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Chronicles Of Primordial Wars - Chapter 205


Chapter 205 - In a daze

Translated by Lesyt Team
Edited by Ilesyt

It began to snow more and more heavily. It snowed as heavily as Yang Sui said.

He Er brought the people who he had persuaded to come here, and thought about how to help them. But now he was just standing there, feeling cold. However, none of them left, and they knew something weird happened there.

Hiding behind the door, Yang Sui poked his head out and could not help but wrap himself tightly in his animal skin coat again. It had nothing to do with being a totem warrior. It seldom snowed in their tribe, so he wasn't adapted to the cold weather here.

He complained about the bad weather here. Yang Sui hoped that Shao Xuan could defeat them soon. It would be as easy as killing thepeople of the Wan Shi tribe.

When thinking about this, Yang Sui stopped wrapping his animal skin coat tightly, and looked incredulously at their confrontation.

No, why do I feel ...something off?

Everyone paid attention to Shao Xuan so no one noticed Yang Sui's strange look.

At the moment, the man standing in front of Shao Xuan looked angry. He did not want to fight directly with Shao Xuan or give up. He had come here with his men full of arrogance. He would lose face if he got nothing and ran away. Then his prestige in the tribe would be damaged.

Shao Xuan was not afraid of him and was most likely an intermediate totem warrior, even though he was so young. Was this ’’Flaming Horns tribe’’ really just a small tribe?

Give up and leave?

No, can't retreat!

’’I'll give you another chance. Give me my jade!’’ The man almost said it word by word then, appearing to have become furious.

Shao Xuan ignored his threat. After the man finished his words, he said, ’’I will give you another chance too. Leave!’’

This time, both the leader of the travelers and Shao Xuan revealed the totem patterns on their faces.

The two men's power rose. He Er and the men he brought, who were standing a little far away, and the other people felt a large pressure.

’’He Er, I think we cannot fight in their battle.’’ The men next to He Er said.

’’That man is a totem warrior!’’

’’How does Jiao Wu that fool know a totem warrior?’’ Asked the man who had argued with Jiao Wu. Although they often had quarrels, he still came to help Jiao Wu and Yan Zhi when they were in trouble.

’’Did you forget that?’’ A man whispered.

The totem patterns had appeared before on Jiao Wu and Yan Zhi. Some people said they may become real totem warriors, but most didn't think so. But now, they all believed they would become real totem warriors.

But the people standing nearby focused on Shao Xuan and the traveler.

Shao Xuan planned to fight against all of them alone if he couldn't avoided this battle. He could not let those of the Flaming Horns tribe get killed. Shao Xuan didn't mind dying to protect them. He would protect them in accordance to the Shaman's will. At the same time, he could let more people know the strength of a Flaming Horns tribe's totem warrior.

Shao Xuan wasn't just being arrogant. After he met some people in the central region, he was confident he could beat those people. Undoubtedly, it was difficult to defeat the strong man of the Mang tribe with the three-quart-circle jade ornament, but he was confident he could defeat intermediate totem warriors and below. When he saw the travelers coming here, he did not escape because among them, only two were intermediate totem warriors and the rest were junior warriors.

The travelers knew nothing about the strength of Shao Xuan, but he was able to know about them when they used a little totem power. When they came here, they showed their strength to instill fear in case others didn't know that they were totem warriors.

However, both Shao Xuan and the man in front of him clearly knew that at this moment, among those guarding in the Longboat tribe, some of the higher level warriors should have become aware of the situation here. If they began to fight, the higher level warriors would come to stop them. They would not allow a battle between intermediate totem warriors at the border of the tribe.

Yang Sui had told him about the bad weather currently, so Shao Xuan didn't want to be driven out of the tribe today.

Since he couldn't directly fight with them, he had to let himself look more aggressive and stronger.

The atmosphere was tense, and their power rose even more. The crowd in the surrounding area could feel their power.

Faced with Shao Xuan, the traveler soon found that he wasn't as weak as he thought. He had thought he was just a totem warrior from a small tribe, but never expected he was an intermediate one! This fact was like a heavy mountain, and the mountain was still getting bigger and bigger. If it continued to get bigger, he may directly collapse.

