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Cheat Na Kaineko No Okage De Rakuraku Level Up - Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Level up

The receptionist explained about the matters relating to the guild while maintaining a smile.

[First of all, the guild employs a ranking system. There are seven ranks in total, starting from the highest to the lowest, the ranks are S, A, B, C, D, E, and F. You can raise your rank up till B by completing quests and accumulating points]

Maa, it's a very logical system.

[You need to do something else to get to S and A rank, right?]

[In a nutshell, you need to pass an interview and a written examination. If you ask me why,it is because the dignity and morals of the adventurers must be inspected at those ranks]

I guess it is not possible to bulldoze your way through with brute strength.

[Can I accept any type of commission?]

[You can only accept commissions 1 rank higher than your own ranking. Another thing, regarding the rules of higher rank commissions, it is usually given by appointment. Although you could reject an appointed commission, your ranking will be downgraded as a punishment if you keep on rejecting]

Maa, an important commission would not be designated to an unknown fellow.

[Next, I have to collect your registration fee and annual membership fee. The total cost for F rank is 300 coins]

While thinking that it costs the equivalent of a CD album, I paid the 300 coins.

[Okay then, please write down your particulars such as name and occupation. Because this will be considered by the guild when giving out commissions, please write it as detailed as possible. However please produce actual results to proof your competence during F and E rank]

[I understand, I understand]

I also wrote Misha onto the form.

Since there are comments (by the receptionist), let's leave it as it is.

From behind come a voice that said ’’Aa, it's a cat’’.

It seems that cats are also popular in this world.

[Aa, that's right, I am thinking of going to the dungeon to increase my level, are there any commissions?]

[The guild used to issued commissions to enter the dungeon, but now everyone seems to just enter the dungeon as they like. Furthermore, it would be recorded as commission complete if you do not break the record of the highest floor]

[Errr, what is the current record for the highest floor?]

[30th floor. Although the adventurer did take a peek into the stairs (heading down into 31st floor), but he felt fear and returned back. On a side note, the adventurer is A rank at that time, but he might be an S rank now]

I see. I recall that going 30th floor is equivalent to Lv 30, so an A rank adventurer strength is about this level. Since he felt danger during that moment, he might be around Lv 27 instead.

If that is the case, Misha is already an S rank adventurer.

Maa, a cat can't be registered as an adventurer, so it doesn't matter.

Alright, I finished with the registration.

[This is the badge of a F rank adventurer]

I received a bronze badge.

I have to say that a F rank adventurer is a mark of novice adventurer, so there would be no recognition.


Okay okay, that's fine too, which is the meaning of that 'Nya~'. (T.L. The MC can understand cat linguistics. It is a new language that I recommend everyone to study)

I didn't plan to accept any guild commission at first.

I'll say this beforehand, I have no plans to enter the 31st floor.

First of all, let's head to the dungeon to earn some money!

When I was thinking of heading back, a loud noise came from the direction of the bar.

[Just because I am a beastkin, I am treated as a fool which makes my head hurts yo!]

Apparently there seems to be a fight between adventurers.

The one getting angry is a rabbit-kin adventurer. She is wearing light clothing and it seem she is a thief/scout adventurer. Her party member is trying to sooth her.

[Fun! You wear so little, I thought you must be a prostitute yo. You are just a beastkin anyway so there is no helping it!]

A bearded man is involved in the dispute.

[What! I am a Lv 17 adventurer you know!]

[He, such a coincidence, I am also lv 17]

Misha jumped onto the floor and lightly pulled on my pants.

She pointed towards the door of the guild.

She does not want to be here any longer it seems.

After walking out of the guild, I carried Misha and bought her close to my ear.

[As expected, beastkin still suffers from discrimination ne~]

Her voice sounds sad.

[I might have a beastkin appearance even after I become a human]

[There is no helping it even if we think about it now]

[Goshujinsama, don't hate me even if I become a beastkin ne~] (T.L. Your Goshujinsama have a cat fetish so you do not need to worry)

[Of course]

I hugged Misha tightly.

A ca'st body temperature is quite high, so it's warm (hugging Misha).


Both of us head towards the dungeon on the following day.

If Misha is alone she would be able to conquer many floors, but because I am here and there being a limit, considering my safety, the deepest we will go is the 5th floor.

Because there are not many people in the underground dungeon, Misha could freely instruct me by talking.

For example, the time when we were battling a giant scorpion.

[Saa, that's the place! No worries! Just slash based on what think!]

[Dodge that attack!]

[Don't be afraid even if you get poisoned! I will help to cure you!]

I received various advice like this, and (successfully) defeated the scorpion.

[Hai~, you did well. Now, I will give you recovery magic ne~]

Because Misha's recovery magic is strong, it is suitable to train a beginner like me. It is not efficient if you go back every time you sustain an injury.

I just spend 3 days to level up to Lv 5 thanks to this.



Lv 5

Occupation: Adventurer

Strength: 45

Magic Power: 25

Attack Power: 40

Defence Power: 38

Agility: 46

Intelligence: 39

Ability: Piercing

Others: Being raised by a cat (T.L. I dunno how to phase it better >猫に飼われている)


[Un, this is about the level of an adventurer that is just starting out!]

Wait wait, it seems that there is something weird?

[The status changed to (Being raised by a cat)! What the heck is that!]

At the start it is (cat owner) ....

[It seem that status column didn't lie]

Misha laughs while snorting with her nose.

[I can't deny this....]

Next, there is another important topic besides levelling up.

To be frank, that is earning money.

We can find magic stones from the bodies of the monsters that we defeated.

In games the monster's body will disappear, leaving behind money, but such a thing would not happen (in real life).

At the start, I hate touching the bloody body with my hands but I got used to it eventually.

However, the magic stones that the monsters dropped around underground 5th floor are all very small.

On the first day we earned 3000 coins.

While borrowing the help of Misha, this is it (the results).

It is about 30000 yen after conversion. Although 30000 yen is considered relatively high, but this job involves life and death, and Misha is also working, so this equals to earning only 15000 coins per day per person.

If we think of it this way, this job cannot be considered efficient (in terms of earning money).

As I also wanted to collect some information, I went to the guild to exchange the magic stone into coins, I heard the voices of people chatting.

[That person is finished yo~. After he experienced that near death situation, he is only collecting small stones on the low level floor]

Those small stones are magic stones obtained from the bodies of weak monster.

Always avoiding dangerous jobs, those adventurers that keep doing the safe jobs are a target of contemption.

Especially those that keep on hunting on floor that is too low in difficulty compared to their level.

I can understand the reason why though.

If, all the high level adventurers keeps on hunting on the dungeon's 5th floor to earn small income, the work of Lv 5 adventurers (including me) will be taken away.

However, golems will appear on the underground's 15th floor, and the deeper you go, the more dangerous it will be.

Even fighting one single monster requires strategies (at such level), and there are cases of being surrounded by multiple strong monsters.

It can't be helped that there are people who value their life and work on lower floors, that is what I think.

But as a matter of fact, I would not face any kind of danger. (T.L. Yes, as long as OP cat is with you).

[Your line of thought is too naïve ne~]

Misha said in a small voice that makes me feel uncomfortable.

[(I) have a feeling that (we) are about to be involved in a troublesome matter] (T.L. The next chapter - Appearance of template-kun?)


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