edited by Ilesyt

The man cleaning up the dregs said, ’’I thought I could steal the bone ornamentworn by that kid, but now it seems that I have to make a new plan.’’ Although he was far away from the core area around the fire seed, he still felt the repulsion and deterrence.

Few people knew anything about that bone ornament. Those who had carried the ancestors back knew about it, while others had never observed it carefully. They didn't remember it clearly as a few years had passed. Shao Xuan usually wore the bone ornament hidden in his animal skin coat and never showed it.

He had seen Shao Xuan's bone ornament in the winter. At that time, Shao Xuan went to the pens and had helped Ke Ke catch the birds of prey. When Shao Xuan was putting in effort to catch the birds, he saw the bone ornament that had come out.

As a thief, he had sharp eyes. Even though the ball of the bone ornament was dull and seemed to be worthless, he had the intuition that it was precious, even more precious than a fire crystal. Shao Xuan was very alert, so he had never had a chance to steal it.

Now, after the ritual ceremony of the Flaming Horns tribe, he had given up trying to steal it. It was left by the ancestors of the Flaming Horns tribe, and showed the status of an elder. It was precious, but that kind of force caused him to be vigilant of it.

’’What do we do next?’’ The woman had almost recovered and asked.

’’Seize an opportunity and act! If we fail, retreat!’’ The man said. In fact, he still wanted to go to the house of the shaman of the Flaming Horns tribe. Unfortunately, there was tight security around his house compared with that of the Drumming tribe. Moreover, the young elder had sharp eyes... It was hard for him to succeed.

After the ritual ceremony, the atmosphere in the Flaming Horns tribe became more lively and began prospering.

Because of the awakened power, those accepted as members of the tribe became energetic. Even the wanderers of other tribes who were not qualified to participate in the ritual ceremony of the Flaming Horns tribe could not help but begin to envy their power. Among them, some were smart and were thinking about how to build a close relationship with a member of the Flaming Horns tribe. If they succeeded, they could, in the name of relatives, joined the tribe.

The tribe was lively, but there was also turmoil.

The winter had gone, and every creature in the forest began to get restless. After the people of the Flaming Horns tribe removed the dangerous creatures from their site, the tribe reorganized the hunting teams, which took turns to go hunting, and planned new hunting routes. At the same time, they strengthened the defense. The new totem warriors were quite active and fulfilled their duty. With their weapons, they wanted to walk around the border. As totem warriors, they felt excited at participating in such an affair.

In the tribe, some fields had been reclaimed, and the livestock pens had also been expanded.

Everything was going on well, but no one knew when a crisis would arise. They had to remain alert, especially towards the the Wan Shi tribe.

Today, Shao Xuan went patrolling with others. Even though he became an elder, he could not be idle all day. Although an elder did not have the duty to participate in patrolling and hunting, Shao Xuan was also young. He was not too old to take part in it.

In the beginning, the hunting and patrolling warriors were afraid of Shao Xuan and didn't dare to play a joke on him. However, gradually, they found Shao Xuan did not scold them for telling jokes and they felt free to do so.

In terms of making decisions, they still followed Shao Xuan's words. Ke Ke and Tuo usually talked with Ta jokingly, but they always listened to Ta when it came to their business.

Shao Xuan and some warriors were patrolling in the tribe. They arrived at where the new members of the Flaming Horns tribe lived. After the ritual ceremony, the wanderers of the Flaming Horns tribe finally settled here.

Shao Xuan glanced, laughed and said: ’’Such a big change.’’

In the winter they had seen huts here, but now he could see that some families had changed the huts into houses made of stone and wood. Perhaps, soon they would build houses with bricks here.

’’Yes, that is because there are more totem warriors,’’ The other patrolling warriors said.

The huts had changed into stone houses because those were stronger and looked grand. The construction of stone houses showed that there were totem warriors in the families. The wanderers who had endured a lot finally awakened, and now wanted to show off.

’’Pay more attention to them.’’ Shao Xuan said. This was the order of the chief and the Shaman. They didn't They didn't exclude these newcomers from joining them, but quite a few of these new warriors were complacent. Anyone who broke the rules of the Flaming Horns tribe, even a totem warrior, would be punished by the Shaman and the chief.

As they were walking, they heard that something happened in the animal pens. The patrolling warriors were closer to the pen, so they went there to find out what happened.

Shao Xuan also intended to go there. He stopped walking when he glanced and saw something.

’’Shao Xuan, why aren't you going there?’’ Lang Ga saw Shao Xuan didn't keep up and asked.

’’You go ahead. I still have something to deal with. If something serious and urgent happens, whistle.’’

’’Okay.’’ Lan Ga said.

The patrolling warriors hurried to the pens and soon Shaw Xuan couldn't see them. He walked toward another direction.

There was a couple who were walking to where the new warriors of the Flaming Horns tribe lived. The woman was carrying a rattan basket in her hand.

Shao Xuan did not act because there were other people around.

When Shao Xuan followed them, the two in the front walked faster and faster, and changed their direction.

Around them, there were less people now.

’’The two over there, please wait!’’ Shao Xuan said.

The two in the front seemed to not have heard his words and continued moving forward.

Shao Xuan didn't meet all of the new warriors of the Flaming Horns tribe, and he didn't know the two. Shao Xuan would be able to confirm whether the two were new warriors if he could get closer to them.

Shao Xuan no longer said anything and rushed forward like an arrow to the two.

The couple walking side by side side by side suddenly separated, and the man turned to face Shao Xuan. In a moment, he became aggressive, like a sharp blade. He punched towards Shao Xuan.

He didn't have any totem patterns on his body, but he was as powerful and fierce as a totem warrior.

When Shao Xuan approached, his right hand looked like a claw and attacked Shao Xuan's shoulder even more fiercely.

The hand was like a rock, strong and fierce. Whether the speed or power, they were above those of intermediate totem warriors. Even an intermediate totem warrior might not be able to resist such a violent attack, and weak shoulders would be smashed into pieces.

A wanderer?

No wanderers could be so fierce and powerful!

At the same time, the man in the front was familiar to Shao Xuan.

Shao Xuan was going to use his fist, but he instantly turned his palm, like a vine catching prey in the forest. He swiftly grabbed his wrist and attempted to throw him!

Shao Xuan didn't want to just throw him away, but firmly grasped him to slam him towards the ground.

When he tried to lift him, he stamped hard on the ground. Others, even if they managed to stand firm, they would also have to resist the power passed through ground. Not to mention the ground cracking, there was also a crater under his foot. After all, Shao Xuan attacked him with his strongest totem power.

It was hard to resist such an attack.

However, the man whose wrist was grasped by Shao Xuan didn't counter stamp hard on the ground as Shao Xuan expected.


Like a gust of wind.

The dust on the ground was blown away from his feet.

He stepped on the ground lightly!


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