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Cheat Na Kaineko No Okage De Rakuraku Level Up - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: The strongest house cat

[Lv 1 is it..... You sure have it hard......]

[Maa~, it's good just being alive]

I am totally being pitied by these people.

Maa~, I'll just have to accept that so as to not be seen as a fool.

[Nevertheless, you can't do much alone with your current level so it is better for you to follow us. As long as we can reach the 15th floor, we can earn 15000 coins. With that type of money, it is sufficient to last you for 2 months]

[Really, thank you very much]

I sincerely lowered my head.

If these adventurers had abandoned me, I would have one else to turn to.

[Oh yar, what sort of creature are you holding?]

One of the adventurers, an approximately 20 plus years old female asked while pointing at Misha.

[Are~, you do not know what a cat is?]

Oh right, this person came from a world without cat. There are worlds where cats do not exist. Such a pity. You lost 30% of the joys of life. In this current world, it looks like ordinary cats exist so she could also experience the cuteness of cats here.

No, it's okay, compared to living in a world without cats, it seems that my current situation is even more pitiful......

After an hour of traveling, our carriage finally arrived at our destination.

There is a small cave near the mountain's side and a stair further in. It seems that we have to go down from here.

[Whatever monster it is, I'm not afraid at all!]

The man that initially talked to me became our leader and we proceeded down the dungeon.

There are five members in the party including me.

Furthermore, I am worried whether I am allowed to bring Misha into the dungeon, but it seems that there is no problem.

A level 1 like me is never treated as a fighting potential and is totally ignored.

We defeat monsters such as slime and lizards continuously, and the party proceeded down the dungeon smoothly.

It seems that it's generally true that one is able to conquer floor equivalent to their own level. Since the beginning, we have been proceeding through the dungeon with ease.

Of course I did not do anything, but just follow along with them.

The only thing is, I have just been standing at a corner.

As Misha is also here, so the atmosphere is quite calm.

[This cat, is very cute na~]

Despite struggling to defeat the zako monster. (T.L. I have no idea what a zako monster > {ザコモンスター} is)

We just have to pat Misha head after the battle to sooth our heart.

Misha is not only friendly and provide warmth to me but also strangers.

We managed to safely arrived at the 15th floor afterwards.

Now we just need to return, but the party wanted to walk around since we reached this far.

My opinion does not have any persuasive power, and I just followed them obediently. However, what we experienced after this is something that none of us could have ever expected.

There is a small sized golem in front of us.

The golem is made up of multiple blocks of stone.

There are two stones emitting a strange glow on the face of the golem which should be it's eyes.

As expected, strong monsters should appear once we reached into such a deep floor.

[It's only of this level, this is no big deal!]

One of the man sliced the golem with his sword.

However it doesn't appear to be effective.

The golem then raises its arm high.


The head of the man just exploded.

It should be instant death. His blood is flowing out non-stop......

The atmosphere in our environment changed instantly.

It seems that such horrible monsters would appear on this floor ahhh......

Actually, we were told that we only have to reach the 15th floor, but we didn't expect that there is such a meaning behind it. It is not unusual that there are monsters on this floor that could not be defeat using normal weapons.

We did not think that the opponent would be a golem.

[That's right, the official riding with us on the carriage told us to look out for the golem..... It appears that they will appear on the 15th floor and requires you to be at least Lv 20 to defeat them......]

Such an important piece of information, I would like to know of it sooner.....

[Does anybody know how to use recovery magic!?]

I scream out in panic.

[Is impossible for us to use revival magic]

This is extremely bad! We never expect to meet such a strong foe here.

Following this, the golem smashed the red haired women and sent her flying into a wall.

[Let's escape! We cannot defeat such an opponent!]

The Lv 16 man screamed out this line.

The leader of the party also nodded his head in agreement.

I could only carry Misha while running and crying at the same time.

It is impossible to conquer this dungeon....


Another golem appears at the other end of the pathway.

Shit .....

We are surrounded by golems.

[Anyone knows how to use sleep magic?] The Lv 16 man asked us.

[I (Boku) am a warrior! So no!] The leader replied this way.

There is no choice other than to fight so the two dashed forward to attack

It is impossible for the two of them.

One swing of the golem's hand and the two men were sent flying.

It has exactly the meaning as what was written in the text.

Despite trying to protect their body, as the enemy attack power was too high, any defence mounted is useless.

The only one left alive is me.

What to do......

I didn't expect that I will die so soon....

However, there is no escape route.

There are golems on both sides.

It is already over ....

Misha might be able to escape from the golem using the small gaps, but I don't think she could survive alone in this dungeon.

I am very sorry for bringing you into this dungeon ....

At that moment, Misha jumped out of my arms.

Ahhhh, she should be feeling afraid.

Animals are exceptionally sensitive to danger.

Misha, at least you could survive slightly longer

Misha dashed and stopped in front of the golem.

[Stop! Don't kill her]

This way, Misha will become as easy target!

The golem swings down it's arm towards Misha.


Misha evaded the attack with frightening fast speed

She jumped towards the golem, and uses cat punch.


A heavy sound resounded.

That attack alone, smashed the golem into many pieces.


Is this a dream? This is a dream right?

The golem is destroyed by Misha.

However, now is not the time to slowly observe the situation leisurely.

There is one more golem that is still here.

Instantly, Misha quickly turned her body around


Misha once again started to attack the golem, and hit the golem's chest using her front paw.

A big hole began forming around the chest area, and the golem became quiet.

[Is this real......]

Misha easily defeat the two golems.

Suddenly, I remember what the goddess said at that time.

This is what the goddess said.

...... I mixed up the setting between the two of you.

In other words, my status which should have cheat power was input wrongly, while Misha which should have normal status now have the strongest cheat power.

If this is the situation, we can explain the reason behind Misha's strength.

Rather than that, this is the only plausible explanation.

Rub Rub.

Misha sat down directly in front of me.

She raises her head and stared at me with her eyes.

This is the [I am a good child, so pat me!] pose.

[That's right, you did well]

I started patting Misha's head gently.


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