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Cheat Na Kaineko No Okage De Rakuraku Level Up - Chapter 9


Chapter 9: The pride of a guard

Thinking of it calmly, a carriage loaded with food will surely be targeted during the return trip.

From the perspective of the beast, we are like an easy prey.

It is no surprise that we will be attacked by beasts.

Along with the sound of footsteps, something's' appeared in front of us.

The things that came out are 5 wolf-like creatures.

Their eyes however glowed red and like what Misha said, it is better to treat them as monster.

[So, what shall we do?]

Misha asked me.

[Jaa~, I will defeat the three over there. Misha please take care of the other two]

[You have become stronger ne~, Goshujinsama]

I got praised by Misha.

However, let's leave the praise after we defeat them.

The enemy movement is extremely agile.

Even so, I have been training a lot.

I activate the ability 'cleave'.

I swing the sword as hard as I could while leaving behind a line of light.

[Eat this!]

Although the damage is not fatal, it is still considered a relatively good first attack.

Without stopping, I swiftly stabbed the wolf that is closest to me to death.

Not a bad sequence of event.


In the same moment, Misha easily killed one of the wolf.

The wolf neck had been twisted to a weird direction.

This should be the world most dangerous cat punch.

I also pursuit and attack the already injured wolf.

In that confrontation, I purposely reveal a gap in my sword stance and the wolf dashed towards me.

It took the bait.

I gave the wolf a kick.

This fellow only focus on my sword.

I broke the wolf posture with my kick

Without letting it recover, I pierce its head with my sword.

The remaining wolf attempted to run away but I killed it immediately once it turned its back toward me.

There must not be any hint of hesitation or it will be fatal.

You have to put in more effort if you want to run away.

[I finally graduated from a salaryman to an adventurer]

Misha already finished the remaining one during this time.

[As I expected, Goshujinsama became stronger ne~]

[Although I'm only Lv 10]

[Most likely, you are stronger than some ordinary Lv 10]

However, Misha suddenly showed an alert expression on her face.

[I still sense the presence of other creatures!]

At the same time, I heard Runaria scream.

I immediately run towards the carriage.

There was a monster whose whole body are slimy/sticky.

Furthermore, it had long nails like that of a sickle.

(T.L Unfortunately, I have trouble understand these two sentence)

Runaria attempted to escape away from the carriage

However, the monster routed in front of Runaria which make her so scared that she fell on her butt.

It is fortunate that she did not sustain any injuries yet.

[It seem to be an Imp living in the swamp around these area. It is also this area strongest monster]

The words Misha said might be heard by Runaria but now is not the time to be concerned about such a thing. Maa... Runaria seems to still be in a shock so there should not be any problem here.

[Goshujinsama, be careful! This monster is different from the previous small fly monster;its intelligence is extremely high]

[Even if that is the case, we do not have any time!]

I felt that this creature's target is not the fish but Runaria!

Its long nail swing towards Runaria.

[He, Help!]

I do not have the time to be hesitating.

I stab forward using the sword in my hand.

Please make it in time!

[Baka! Won't Goshujinsama be killed instead!]

Did she think it is a reckless attack as Misha voice sounded from my back.

[I am a guard!]

[Jaa~, I am goshujinsama guard!]

Misha dashed forward from my side and overtook me.

Her speed is so fast that my eye could not see.

As expected of a Lv 71.

And instantly jumped towards the face of the Imp.

The Imp's vision is blocked and showed sign of confusion.

Its movement stopped.


I pierce through its chest.

I immediately withdrew the sword and slash the Imp.

The enemy randomly swing its nails around but I can handle it at such close proximity.

The nail accidentally gouged my body but it is not a serious injury.

In the meantime, I slashed and destroy the enemy's arm.

The victory has already been decided.

Slowly but surely, the Imp fell.



Lv 11

Occupation: Warrior

Strength: 96

Magic Power: 50

Attack Power: 86

Defence Power: 83

Agility: 90

Intelligence: 74

Ability: Piercing, Cleaving, Helmet Splitter

Others: Neko's Partner


A~, it seem my level has increased.

It seems that Imp give good experience point.

But, Misha made a [Nya-!] sound which feels extremely scary.

It seems that I will be lectured later on.

However, there is still one more thing I have to do before that.

[Does your hand or feet hurts?]

I offered my hand towards Runaria who is still sitting on the ground.

[T, Thank you very much...]

Apparently, it seems that Runaria regain her sense.

[Although you have just went through such frightening experience, it is better if we move now. There might still be monster similar to the previous one coming over]

It will be troublesome if even the horse was attacked.

[I understand.... I, I will bear with it....]

Runaria might also be worried as she accepts my suggestion immediately.

However, while walking towards the carriage

Runaria leaned against me.


[Gomennasai, I, very afraid, very scared...]

That's true.

One wrong step and Runaria will be killed.

I hugged Runaria shoulder.

Although I felt embarrassed, but this is the only thing I could do to make Runaria feel better.

[Do you feel a bit safer now?]

[Hai... thank you...]

[Although I feel bad, but we should slowly walk. We can't always be like this]


We are not stranger, so if she could feel the body warmth of the other party, Runaria will also calm down slightly.


Misha forcefully climbed onto my shoulder.

What to say, it feel like I am supervised....

No, she is obviously supervising me.

[Goshujinsama, I will let you eat my cat punch if you cheat]

Misha said in a small voice.

I will die if I received a Lv 71 cat punch.

(T.L This novel seriously have so much pictures 0.0, which is awesome =)


Afterwards, we did not get attacked and safely reach the capital.

Although I expected it already, okamisan thanked me furiously.

[I heard your bravery from my daughter yo~! Thank you very much!]

I was hugged multiple times by okamisan, but I wish you could go hug Runaria instead.

Misha did not get jealous because of this as expected.

I got hugged too tightly that my ribs started to hurt, so I wish okamisan would stop...

[Mou, the rental is free for the next 30 days!]

[No, I will pay the rent properly no matter what!]

Besides, I also receive other type of [reward].

On the same night we reach the capital, Runaria came to my room.

It was just at the time Misha was lecturing me.


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