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Cheat Na Kaineko No Okage De Rakuraku Level Up - Chapter 22


Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The mystery of the cat mansion

One week had passed since I began living with Misha.

She continued supporting me in the dungeon. However, she still refused to do any chores at homes.

Misha told me this:

[I am just a cat and my pride as a cat prevent me from doing chores]

I could only reply with [Yes, I see] after she used pride as her reason.

Since that's the case, Misha became extremely free during days where we are not going into the dungeon.

Although this is how she used to be in the past, but it became a thorn to my eyes now that she is in a beastkin form.

First of all, let's talk about her sleeping habit.

I am not complaining about things like oversleeping every morning but instead about her napping immediately after every meal without me noticing.

Furthermore, she slept on the floor most of the time.

It would not be out of the norm if she did this in her cat form but it gave me a shock when she also did this occasionally in her beastkin form.

[Oi, stop rolling on the floor. It is dirty even though you are on the carpet]

[Jaaa, Goshujin-sama, carry me to the bed]

This is Misha way of fawning over me.

Because of how she is acting, I have no other choice but carry her to the bed.

Well, I would also take naps on days where we are not going to the dungeon so I have no rights to lecture her

I lie on the bed and prepared to nap.

I would be all fine if she stayed her cat form but my heart would flutter when she remains in her beastkin form.

[Let's sleep together, Goshujin-sama ~]

This isn't any weird intention behind her words at this moment, so the correct choice would be to immediately sleep before the atmosphere became weird.

Despite saying that, there are several times where I wrongly guessed her intention and it is extremely mentally tiring for me to second guess.

A black hair nekomimi girl in the bed with me, and despite shampoo not existing in this world, I could still smell a sweet fragrance coming from her hair.

I am suspecting that this is a new form of prank on me.

On a side note, there isn't any problem with kissing as we kissed all the time.

Whether she is in her beastkin form, or her cat form, she would always lick my face.

In addition, she would also disrupt when I am cleaning or cooking.

To be specific, she would hug me from behind in her beastkin form.

This might be a natural instinct of a cat.

If you ignore a cat and started reading newspaper on your bed or desk, they will naturally jump and sit on the newspaper.

There would also be time where they will block your computer screen.

These are all methods to catch our attention.

Cats will always look disinterested when you approach them to play, but will come on their accord during time when they wanted to play.

And on that day too, Misha suddenly hugged me from behind when I was cooking stew.

[Hey, don't do that. I am cooking so it's dangerous]

[Eh~, but I'm bored. Let's play with ball]

Misha was just chasing a ball while reading a difficult grimoire until a moment ago. (T.L not sure how she did that?)

[Just wait a moment. I am unable to stop right now]

[Jaaa~, I will steal a bite]

In the end, she ate the fruit that was supposed to be the dessert after dinner.

[You are too free]

[Because, I'm a cat]

In this way, Misha lived as she pleased but

The following day, Misha suddenly appeared to be serious.

She did not take an afternoon nap nor explore the neighborhood.

[I am going shopping, so do you want to come along?]

[I will stay at home today, I have work to do]

[You didn't accept any work]

[No matter what, I am not planning on going out]

I am feeling something suspicious. Last time, she would definitely follow me when I go ouy.

Since I am being neglected, I felt slightly lonely. I thought that I am slightly selfish so I quickly finish shopping and went home.

A white cat appears in the house.

[Ah, Misha - or not!]

Misha is a black cat.

So, where did the white cat appears from?

I observed the white cat but could not find a clue.

Just when I'm thinking about this situation while walking towards the kitchen An Abyssinian-looking cat appears this time.


The Abyssinian cat seemed to be asking [Who, are you nyan?].

No way, I could understand them!

I should be the one asking you that!

Suddenly, a fluffy cat appeared from behind and rubbed against my leg.

[Just how many are there!]

Just what on earth happen here...

It suddenly became a cat mansion.

[Ahh, Goshujin-sama, I am slightly surprised...]

Misha came running here in her beastkin form.

[I made a few friends when I was walking in the neighborhood in my cat from, so I invited them in]

[I see... speaking of which, how many cats did you invite in?

[8 of them]

This is more than I expect!

I finally solve the mystery.

Although the mystery is solved, the main problem still remains.

[Nee~, Goshujin-sama, I have a request]

Misha looked at me with upturned eyes.

It's coming.

[All the children here, can we adopt them?]

It's here!

The request of keeping cats.

Speaking of which, this is not a rented apartment so there are no issues with keeping pets and it should be fine if we trained them not to scratch the furniture.

As adventurers, we have the financial capabilities to support them.

Hence, it should be fine since we have the power to take care of them.

Furthermore, I am a cat person so I can easily accept her request.

[I understand. Let's adopt them]

Misha also wanted friends.

Although I would be slightly lonely if she has more friends.

[Uwaaah! Goshujin-sama, I love you the most!]

Misha hugged me. If I panicked every time she hugged me, I would lose my dignity as her master so I need to appear calm.

[However, you have to be responsible for training and taking care of them]

In this way, it might be a good thing for Misha to hold some responsibilities.

[Eh? Why, must I do all this?]

She stared at me in puzzlement.

Her response is out of my expectation!

[No,! You, this is where the person wanting to keep the cats, agree to properly take care of them!]

[These children are cats. I am also a cat so I do not have the rights to manage them]

That's right, Misha is also a cat.

She does not have the human concept of taking care of others.

[Well, at least tell them not to scratch the wall of this mansion...]

[Un, I could do this!]

And this is how our new house became known as the cat mansion.



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