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Cheat Na Kaineko No Okage De Rakuraku Level Up - Chapter 11


Chapter 11: The Path to Getting Rich

On the morning of the following day, Runaria shyly look away when I bumped into her.


She greeted [Good morning...]

It seems that I didn't get hated after all.

Upon reaching the guild,

The very first word that the receptionist told is [Congratz!]

[Your rank raised from F to E!]

[Aa~, is it due to the completion of the guarding mission? But is it possible to raise in rank just by completing one mission?]

I still feel happy ne~.

[Maa~, it is easy to raise from F rank. Moreover, the requester came over yesterday and elaborate what you did. She is quite a young lady]

Aah, she must be Runaria.

[Because it is an admirable action to protect the requester from a horde of monster so it also increases your evaluation]

It seems Runaria must be quite happy ne~.

Does she wish that I can quickly increase my adventurer ranking?

I feel guilty for not accepting her confession.

I need to thank her properly the next time we meet.

[Next, this is the reward]

[Thank you very much]

Although it is fine receiving the reward directly from okamisan, it is still better to obey the rule and retrieve the reward from the guild.

[Just E rank and you are already this happy]

I turn around and saw a drunkard who is lying on the table using his face.

Seeing something positive happening towards other adventurers so early in the morning, those bunch of drunkard must be feeling unhappy.

In actual fact, Rank E is still considered low.

[Well then, which kind of job would you accept next?]

[To be frank, a job which can earn a lot of money]

This is Misha's goal.

[I see.... So desu ne~, a job with high pay...]

It seems that the receptionist is checking various matters.

[Although there are various commission with high reward, but something which a E rank could accept... not many...]

That is the reality.

Everyone would become an adventurer if even a rank E could earn a lot of money.

[Aah, there is a job which pay 5 million coins ne~. Furthermore, there is no ranking requirement for this job]

[5 million!?]

I could buy 4 of those transformation grimores. It will be 50 million yen if I convert to Japanese yen.

[By the way, what kind of mission is it?]

[The tomb of the royal family in the northern country fall into the hands of monsters so they hope to have someone to reclaim the tomb]

Misha cried out [Mya~]

This means [No]

[Sorry, I will give this a pass]

[So desu ne~, speaking of which...]

I am sorry for causing you trouble, receptionist.

[Although there is no requester for this, do you know about the appearance of golden slime on B23 of the dungeon?]

[No, this is my first time hearing of it]

Because I did not dive so deep into the dungeon before.

[Golden slime is a monster which contain high amount of gold. One of it weigh as much as the table over there]

[From the way you say it, the slime weighs quite a lot ne~]

Although I faced many slime during my dungeon exploration, most of them are made of liquid so I did not really care about their weigh.

[We could retrieve large quantity of gold from this kind of slime and its shiny magic stone is also very valuable so it could be sold for high price. If you could bring back the completed body, the guild will purchase it for 6 million coins]

[This is it!]

I screamed out without thinking about it.

However, a roar of laughter could be heard from the bar at the same time.

[Baka. This is B23. It is not a place which an E rank adventurer could reach]

A bearded man said it.

It's true that I understood what that man is trying to say.

It is impossible for me based on common sense.

However, this man did not treat me only as an idiot but also gave me some useful advice.

[Based on the adventurer that I know, many of them are about Lv 17 and also aiming for the golden slime. They only reached B23 after much effort]

Ooh, speaking from his personal experience, I appreciate it.

It seem he is not a bad person.

[However, speaking of B23, every monster you meet is life threatening. Furthermore, the chance of a golden slime appearing is extremely rare]

Well, there would definitely be more people hunting if that place is filled with mountain of treasures.

[Even if you reached B23, you need to returned to the surface before finding the golden slime once you sustain injuries. Speaking of which, there is a Lv 16 adventurer who die on the way back up. This is not suitable for you]

[Thank you very much]

Look like his purpose is not to treat me as an idiot but wanted to warn me.

[There are many cause of death among adventurer. Due to finanical constrain, some of the adventure also died with aiming for the golden slime. What is your level now?]

[Lv 11 desu]

Maa, but Misha is Lv 71.

[If you go alone, it is not sufficient even if there are multiple of you. You should honestly earn money by hunting scorpion and centipede on the lower floor]

Misha remain silent while looking down.

That is true, nobody will have a hard time if it is so easy earning money.

Misha and me left the guild.

We hunted magic stone at the lower floor and returned to the inn early.


[Ha~, if I could change to a human form, I could go to B23 alone]

At the night, Misha complained inside our room.

[Even if I defeat the slime using my cat form, I am unable to bring the it back. First of all, it is difficult for me to put the slime body into a bag... I am unable to carry it...]

Even though her dinner is dried fish, Misha look extremely devastated instead of being happy.

[If only I have a human form, I could go in as a mage apprentice... As expected it is impossible for a cat...]

I do not wish to see Misha showing such expression.

Hence, there is only one thing left to do as her owner.

[Misha, let us go the B23]

[Baka! This concern Goshujinsama live!]

Misha immediately denied my suggestion on reflex.

[Although I have no problem, Goshujinsama might die even if you receive one hit. Do you still remember the matter regarding the golem on the 15th floor?]

There is definitely risk involved.


[If we move little by little, we can definitely reach it. Furthermore, Misha also know how to use recovery magic]

Misha and me stared at each other.

I did not have any intention to give in.

[I understand]

Misha knocked her head.

[But, our target is until B23. We will return once there is any danger. Is this okay?]

[Un, I will leave the final decision to you]


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