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Cheat Na Kaineko No Okage De Rakuraku Level Up - Chapter 7


Chapter 7: First job for the guild

The resolution that Misha asked me is whether I have the resolution to kill people.

However, it is not the resolution to kill innocent people.

It is not as terrible as that.

In the situation where your life is targeted by others, we (must) have (the resolution) to kill the other party.

The reason why I did such a thing is because I carry a huge secret.

If Misha's powers is known, I could not guarantee my own safety.

It is highly possible that there would be people who will kill me just to obtain Misha.

Hence, the existence of Misha must not be known by anybody.

One of the reason why Misha stubbornly wanted to learn transformation is also because of this reason.

Be it as a beastkin or a human, (even if she is strong), she will just be a another high ranking adventurer.

She will not be a such rare existence and will not stand out as much as a cat would.

[Goshujinsama, thanks for your hard work]

After we got rid of the adventurer hunter, Misha spoke to me.

[Most of it is thanks to Misha]

[However, it is quite difficult for a human to kill another human]

If this is Japan, such a situation definitely will not happen.

When I was still working in Japan, there was case of a thief robbing a convenience store.

The culprit was caught almost immediately, and a few days after, the case was made headline on news.

Murder will also not happen as frequent in a small prefecture.

Moreover, since four people was killed this time round, needless to say that it will be the biggest case for the year (if this is in Japan).

[I do not regret it. I am an adventurer and not a salary man anymore]

I said it indifferently.

Misha also does not want to kill people.

However, I did not have a choice.

If we do not intend to kill anyone and just escape, even if we successfully escape the encirclement by the low level adventurers, our secret would be known to them.

[Let's eat something slightly better today, let's ask okamisan for additional side dishes]

[Good ne~, I want to eat fish]

[Let's do that then]

As this place is very far from the sea, there is practically no fish cuisine.

Incidentally, when I asked okamisan about fish cuisine,

[We don't even have dried fish! Sorry about that -]

She spoke in a loud voice.


From that day on, Misha and I steadily proceed through the dungeon.

After reaching a certain milestone, my level raised to Lv 10.



Lv 10

Occupation: Warrior

Strength: 87

Magic Power: 46

Attack Power: 76

Defence Power: 75

Agility: 80

Intelligence: 68

Ability: Piercing, Cleaving, Armour break (T.L Dictionary say 兜割り= helmet spilt, which I assume it is armour break?)

Others: Neko's Partner


[Judging from what I did until now, there is nothing wrong with identifying my occupation as a warrior]

I chat with Misha in my inn room.

A room like this which nobody else can enter is important so we could talk in secret.

[That's right, let's work steadily like this]

Misha felt joyous with my growth.

Furthermore, my status also changed from ’’Being raised by cat’’ to ’’Neko's Partner’’.

I am being recognised after I reached Lv 10!

I am honestly happy.

However, I am still overwhelmingly weak so I still feel guilty.

Even though I said this, even if I became as strong as a hero, our relationship would not change.

[Aa, Misha, are you feeling bored?]

Despite being Lv 71 ,she is still hunting around the 10th floor and it does not fit her status.

[Not at all, anything is fine as long as I am with Goshujinsama]

Misha said as if it was natural.

[Or I should say this, different from the time when you are a salary worker, I am happier now that we can always be together]

I see, I wonder if I could also think of it this way.

[However, there is just a bit of regret....]

Misha said this with a gloomy tone.

[This place, there is not even one piece of fish.... even dried fish is okay, I want it ....]

This is because the capital is in the middle of the mainland so fishes rarely appears.

Furthermore, there are very few citizens that love eating fish unlike Japanese so prices of fish is relatively cheap.

The merit for selling fishes also decreases.

As a result, the appearance of fish (in this city) became very rare.

[The city near the sea eat fish normally but it will take around 2 days to travel by foot from here]

[It will take 2 days of walking for human, but it will be even more difficult for cats]

Oh right, lets compare it this way.

It is like the hurdle of walking to Hokkaido (T.L I have no idea how the author managed to come up with this comparison)

As we speak, it is already time for dinner.

Luckily, the food in this inn is delicious.

[Keiji-kun, you reached Lv 10 already?]

Okamisan asked me while I was ordering food.

I felt that our relationship became that of a hostel student and a hostel manager (T.L. I guess Japan hostel manager are very friendly? I only saw my hostel manager once throughout my 1 year in university)

[Hai, I just leveled up]

[Congratz! You can already be independent! Alright, I will treat you to one dish today!]

She felt happy for me like a mother.

Well, my real mother does not have this type of character though.

However, the conversation does not end here.

[Oh right, Keiji-kun, you havn't accept any commission from the guild yet right?]

[Aa, that's right, I have to first improve my own ability or I can't handle the commission properly]

If an adventurer only has the ability of an ordinary men, then the requester might as well ask an ordinary man to carry out the request.

In most cases, the one accepting the request must have a certain level of ability.

Of course, there are also simple requests such as to walk their dog, but points for completing the quest are also very little.

[In other words, you currently do not have any commission in the near future?]

[Hai, that's the case]

[If that's the case, could I request for you be a bodyguard for a goods carriage]

Okamisan approaches me closely and spoke.

[Is it fine even if I am level 10?]

[I would like to have more details]

[Well, my shop purchase goods once a month and within the purchase, we will have a large quantity of dried fishes]

Misha's eyes opened widely.

[Because there are some people that want to eat fish. Of course, my husband also knows know to make fish cuisine and would not lose to those chiefs living in the harbor]

This statement gave me some expectation.

[Every month we will load some fishes onto our carriage and usually we will put up a commission through guild to hire some bodyguard, but there are some rowdy adventurers that will just loot the dried fishes]

Well, there are also some lawless adventurers like them.

[Hence, I would prefer to hire Keiji-kun]

Misha was meowing out.

I would have to accept the commission no matter what.

[No problem, is okamisan the one going out to purchase?]

No one will be able to prepare food if her husband is not here.

It is not a day trip like riding shinkansen, and it takes a total of 4 days.

The inn would not be operational for 4 days.

[No, no, my daughter who runs the external operation for our inn will be going. Look, Lunaria came out]

Daughter? Aa, okamisan also have a daughter.

However, since she is okamisan daughter, she would surely have an image of an Edo era girl.

A girl with a gentle atmosphere like that of a falling snow flake appears.

Eeh, is she really okamisan's daughter?


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