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Cheat Na Kaineko No Okage De Rakuraku Level Up - Chapter 13


Chapter 13: Slime extermination

The atmosphere on B23 is totally different from the other floors before it.

Not only is the atmosphere different, the appearance of the dungeon also changed.

The walls were made of tiles.

It seems like we are inside a temple for a goddess.

[It might be traces left behind by some ancient religion]

[Even so, they made it too deep]

[This means that there is a terrible thing inside this place]

I do not want to even think about it.

Some evil god might even be dwelling here.

[Let's find a dead corner for safety reasons]

[I understand]

When Misha is standing in front of me in a dead corner, Misha can fight the enemy 1 on 1 safely.

Although I do not wish to encounter any enemies, we will not achieve the purpose of coming here if we failed to find the golden slime.

It was such a tricky situation.

It is certainly not efficient searching for the golden slime by moving around randomly.

I also understood the reason of the man's advice in the guild.

A Lesser dragon appears before we find a golden slime.

The enemy strikse me with its claw.

Gaa !

My body got knocked back greatly.

Although I managed to block it with my sword, I was still swiped to the floor by the tremendous strength.

[I received so much injuries even after I blocked properly]

[What are you trying to do to Goshujinsama!]

The Lesser dragon was sent flying by Misha with her full strength.

[It is dangerous after all]

Misha immediately used her recovery magic on me.

Although it is quite reckless,

My injuries will be healed as long as there is Misha's recovery magic.

I can still do it.

After the battle ended, Misha look at one of the walls while talking to me.


A voice that sounded like she was thinking seriously.

[What do you think a golden slime would eat?]

[Eeh....? I don't think they will eat bugs... probably they eat gold?]

[I also think so. I believe that the golden slime is formed after a normal slime consumes all the accumulated gold in the underground dungeon. But, doesn't this floor seem extremely weird?]

Is this a riddle?

Speaking of which, Misha keeps staring at the wall since a while ago.

Ah, that's it!

[There should not be any gold in the tiles of the temple's wall]

I have never heard of any wall constructed using gold in a temple.

[If that is the case -]

Misha spoke full of confidence.

[- There is a small area with rocky walls somewhere on this floor and the rock is exposed to the surrounding. It is highly possible that the golden slime is there]

The golden slime is over there eating the gold ore.

Misha and me proceeded through the floor with caution.

I feel slightly irritated as the floor is obviously wider than all the previous floors.

We walked carefully while making sure not to provoke any monsters.

At a certain point, the tiled wall disappeared

And is replaced with a rocky wall which looks like all the previous dungeon floors.

We were then attracted to a small room

We discovered a golden slime hanging on the wall.


Misha shouted out unconsciously.

[Oi, you will attract other monsters over!]

[Goshujinsama, I apologise! But, it is because I am too happy so...]

I know how you feel.

We finally found our target.

What is left is to defeat this follow.

However, I forgot a very basic fact.

This is a variant slime that live so deep in the dungeon.

It must also possess a certain level of ability.

The golden slime jumped towards me.

I decided to use my sword to face it - but I am unable to cut it's body due to its unexpected resilience.

And it is extremely heavy!

I am unable to stand up anymore!

Despite not suffering much damage, the weight of the slime on my head gets heavier and heavier.

This is bad!

I will suffocate if it sticks this close to me!

[Get away from Goshujinsama!]

Misha immediately began to attack and help me.

Misha attack is extremely high.

There is no way a slime could take the attack.

That is supposed to be the case but

[What... Only the area that got hit is damaged...?]

I see, a slime would not die as long as it's core is not destroyed.

If we attack an area outside of its core, only that area would suffer damage.

[What should I do! If I do not find the core soon, Goshujinsama will die!]

I know that Misha does not have the time to hesitate and is clearly panicking.

Of course I am also panicking.

[Bastard! Go and die!]

Both my hands are free since the slime is sticking onto my head now.

I swing my sword around but it does not cause much damage.

My conscious is beginning to fade.

This is the sign that I am about to die.

Will I die in this place?

Don't want.

I absolutely do not want to die.

I have not given Misha her happiness.

What would Misha do if I die?

She could only live a lonely life in this other world.

I did not manage to hit the core at all.

Just where is the location of the core!


A slime is also a biological creature.

The core should be hidden in area difficult to attack.

Which location is hardest to get attack?

I raised my sword upwards.

And the aimed towards my chest area and pierce down.

[This is it!]

There is high chance of hurting myself if I tried to attack the slime - so that should be where the core is.

I felt something hard when I pierce it.

The slime became soft the next instant.

I felt the pressure around my face weakened.


I jumped up and gasped for air repeatedly.

The sword should have destroy the core of the slime.

[Ah... Mou!]

Misha jumped into my chest even before checking my condition.

I hugged Misha on reflex.

[You almost died Goshujinsama... What are you even doing...]

Misha spoke while choking on her words.

[Sorry, it is indeed dangerous a moment ago...]

[I could not even hug you at a time like this, being a cat is inconvenient...]

Misha begin licking my hand.

This is the limit of what Misha could do now.

She is unable to hug tightly despite yearning to do so.

Hence, Misha wanted to become a human.

[Your dream will come true soon]

I said this while looking at the body of the now dead golden slime.

The golden slime losses all its power and is lying flat on the ground.

[We can buy that book with this]

There is also another thing to celebrate

My level rose again.




職 業:戦士

体 力:132

魔 力: 68




知 力: 92

技 能:刺突・なぎ払い・兜割り・力溜め



As expected of a monster found in B23.

Defeating one of it gave me such a high experience value.

[I would not be defeated at the lower levels anymore]

[Absolutely never be over confident. This is also a phase where many adventurers went through]

Misha coldly refuted my statement.

Indeed, the adventurers I know got killed by golems at this level.

[But this is a fact I could not deny. Goshujinsama finally became a splendid adventurer]

I got praised by Misha in the next moment.

[Please do not move. I will use recovery magic on you now]

All my fatigue is also removed once Misha used her recovery magic on me.


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