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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 474


Chapter 474: A Sorry Escape

With Ming Dong and Dugu Feng acting as two Earth Saint Master bodyguards, Bi Yuntian's safety was at its highest point. The princess was extremely safe right by her side.

At that moment, another large wave of energy shot down from the sky. Soon the entire ground was filled with several holes from explosions that sent large pieces of rubble toward Ming Dong and the others.

’’Careful!’’ Ming Dong cried out as he ran to protect Bi Yuntian and the princess. The sword in his hand danced as he moved to bring down the stone in front of him.

Dugu Feng himself wielded a giant sword that seemed to dance with flames right by his side. Despite their strengths, there were far too many stones for them to fend off. With the waves of explosion that happened every so often, a finger-sized stone finally broke through their defensive net. With a whistling sound, it shot straight for Bi Yuntian before ultimately leaving behind a small cut that allowed blood to show.

’’Ah!’’ A pained cry came from behind Bi Yuntian. Turning around, she could see that the princess was clutching her left shoulder where blood was flowing freely, staining her clothes with a red tint.

’’Yue'er, are you alright?’’ Bi Yuntian ignored her own wound and quickly looked back to the pain-stricken You Yue.

’’I-I'm fine.’’ You Yue spoke, but her pained expression was proof enough that she was enduring a large amount of pain.

Seeing Bi Yuntian and You Yue sustain an injury, Dugu Feng and Ming Dong both let show a startled expression.

’’Goddamnit!’’ Ming Dong cursed. ’’The battle is getting far too rowdy. We can't delay any longer. Hurry into the cellar!’’ Soon after, everyone quickened their pace.

The battle in the sky grew more and more intense. While the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom held an advantage with numbers, their strength was beneath the Qinhuang Kingdom's Heaven Saint Master. Thus, the nine Heaven Saint Masters were completely suppressed by the six Heaven Saint Masters to the point where they weren't even able to fight back, forcing them to rely on just their battle skills.

All sorts of Advance Earth Tier Battle Skills continued to be thrown about from each of the nine Heaven Saint Masters. Whenever they made contact with the individuals from the Changyang clan, they would explode with a terrifyingly huge amount of energy that would distort the space around them. With the intensity of the energy, the space seemed like it would split itself apart.

Although there was a very noticeable difference between a Heaven Tier Battle Skill and an Earth Tier Battle Skill in terms of power, when a Heaven Saint Master used an Earth Tier Battle Skill, the power from it should not be underestimated especially when nine Heaven Saint Masters used one at the same time. The amount of power that would overlap each other was tantamount to several Heaven Tier Battle Skills clashing and could shatter the firmaments of the heavens.

’’Ah!’’ Suddenly, a cry of agony could be heard, piercing cleanly through the exploding sounds of battle. Turning to look, everyone could see the Heaven Saint Master that was fighting Chang Wuji had his right hand chopped off. The arm flopped to the ground while blood sprayed out of the stump like rain.

Chang Wuji's eyes had a thirst for blood in them as he stepped forward without letting the man escape him. With a thundering clap of sound, his sword stabbed straight through the man's chest.

’’Elder Ping Yun!’’ The other man fighting Chang Wuji cried out in shock. Charging forward, he attempted to stab Chang Wuji through the chest as well.

With an ice-cold expression, Chang Wuji pulled his sword out from the man's chest and swung his sword with all his might toward the incoming enemy. By himself, how could a Third Cycle Heaven Saint Master be a match for Chang Wuji? With a single thrust of his sword, Chang Wuji repelled the man.

Chang Wuji's face was especially gloomy and a fury radiated from his eyes. There was no way he didn't know what was happening down below him, but with the two men he was fighting annoying him to death, there had been no way for him to go down to save anyone.

Chang Wuji's gaze locked onto the chest of the man he had stabbed. With a single step, he flew toward him, and with his sword hand falling downward, he moved to lop off the man's head. Although using a Heaven Tier Battle Skill would easily kill his opponent, it would also require a large amount of Saint Force. Not only that, but the Changyang clan down below would be hit with the fallout. A Heaven Tier Battle Skill would decimate the entire manor.

Seeing the sword falling down at a tremendous speed, the man's face fell with shock. First he had lost his right arm, then he had a hole straight through his chest;the two of these two wounds had already brought forth a tremendous amount of damage. He wouldn't even have enough energy to defend himself against another strike, so he opted to fall toward the ground.

With a sneer, Chang Wuji's sword tip shot forth ten meters in an instant. Quickly, the sword came down with an executing slash that bisected the man's head, killing his soul.

Thus, the very first individual from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was killed by Chang Wuji.

’’Elder Ping Yun!’’ A grief-filled voice called out from the man who had been sent flying back from Chang Wuji's earlier blow.

’’Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Today I will ensure that you pay a heavy price for your actions.’’ Chang Wuji exclaimed as he brought his sword flying toward the other man with a swift motion.

After seeing Chang Wuji kill someone, the other five Heaven Saint Masters from the Qinhuang Kingdom grew excited. Their movements grew quicker and, in the span of several seconds, the enemy side gained new wounds. Blood spilled from their mouths as their momentum fell like an arrow at the end of its flight.

