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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 509


Chapter 509: Might of a Saint Ruler (Three)

’’It's the elder sectmaster! He has come!’’ Seeing the barrier that obstructed the people there, the sectmaster Kris felt a surge of emotions flash over his face, forcing him to cry out in astonishment.

The hidden Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had finally come out, causing the fighters from the sect to have a look of joy appear on their faces. The disaster that had nearly befell them had been avoided at last. Seven Heaven Tier Battle Skills would have caused the entire mountain range to collapse which would destroy the foundations of the sect that had been protected from being destroyed by a barrier. Although this wouldn't kill many disciples of the sect, the destruction of the sect itself would be an extreme sign of humiliation.

’’The elder sectmaster is far too strong. Even without showing himself, he has managed to put down a barrier right in front of seven Heaven Tier Battle Skills. Is this the true extent of a Saint Ruler's strength? There is truly a tremendous gap between a Heaven Saint Master and a Saint Ruler.’’ With a pale face, the heavily injured Hu Ba muttered to himself in a daze as he looked at the barrier. The elder sectmaster of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger spent all of his time hidden in the mountains cultivating and never appeared in front of anyone. Although many people knew that there was a Saint Ruler in the sect, no one had seen him for hundreds of years, nor had the Saint Ruler ever personally taken part of a battle.

The spectacle in front of him was a first for Hu Ba. From childhood to now, this was the very first time he had seen the hermit Saint Ruler taking action.

Seeing their elder sectmaster caused all of the individuals from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger to be overjoyed. To them, as long as the elder sectmaster came forward, then even the most problematic of problems would be neutralized. After all, a Saint Ruler was something even the Qinhuang Kingdom would have to take seriously.

On the other side, the ten members from the Qinhuang Kingdom and the three generals all displayed extremely grim expressions on their faces. There was no surprise however. They had expected the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger to make an appearance.

’’Disciples of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, stand back!’’ Just at that moment, an elderly voice echoed across the sky. It was unknown just where this voice had come from, but it sounded calm despite the booming volume and echo.

’’Yes, elder sectmaster!’’ The Heaven Saint Masters of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger flew toward the interior of their sect as obediently as a baby.

’’Kris, Hu Ba, and Mospen. You three stay here.’’ The elder sectmaster's voice could be heard once more as he called out for those three individuals.

Hearing this, the three that had been called were stunned. Their feet immediately halted as they stood in place without another sound. Not even a question was asked.

The vice sect leader Hu Ba had been extremely moved. He had not thought that the elder sectmaster would unexpectedly know his name. To him, the elder sectmaster knowing his name was an extremely glorious honor.

Everyone from the Qinhuang Kingdom stood still without a sound. Against a Saint Ruler, they all felt as if their movements and actions were limited. It was no longer as easy as it was when they were fighting against the Heaven Saint Masters.

When Jian Chen personally saw that the three people he had been fighting with were told to remain, his heart began to drop. He was already realizing that the situation was taking a turn for the worst.

These three men that had been told to stay behind were the ones who had their Saint Weapons chipped by the Origin energy and were heavily injured. If the Saint Ruler had told them to remain behind, could he plan to support them?

Quickly, the ten individuals from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger retreated into the sect. They were behind the barrier of the sect where they could continue observing. At this moment, the Saint Ruler's voice could be heard once more, ’’Men from the Qinhuang Kingdom. In spite of everything, you've decided to take action against my Sect of Dragon and Tiger. Did you take my sect to be that easy to bully?’’ As he spoke, the kindly voice he has used before transformed to gain a hint of steel.

’’Senior of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, this business was started because of your sect. If we were to ignore the matter with the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, there is still the matter that happened several days ago. Our orders were to arrest a criminal from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and escort him back to us, but along the way, the individuals from your Sect of Dragon and Tiger ambushed us. Not only was the criminal rescued away from our Qinhuang Kingdom, your people also inflicted serious injuries upon my son. I would like to invite senior to come speak to us about this.’’ Qin Wuming spoke righteously.

’’Nonsense. What criminal of the Qinhuang Kingdom? The second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is one with our Sect of Dragon and Tiger. How could he be sent away like a criminal to your esteemed Qinhuang Kingdom? The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had already been given to our sect to govern and became our territory to uphold. Likewise, if we were to ignore that your Qinhuang Kingdom were trying to seize the territory of ours, you still wish to capture one of our own men. What reason is there for that?’’ The vice sect leader Hu Ba roared.

Xiao Tian sneered. ’’Since when did the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom become one of yours. According to what we know, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom has nothing to do with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.’’

’’Correct, Karlow is the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, but his mother is the great-granddaughter of the sectmaster, Kris. Thus, Karlow is considered to be a direct descendant of our Sect of Dragon and Tiger. He is no outsider. As for the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, the king of the kingdom had decided to give it to our Sect of Dragon and Tiger for a long time ago, making that territory ours.’’ This time it was Mospen that spoke. Despite his heavy injuries, his voice was still as exuberant as ever.

Soon, the two sides descended into an argumentative clamor before the Saint Ruler finally spoke, ’’Enough, no more squabbling!’’

At a word, both the Sect of Dragon and Tiger and the Qinhuang Kingdom obediently closed their mouths. They dared to speak reason to the Saint Ruler, but not to go against him.

The Saint Ruler began to speak, ’’The second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom is a member of our Sect of Dragon and Tiger. For such a small reason, we cannot hand him over to your Qinhuang Kingdom. Men from the Qinhuang Kingdom, you have squabbled, and you have fought. This business ends here. To make amends for the injuries inflicted upon you by our Sect of Dragon and Tiger, we shall offer you the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Now, you may all leave.’’

