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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 840


Chapter 840: Teaser

’’Since you all want to do it yourselves, I won't say any more. We may face many unexpected dangers in the future journey, so please be careful.’’ Rui Jin said.

’’Senior, don't worry. If we really do face dangers that we can't handle, we'll enter the artifact space immediately.’’ Jian Chen said. He had a clear understanding about the power of the saint artifact now. Unless they encountered Saint Emperors, nothing was able to damage the saint artifact. He did not believe that there would be more Saint Emperors other than the Class 9 dragon souls.

Jian Chen would not be terrified even if they really did encounter Saint Emperor living corpses. This was because the dragon souls were different from the living corpses. The souls maintained everything they had learnt in their past lives, so their strength in battle was not any weaker than their peaks. Their innate talents or abilities were the reasons why they could damage the saint artifact. However, Saint Emperor corpses would not have this ability. They did not have any battle techniques at all, even forgetting all the powerful abilities they had in their former lives. They could only use the most basic attacks, which would not be enough to damage the saint artifact.


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