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Chronicles Of Primordial Wars - Chapter 206


Chapter 206 - What kind of tribe is it?

Translated by Lesyt Team
Edited by Ilesyt

Large snowflakes were falling. The crowd in front of the wooden house in the wanderer area felt cold and worried.

At the same time, in the living area of the Longboat tribe, a man leading a patrol frowned and looked at the location of the wanderer area.

’’There is a battle in the wanderer area.’’ said the man.

’’Another fight?’’ A member in his team asked. If it was just the travelers killing wanderers, the leader would not pay much attention to it. So it must be a fight between totem warriors, at least intermediate totem warriors.

They could turn a blind eye to their quarrels or fights, but if it is a big fight, then it is different.

Want to fight? Fine, but you must leave our tribe first.

But they did not hear any sounds of the battle.

Why is the leader certain that there is a fight?

’’Leader Xie, do we go and check?’’ Someone asked.

A senior totem warrior generally did not get involved in a fight near a tribe. If he did so, he would be closely watched by the local tribe. Only those who had been closely watched knew how much attention they drew. That was why usually when intermediate totem warriors caused trouble with their men, senior totem warriors seldom got involved.

If it wasn't a fierce fight, the Longboat tribe would turn a blind eye. But now, it seemed to be quite intense. Do we go and check it out?

Mu Xie stood in the tree and thought about it. He then looked at the snow in the air. Eventually, he did not order the warriors to go there.

’’Nothing serious. When it stops snowing, go there to ask what happened.’’ Mu Xie said.

At the wanderer area.

Things went more and more beyond the expectations of the travellers leader, so he did not want to stay there. He did not know whether more accidents would happen. He felt worried, he knew it was best to leave now. As for how to deal with those people, he should go back and report it to the leaders.

Eventually, the travelers failed to get the jade. They dragged away the only man who was beaten and lay on the ground and then left.

After Shao Xuan calmed the power in his mind, the totem pattern on Yan Zhi and the others also disappeared. After all, they were not real totem warriors who were awakened. The patterns appeared on them because of Shao Xuan, but they did not know this.

Hiding in the wooden house, Yang Sui had a complex facial expression, but Yan Zhi and the others smiled. They didn't join this battle, but they would have such an opportunity in the future.

’’Shao Xuan, can we really become real totem warriors?’’ Jiao Wu ran over to ask with excitement.

Shao Xuan no longer thought about the totem and that ’’egg’’ in his mind, and replied, ’’Yes.’’

’’Haah!’’ Jiao Wu laughed. He looked around and stared at those hiding inside their houses, watching the situation. Then he looked at He Er and the others, and rushed to them at once.

’’I didn't expect you to come here, good brothers.’’ Said Jiao Wu.

Before He Er talked with them, Jiao Wu pointed to his face, and said, ’’You saw it?! Totem! Pattern!’’

He Er and the others were speechless.

He was so conceited that they really wanted to slap him a few times.

Yan Zhi walked over to tell those conceited fellows to go inside the house. And then he earnestly thanked He Er and the others.

’’Thank you for your coming!’’

’’No... no thanks needed... We didn't make a difference.’’ He Er laughingly said.

He felt strange, because it turned out that his brothers who grew up with him and lived together in the slum for more than 20 years were totem warriors. He no longer felt relaxed talking with them.

This was the gap between the wanderers and totem warriors.

But since they had a chance to become totem warriors, Yan Zhi and the others would no longer live here. After it stopped snowing, some people of the Longboat tribe would come to drive them away. It was impossible to conceal it from them.

’’When will you leave?’’ He Er asked.

’’In a few days. When it stops snowing we will leave.’’ Yan Zhi said.

Jiao Wu came out of the wooden house again, this time he no longer showed his former conceit. He looked at He Er and the others with sadness. Although they often quarreled and fought, they were good friends. They were even willing to come to help them when the travelers came to make trouble.

’’Jiao Wu, your... your tribe... doesn't allow the wanderers to live around them?’’ The man behind He Er asked with a little anxiety.

If they lived close to some totem warriors who were their good friends, they would live a better life near the tribe.

Although they could still make a living in the Longboat tribe, if they could follow Yan Zhi and the others and live near the Flaming Horns tribe, even if a small tribe, they would have a better life. Thinking of their deceased relatives and friends, they would rather risk leaving here.

’’This...’’ Jiao Wu couldn't promise them, so he only looked at Shao Xuan.

Shao Xuan heard their dialogue, came to them and said, ’’Of course, but our tribe is far away from here. In a few years, our tribe may move to the central region. The old haunt of our tribe is in the central region.’’

Getting his permission, He Er and the others were very happy. The ’’few years’’ Shao Xuan mentioned may be three, five, eight or even nine years, but they were willing to wait! As long as there was hope, they were willing to wait! For better protection for themselves and their offspring, they believed that Yan Zhi and the others would certainly help them. At least, when their children faced the threat of travelers, they would be protected.

Among the men who followed He Er here, few knew Shao Xuan. They only knew Shao Xuan was a totem warrior who dared to confront with the travelers. They were too timid to ask his identity. After all they were not familiar with him.

Seeing their embarrassment, Shao Xuan gave a friendly smile.

’’I am Shao Xuan, Flaming Horns Shao Xuan.’’ Shao Xuan said and wrote his own name with a stone knife in the thick snow that had piled up.

Flaming Horns Shao Xuan?

He Er memorized this name in his heart, so did the men next to him. Those who had a poor memory asked others to help them remember it, and wrote it down when they returned home. This really mattered a lot to their future life.

’’But how can we find you? Where is the Flaming Horns tribe?’’ Someone asked.

’’When the Flaming Horns tribe once again comes back to thecentral region, you will know.’’ Shao Xuan said.

’’Then we will come to pick you up!’’ Yan Zhi promised. Thanks to He Er and the others, they could survive until today. Although they mutually benefited, they formed a deep friendship, as close as relatives.

Yan Zhi promised that He Er and those who followed him here could come. As for those that didn't come, whether they could also follow was to be seen.

After He Er and the others left, Yan Zhi and the others returned inside.

’’Get ready. Those people did not dare to kill us in the Longboat tribe, but when we leave, they may try do that. Even if they do not chase us, we will have a lot of trouble on the road.’’ Shao Xuan said.

’’Okay, I will make more arrows.’’ Yan Zhuo said.

’’I will trade for some extra things.’’ Yan Zhi said.

The next two days, the travelers no longer came to look for trouble. Shao Xuan made preparations with Yan Zhi and the others.

When it stopped snowing and the weather was clear, the Longboat tribe sent some people here, only to find that Yan Zhi and the others had left. Their wooden house was given to others.

Those sent to the wanderer area returned to the tribe and reported it to Mu Xie.

As the head of the patrol team, Mu Xie was puzzled and asked, ’’The Flaming Horns tribe? What kind of tribe is it?’’


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