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Cheat Na Kaineko No Okage De Rakuraku Level Up - Chapter 4


Chapter 4 Searching for the Magic Grimoire

I would also like to make out with Misha in her human form. (T.L. It is from this point on that I question the MC sanity) (E.D. this is the kind of story that we are working on huh...)

After all, we have been living together for 3 years already.

Those lovers with bad compatibility would have already broken up, but the two of us are still living together until now.

[Maa.... let's make that one of our goals. Oh right, take a look at my status as well]

Oh right, I don't know how strong Misha currently is.



Lv 71

Occupation: Neko (Cat)

Strength: 674

Magic Power: 644

Attach Power: 759

Defence Power: 590

Agility: 895

Intelligence: 702

Ability: Usage of speech, Recovery (5), Poison Heal (5), Paralyze heal (5), Illusion (5), Mind Magic (5). (T.L Not sure if 幻惑 = Illusion?, 洗脳 = Mind magic?)


So strong....

No wonder she is able to one hit K.O. the golem.

[The number (5) written behind the magic is the level of proficiency. It seems like beginner level will be {Recovery (1)}] (T.L. while [Recovery (5)] is the highest proficiency)

Regardless, let's depend on Misha for the time being.

For the time being, in order fill up our stomach, I went down to the first floor of the inn together with Misha.

This inn comes with a dining hall. It is correct to say that their business includes serving as a restaurant instead of only as a inn.


Misha lets out a cry to camouflage (as a normal cat).

[Ano~, is fine to bring a cat into the dining hall ne~?]

I asked the okamisan who looked like a typical mother character. (T.L. Okamisan = Inn lady boss)(E.D. Keikaku means plan)

[That child looks extremely obedient so it's fine! However, if that child ate another customer's food, you must pay for the food ne~]

[I understand. I will be extremely careful]

Maa~, Misha would never do such a thing, in fact Misha is more well behave than ordinary children when inside of a store.

Food can be ordered from the menu, and guests staying at the inn can have their meals for free. Because the inn fee is fixed, I would be troubled asking for anything expensive.

The dish I ate today is chicken and vegetable fried rice.

It's similar to the chicken fried rice I've ate in Japan, but the seasoning used is totally different so the taste is also different.

[The nutritional balance is just about right, Gaahaahaaha!]

Okamisan is such a strong character. (T.L. In terms of personality)

She is the type of lady you would want to see when you are feeling depressed.

[And this, this is for neko-chan]

Some roasted chicken meat was served on a small plate.

[Thank you very much for going out of your way to prepare this] (T.L. Wazawaza arigatougozaimasu)

You can't experience such conversation in a large hotel.

[Our customer's pet is also like our house pet!]

The occhan in the kitchen also nodded his head silently. (T.L. Occhan = uncle)

I felt that okamisan have already expressed whatever the occhan wanted to say.

Well then, it is wasteful just eating a meal.

This is a good opportunity to collect some information.

[Okamisan, I am a person transported from another world. Could I have more information regarding this world?]

[Hahahaa! Sure, sure! Only today is special so I will tell you for free!]

I felt that such characters will also appear in the downtown of Tokyo.

First of all, I need to confirm the most basic information.

This city is Meire, the capital of the country of Gatoreddo.

It's a big country with vast volumes of territory on the continent.

In addition, there are countries of elves and dwarves which are small countries, but war has never occurred.

Apparently, it seems that each species has their own country.

Next is the current situation of this continent.

Now, due to the revival of the Maou-sama (Demon King), there was an increase in all types of monsters.

The country coped with this by having a strong army of adventurers.

Those summoned from another world were viewed especially highly due to their high status.

There is even the formation/appearance? of ’’hero parties’’.

Most commoners did not face any dangerous situations, and the capital city of Meiru is also extremely peaceful.

This amount of information is already sufficient.

As if satisfied, Misha let out a cry.

As I am extremely tired on that day, I slept very well.

During the time when I slept, Misha climbed and settled down on my stomach.

She functioned as a natural hot water bag.


The next day, before heading towards the adventurer's guild, I searched for a store that sells grimoires.

As I expected, okamisan naturally does not know anything regarding the sale of grimoires,

Maa, in Japan, if I asked [Where can I find a specialized bookstore that sells medical books?], most people would not be able to answer. This should be the same. (T.L. Referring to the innkeeper's lack of knowledge)

After searching for a long time, I finally found the shop in a small alley.

The cheapest item costs 20,000 coins. Multiplying it by ten times in order to convert it to the Japanese yen, it would cost 200,000 yen....

I asked the shop owner whether there are any books related to transformation magic,

[Such topics are usually taught by the Master Magician] (T.L. Sorry I am extremely bad at such terminology >魔導士の師匠 = Master Magician?)

The shop owner took out an item after the explanation.

However, the price of that item is 1.2 million coins

Misha's tail drooped down in disappointment.

I can't buy this if I don't earn more money.


The adventurer's guild is expectedly close to the grimoire shop.

I opened the door (to the adventurer guild), and the interior is bigger than what I imagined.

The right area of the guild served as the reception area, while the left area served as a bar.

Because the guild also has an area to serve food, naturally it will be this wide. Instead of calling this place lively, I would think of it as noisy.

Misha is also looking around the guild. (T.L. Original sentence: Misha is 'kyorokyoro'-ing while looking around the surroundings, but I shortened the sentence to make it sound more grammatically correct)

Bringing a cat to a foreign place will cause the cat to be more alert.

Sometimes Misha would also show such cat-like reaction.

However, Misha must be collecting information from this place to show such a reaction.

Furthest to the right is the counter to buy and sell items, eto~, so the reception desk is over that side, right?

Since there are no other customers, I was able to immediately speak to the receptionist.

Not even 20 years of age, the receptionist could still be called a young girl. Her long black hair left a deep impression on me.

[Is this the first time that you have visited the guild?]

She said so with her face full of smiles.

[Aa, as expected, you know ne~]

Because I genuinely look like an ordinary person.

[I would like to join the guild, but before that, could I have some explanations regarding the guild?]


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