’’Bang!’’ Suddenly, a splurt of blood could be seen falling through the sky. Xiao Tian's hand had rammed straight into one of the Heaven Saint Masters head, pulverizing it into a bloody mess.

Thus, the second Heaven Saint Master from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had fallen!

’’We can't win, retreat!’’ After having two of their own killed, the remaining few members felt as if they were dealt a tremendous blow. One of the members immediately cried out for the others to give up the fight and to escape.

’’If I let you run away, I, Qing Xiaoshan would have no face to return back home!’’ Qing Xiaoshan sneered. With the wind element enveloping his body, he quickly streamed for one of the escaping fighters.

The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom men were dominated completely. Although they were able to hold onto their lives, they wouldn't be able to do so for long. Everyone from their group knew when they were over their heads and no longer had the bravado from earlier. Seeing someone else try to run, the others had been hasty not to fall behind and ran away one by one.

After a short battle, two of the nine had fallen and the remaining seven had been severely injured. On the other side, no one had taken any heavy injuries and still had energy to spare. Unlike them, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom's men barely had any energy left to escape.

’’It won't be that easy to get away!’’

All five of the Imperial Advisors gave chase with Xiao Tian leading the group while Chang Wuji stayed behind to check on the Changyang clan down below.

Experts from all over had rushed to this location the moment they heard a battle taking place at the Changyang clan. They began to observe the intense battle from far away with absolute shock. In the golden age of the Gesun Kingdom, they had no more than ten Heaven Saint Masters. With Chang Wuji now as the eleventh, they were at a number that was greater than the amount of Heaven Saint Masters in their golden age.

As for the Changyang clan, their entire compound had been laid to waste. Every building had collapsed into rubbish, and the bodies of guards and servants could be seen strewn about.

Although the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom men had fled, the battle had not yet stopped. The five Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom continued to surprise everyone by chasing the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom men with no mercy.

Qing Xiaoshan possessed the wind attributed Saint Force and could use the wind element to increase his speed to become the fastest among the group. In a flash, he was able to catch up to his adversary and began to unleash his full strength. Easily throwing out an Advance Earth Tier Battle Skill, he chopped off the head of one of the already injured men.

The man didn't instantly die from the blow and had hurriedly grabbed at his head before attempting to escape. Killing a Heaven Saint Master would require vanquishing the soul.

However, this man who had his head chopped off was weakened. Without any energy to fight, he was ultimately slower than the rest. In an instant, Qing Xiaoshan caught him and bisected the head in two.

By that point, the other four Imperial Advisors had already caught up with the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and forced them into another fierce battle in the sky once more. Energy began to be thrown about, causing heavy damage to the streets and buildings nearby. Countless passersby cried out in panic as they tried to escape while some of the unluckier ones were struck by the waves of energy, killing them in a violent manner.

In that one moment of warfare, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom lost another expert by the hands of Xiao Tian. Xiao Tian extinguished the man's soul with a single strike through the eyebrows, allowing his body to fall to the ground and crumple on the streets.

The man who was holding both the king and Bi Dao realized that if he didn't take an emergency action here and now, it would be insanely difficult for him to run away. With that in mind, he immediately threw both captives in opposing directions before shouting, ’’If you wish for the king, then here you have him!’’

The five Imperial Advisors had stayed within the Changyang clan for many days and thus learned many things from their talks with Changyang Ba. So they knew the identity of these two;one of them was the future father-in-law of their Imperial Protector, the other was the uncle of their Imperial Protector. Both of these men were of high importance and so there had been no hesitation in what to do next. Straight away, two of the five men broke away to rescue the king and Bi Dao.

The one who had thrown the two had not yet ran away. Immediately taking out his Saint Weapon, he quickly used a mighty Earth Tier Battle Skill in an attempt to save his comrades.

The two Heaven Saint Masters that were not able to run away due to their injuries tried their best to take advantage of the moment where the king and Bi Dao were being rescued. They were able to run away as sorry figures with the assistance of their comrade forcing the other three to pull back

After several moments, the king and Bi Dao were both safely rescued. The two of them were rather weak and had been in a state of unconsciousness. If they were to hit the ground as they were, it would be a stroke of luck if they didn't die.

’’We can't let them run away like this!’’ Luo Tian spoke as he looked at the escaping men;his foot itching to give chase.

Stopping Luo Tian, Xiao Tian spoke, ’’Forget that for now. The Imperial Protector won't let this debt go unpaid so easily. For now, our top priority is to return these people back to the Changyang clan and save the others.’’

’’Right, saving them is our top priority. If something were to happen to anyone of importance, then how could we justify ourselves?’’ Dongyi Junbai agreed.

Afterward, the five Imperial Advisors returned to the Changyang Manor, leaving behind the corpses of the two men from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom on the streets. The fight had not lasted long, and the commotion that had struck Lore City had finally abated.

From the ten Heaven Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, in the end, only six of them had been able to escape.


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