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Cheat Na Kaineko No Okage De Rakuraku Level Up - Chapter 29


Chapter 29

Encounter With an Adventurer

Channeling energy into her [Neko Punch!] in her beastkin-form, Misha inflicted heavy damage on the lizard-man in front of her.

She caused huge damage despite easing up on her power. As expected of Misha.

However, she's not behaving like a magician despite wearing a black colored robe....

As it is, she is holding onto a wand, but isn't it a problem for her to be punching bare handed?

[Alright! Goshujinsama, now!]


I use my sword and pierce into the body of the lizard-man.

Alright, I leveled up!



Lv 18

Occupation: Warrior

Strength: 157

Magic Power: 78

Attack Power: 140

Defence Power: 140

Agility: 132

Intelligence: 98

Ability: Piercing, Cleaving, Helmet break, Charge Up, Dual Wield

Others: Able to understand to some extent what a cat is thinking, married to a cat


[I feel that I have become stronger. I think I'm plenty strong enough to be C Rank in terms of guild ranking.]

[That's right. Let's continue leveling up after this Goshujinsama.]

With our new home as our new starting base, both of us dive into the dungeon.

Recently, we used a technique where Misha will first inflict heavy damage on the enemy, while I do the finishing blow.

I don't do this particularly for the sake of taking the credit. If my experience points increase, it will be easier to level up.

Speaking of which, Reina is staying at home to carry out the duties of a maid.

There isn't a need to form a party of three for leveling, since there isn't any particular problem with just two of us.

There is still a huge level gap between Misha and me. Well, there is definitely no human whose level is 71 in the capital yet so I think it's impossible to catch up with her.

In other words, it is unrealistic trying to chase Misha, but I can still aim to become a first-rate adventurer.

By the way, we are currently on floor B20.

We raised my level while taking extra precaution of our surroundings.

As Misha inflicts heavy damage to the enemy, I have a fairly easy time.

[For now, let's set our target as Lv 30. You will be the elite among adventurers if you get to such a level.]

[Lv 30 is still a long way away but with this tactic, the speed of leveling is fast that it's definitely possible for me to get there.]

As Misha returned to the dungeon after her housework training, she is more motivated than usual.

Misha said this.

[Fighting in dungeon is just an extension of hunting prey and playing!]

It seemed that is the case.

Just like a cat would pounce onto a mouse subconsciously, it is in their nature to battle against monsters.

If that's the case, a cat is most suitable to be an adventurer.

At this time, Misha let let out a huge yawn.

[Fuwa~... Mmm.... Well then, let's go back. Since your level rose, our work for today is over nya~.]

[That's right, we can't really be over ambitious for battle]

Then, we started climbing up.

However we saw something strange on floor B16.

There is one adventurer leaning against the wall.

It is not extraordinary to see adventurers in the dungeon.

However, the other party is a female adventurer.

It is very rare for a lone female adventurer to explore the dungeon alone.

Her age is about the same as me, so she should be around 20 years old.

Although it's thin, she is wearing armor made from metal, so she is probably a warrior.

As her long hair would become a hindrance in combat, she had it tied up.

[...Hey? Are you alright?]

I greeted her for a start. I want to help if I am able to.

[Ah.... Sorry. I slightly...injured my leg... P-... p-please, can you escort me back to the surface?]

[It isn't a problem if it's just to that extent, but more than that, you-.]

Misha then appears in front of the female adventurer.

[Hmm, let me take a look at your injury.]

Then, Misha place her hand over her injury. A pale green light appears.

Misha's healing magic is undoubtedly of the highest class.

The injury is cured in an instant.

[Alright, this will do nya~.]

[...You guys must be an incredible high-ranking party...]

The female party...]

The female adventure appears shocked without concealing it. Most likely, she didn't expect Misha is be of such high level.

[Since we are planning to go back up, do you want to come along?]

She nodded her head in response. We decided to head back together.

[My name is Liner. I used to be someone from another world, but I was suddenly summoned into this land.]

[Ah, I'm in the same situation.]

Because our circumstances are similar, we had plenty of conversations on our way back.

Since Liner's character is lively, I am also able to speak comfortably.

Those adventurers going solo, there is a high chance that they have weird personalities. After all, it is easier to capture a dungeon with larger number of people.

In addition, whether you have someone that could use recovery magic like Misha, your survivability would greatly improve.

While Liner is rather blunt, she is not eccentric, but she is someone positive.

However, Misha did not join in our conversation at all.

She revealed a slightly unhappy expression.

Misha showed this kind of face.

[Your name is Misha-chan right? Where are you born?]

[...The same world as Goshujinsama...]

Misha answered with a slightly lonely voice.

[Goshujinsama? Could it be? You made a master-servant contract? Oh my, it seems Keiji is exceptionally strong!]

[That's...not the case, well... my ability is only average....]

It seemed it will become troublesome if I said that Misha is the stronger is the stronger party member.

[That shouldn't be the case, right? Because it seemed that you returned from very deep in the dungeon.]

Liner hit my shoulder with a [Pon, pon] sound.

I noticed that Misha is making a very hurt expression.

Could it be that she is jealous?

However, if she is jealous, she will become more panicky. But now, she looked like she is about to cry.

Liner's figure is definitely great.

She is a warrior, her thighs are sensual and she has a pair of gigantic breasts.

[Thanks for your help today. I want to treat you to a meal at the tavern, so let me guide to the most delicious tavern in the capital!]

While it IS a welcoming invitation-.

But I am more concerned about Misha.

[I'm sorry, we already have a meal waiting for us at home....]

[I see. If you want to have a meal, just tell me anytime you want! Because recently, I plan to earn money around the capital. Well then, see you later!]

We parted ways ways once we left the dungeon.

[...Hey, Misha? Please tell me what you feeling troubled with.]

[Th-th-there is a bunch of things I am troubled with nya~! A.... A-anyway! I will definitely think of something by myself....]

Well, it seemed that this is not something serious, so we can leave it for some other time.

...However, just what is she so troubled about?


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