Hearing this, everyone from the Qinhuang Kingdom revealed ugly looks on their faces. While the Saint Ruler's words could be considered to sound kind, his way of doing things was hegemonic in nature. Not only was he protecting the second prince, he was also shifting the responsibilities of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger completely. The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was already considered part of the Qinhuang Kingdom, so gifting it or not made no difference. Unless, the Sect of Dragon and Tiger was willing to fight the Qinhuang Kingdom for territory?

The still hidden Saint Ruler spoke again after that, ’’Now that the business between the Qinhuang Kingdom and the Sect of Dragon and Tiger is settled, there is still the problem of what happened to Kris and the other two. Their Saint Weapons were damaged, and although it can be healed, their vital energy has been injured as well. The youngster who damaged them three, it is time you offer your compense to my Sect of Dragon and Tiger.’’

Jian Chen growled furiously, ’’I had no idea that senior would deal in such a manner like this.’’

The men from the Qinhuang Kingdom all blanched. Jian Chen was the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, but he had injured the three experts from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. To demand that the grand Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom give compensation, was simply a slap in the face to the Qinhuang Kingdom.

’’Hmph. A mere Heaven Saint Master dares speak back to me.’’ Unknowingly, the hidden Saint Ruler suddenly grew furious. At his words, a transparent barrier suddenly appeared around Jian Chen's body, trapping him inside like a prisoner. This barrier was personally created by a Saint Ruler and was far stronger than the barriers Jian Chen had seen used by the influential clan members back in the Gathering of the Mercenaries in Mercenary City. Even if a Heaven Saint Master were to use a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, it wouldn't be able to break apart this seemingly weak barrier.

Seeing that Jian Chen had been trapped by the Saint Ruler, everyone from the Qinhuang Kingdom grew indignant. Xiao Tian himself immediately shouted, ’’Senior, what is the meaning of this? Could it be that you wish to make our Qinhuang Kingdom an enemy?’’

’’Your Sect of Dragon and Tiger is too savage, do you wish to start a war?’’

Everyone from the Qinhuang Kingdom felt indignant at this injustice. Each one of them was extremely angry at the Saint Ruler's conduct. If not for the fact that they were up against a Saint Ruler, they would have leaped into action a long time ago.

Jian Chen was angry as well. Although he was extremely afraid of the strength of a Saint Ruler, he was not such a man that would bow and scrape his head when bullied. Using the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits, he began to stab at the barrier without any hesitation.

Jian Chen wasn't certain if the Origin energy would be enough to break through the barrier that a Saint Ruler had personally put down, but now was fortunately a good time test it out.


Just as the Origin energy stabbed into the barrier, there was a light sound as the barrier surrounding Jian Chen completely shattered. The barrier that had been strong enough to withstand seven Heaven Tier Battle Skills seemed like a balloon popped with a needle in front of Jian Chen.

At this sight, everyone from both the Qinhuang Kingdom and the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had been shocked into silence. Each one of them had a look of sheer disbelief on their faces.

’’Eh?!’’ The still hidden Saint Ruler had let out a surprised cry. He was clearly astonished that Jian Chen was able to pierce through the barrier he had put down.

The entire place was quiet for some time before the Saint Ruler finally spoke once more. ’’Youngster, what power is that you have. Tell me how you obtained such a power and this old man will let you go.’’ The Origin energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits caused even the Saint Ruler to covet it.

’’Don't think that I would tell you!’’ Jian Chen replied without hesitation.

’’You seek death!’’ The Saint Ruler was furious. The entire horizon seemed to surge with energy as a tremendous amount of pressure came forth from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger toward Jian Chen.

Seeing that the Saint Ruler was about to make a move, Xiao Tian's face drained of color before hurriedly shouting, ’’Halt! That is the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom. Do you think that you could act toward an Imperial Protector with success?’’

The pressure in the sky quickly disappeared and the surge of energy on the horizon just as quickly calmed down as well. Xiao Tian's words had stopped the Saint Ruler from doing anything to Jian Chen. An Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom was in particularly quite special. The Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger himself could not just injure one without reason. In the case that he did, then all pretense of cordiality between the Qinhuang Kingdom and the Sect of Dragon and Tiger would be dropped and the Qinhuang Kingdom would immediately march for them in open war.

’’This youth is the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom?’’ The Saint Ruler asked, clearly not believing Jian Chen's identity.

’’Correct. Jian Chen is indeed the Imperial Protector of our Qinhuang Kingdom. His status is equivalent to the four honored Imperial Protectors of our Qinhuang Kingdom of the past.’’ Qing Xiaofan spoke, clearly describing just how sublime Jian Chen's status was in the Qinhuang Kingdom.

This time, the Saint Ruler remained quiet for a very long time. Although Jian Chen was just a Heaven Saint Master, the fact that he was the Imperial Protector made the Saint Ruler afraid of the consequences. He knew in his heart that if he did not treat this matter with care, then the four Saint Rulers of the Qinhuang Kingdom would come themselves.

’’You may go now!’’ The Saint Ruler's voice boomed half a moment later.

Hearing this, the dark-faced Jian Chen and the others from the Qinhuang Kingdom gave each other a stare. With a faint nod, they left the area promptly. Everyone knew that with the Saint Ruler stepping out, it would make no sense for them to remain here any longer. It would be best to first leave and discuss things for the future.

Just as everyone rose into the air, the horizons boomed with the voice of the Saint Ruler once more. ’’Although you are an Imperial Protector, you have offended this old man nonetheless. If I do not teach you a lesson here, then there will be others who will take me to be an easy target to bully.’’ The space behind Jian Chen's body suddenly began to surge and twist violently within itself. A tremendous amount of energy came spiraling out from the space and slammed ruthlessly into Jian Chen's back.


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