Act when he doesn't notice? No, now he was more and more perturbed, and had no confidence to defeat this young man.

While the traveler was thinking about how to deal with him, he suddenly felt very scared . He almost directly shivered, and could not tell why.

The travelers close to him also felt scared. Yan Zhi and the other three people standing behind Shao Xuan also felt something wrong.

Those standing far away from them could not feel their power and just wondered why the two looked at each other for such a long time. They were still waiting for a fight between totem warriors.

Only the totem warrior standing in front of Shao Xuan knew the eyes of the brat in front of him had become unfocused. He had no focus, and it seemed that he was in a daze.

This should be the best time to attack him, but the traveler had an intuition that if he moved at that moment, rather than this brat, he would die. He had often traveled around with the traveling team, and he still believed in his intuition. If they continued to go on like this, he would just lose face. Once he moved, what he will lose won't just be his face.

At this moment, Shao Xuan was wondering why the totem in his mind was so active when he was using totem power. It was too active. The dim egg-shaped mask which covered the totem became bright. At this moment, the totem began to be frantically active. It became bigger, and the flame wrapped around the two horns moved fiercely.

At this moment, Shao Xuan felt something off behind him, so he did not look at the traveler in front of him. He leaned to look back and saw the four wanderers of his tribe standing behind him.

Those paying attention to Shao Xuan nearby saw Shao Xuan's movement, and then they also looked back. They were all shocked and in a daze.

The totem patterns appeared on the faces of Yan Zhi and the other three, and were no longer blurry, but were as clear like those of a real totem warrior.

Hiding behind Shao Xuan, Yang Sui quickly pulled open the door. He also revelealed his totem patterns now on his face, but he used the power only in order to find an answer.

In the eyes of Yang Sui, Shao Xuan was wrapped with flames, which were invisible to others except him, because he would be the next shaman.

When the travelers saw Shao Xuan, they were shocked, as if they saw a dragon came out of a quail egg.

When Yang Sui saw Shao Xuan, he was also shocked, but as if he saw a guardian deity come out of a quail egg. He thought it was unbelievable, but it did happen. Everything that he saw was true.

Shao Xuan said he was not the shaman, but why did he have the Fire Seed's power?!

Moreover, Yang Sui had not intended to use the totem power, but the unique power of inheritance of the shaman suddenly became active. And then the totem power also became active.

Yang Sui was very puzzled, and wondered ’’Who is Shao Xuan in the end?!’’

The Flaming Horns tribe, what kind of tribe on earth was this?

For the first time, Yang Sui became very curious about this tribe that had disappeared for thousands of years. At the same time, he was looking forward to the reappearance of this tribe in the central region. If it reappeared, the central region must become very chaotic right?

Yang Sui was very shocked. Meanwhile the travelers were intending to retreat.

Totem warriors. Four totem warriors!

Weren't they just wanderers? If they had known they were all totem warrior, they would not have come here to make trouble. Their conflict would lead to a battle between two tribes. Their tribe was not big one, so they didn't want to get involved in a battle. And...

A few travelers glanced at Shao Xuan. This young man was powerful, so the Flaming Horns tribe couldn't be too weak, right?

Yan Zhi and the others were in a state of excitement.

They had the same feeling as they had had on that day when the totem pattern had appeared. They felt energetic, they had desired for this for a long time. But this time, their feelings were stronger. They looked at each other, and saw the totem patterns on their faces. They were very excited.

Whatever trouble it was, they could face it straight ahead, rather than needing to escape. Though they had courage they lacked strength, so they knew the gap between them.

Those who understood the situation well could survive, though sullen. Everyone hoped that one day they could seek revenge for the troublemakers, but they couldn't do so because they didn't have enough power.

But now, it was different! Even if this was only a temporary situation, but they had enough confidence.

The square face of Jiao Wu showed a confident and ready to fight face. He looked at several travelers at the back. He wasn't able to defeat the powerful ones, but he planned to try to defeat the weak ones.

Contrary to Jiao Wu and the others, who were ready to have a fight, the men brought by He Er changed their facial expressions. They had finally plucked up courage to come here to fight, but it turned out that they wouldn't have a chance to fight.

They really envied Jiao Wu and the others.


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