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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 446


Chapter 446: Killing the Hua Yun Sect (Three)

The sudden bang that accompanied the doors opening startled all of the nearby disciples. Many of them threw down their items and quickly ran to gather at the gates.

Jian Chen strode past the collapsed gates and continued to walk deep within the sect without any signs of stopping. Swiping with both hands, the world energy continued to gather around his hands before quickly forming two giant blades of fire that flew toward the nearest hallway.


A loud echo could be heard as the flames licked at the halls, collapsing the entire structure before being charred black. The Hua Yun Sect was built using granite, a flame resistant material. Thus, it would not burn too easily. Originally, Jian Chen planned on destroying the Hua Yun Sect like the Yangji Sect, but the granite buildings forced him to give up on that idea.

This type of development frightened the entire Hua Yun Sect. The flames that filled the sky was extremely dazzling and reflected red upon the entire place, attracting everyone's attention. Many more disciples from the sect began to gather along with the higher echelons of the sect who leaped over roofs to arrive.

Not too long after, two hundred uniformed men gathered near the gates, surrounding Jian Chen completely.

’’Youngster, who are you? Did you wish to die by attacking our Hua Yun Sect...’’

’’To dare harm our Hua Yun Sect like this, our sect will not forgive you for this...’’

The 200 disciples began to curse at Jian Chen angrily with eyes that could shoot fire. Jian Chen had destroyed their gates, an act similar to slapping the face of the entire Hua Yun Sect. This to the disciples was far more than enough to warrant their killing intent.

Right now the Hua Yun Sect had three Heaven Saint Master experts. Within the Gesun Kingdom, this was an unmatched power. Three Heaven Saint Masters was an honor that made even the regular disciples of the sect feel extremely proud. Which caused their eyes to shine brightly and they had begun to look down on everyone.

’’Second teacher has arrived, let him through.’’

Suddenly, a large voice called out, causing the entire group of disciples to suddenly split into two to form a road. A middle-aged man wearing an embroidered robe came striding forward proudly as a light from his eyes like the shine of a sword as he stared at Jian Chen.

’’Sire, who are you and what reason have you to attack our Hua Yun Sect. Without a good reason, then no matter who you are, do not expect to leave this place after today.’’ The man spoke.

Hearing this, Jian Chen's eyes grow colder as he spoke, ’’The Hua Yun Sect has gotten even more arrogant than I thought. It doesn't matter who I am to you, even if I were the prince of the kingdom, you would have me locked up here.’’

The middle-aged man's face twisted with fury, ’’Impudence! Spare me of your glib! I have seen both royal princes of the imperial family! Who are you, speak your identity or else do not blame our Hua Yun Sect for being impolite.’’

’’Impolite? I wanted to see just how impolite you could get. Let me see if you can act on your own words.’’ Jian Chen laughed as the killing intent in his eyes skyrocketed.

The middle-aged man could only sneer. There were three Heaven Saint Masters within the Hua Yun Sect, making them rise higher in the hierarchy of the Gesun Kingdom. No one could match their might, so they refused to place the youth in front of them as anyone important. With a wave of his hand, the man spoke, ’’Arrest him! If he resists, then do not hold back!’’


The man obviously held some sort of authority, since every single disciple let out a yell of approval. A dozen disciples had already formed their Saint Weapons to charge at him and fight.

Jian Chen slowly folded his hands across his chest and stood there without moving a muscle. When the disciples had gotten within a ten meter range, the sand on the ground immediately floated into the air. Carrying an azure and violet light to them, they instantly scattered in every direction.


Straight away, the sounds of pain could be heard as the previously high and mighty disciples of the Hua Yun Sect fell to the ground one by one in pain. Their bodies had been shot through with several holes perforating their entire body. Blood continued to flow down their bodies, dying their uniforms red. Some had been severely injured, some had not, and some had been so injured that they died on the spot.

The one called the second teacher immediately grew shocked as he looked at the 21 year old youth in front of him. At this moment, he no longer dared belittle the youth.

’’Who are you!’’ The man spoke with some lingering fear in his voice.

’’What is going on?’’ At that moment, a deep voice could be heard from behind as the Hua Yun Sect's patriarch Cheng Fei came walking out. Right behind him was another group of disciples.

’’I pay my respects to the patriarch!’’ The man immediately bowed to the patriarch before explaining, ’’Patriarch, this youth right here is of unknown origin. He came to attack our Hua Yun Sect with no reason and even destroyed our gates and halls. He also injured several disciples.’’

Seeing the destroyed mountain gates, Cheng Fei's face had a dark look to it. The Hua Yun Sect still had some pent-up anger from the Changyang clan yesterday and had returned to the sect with resentment. For today to have someone causing trouble and destroying the gates, this was simply another thrashing to the Hua Yun Sect's honor.

’’Who are you and for what reason are you causing trouble at my Hua Yun Sect.’’ Cheng Fei spoke, his eyes gleaming dangerously.

’’Patriarch of the Hua Yun Sect, have you forgotten me after all these years? Just yesterday, you came to my home and tried to bully me once more.’’ Jian Chen's biting cold eyes stared at Cheng Fei.

Cheng Fei was stunned for a moment before the spark in his eyes reignited, ’’Are you Changyang Xiangtian?’’

’’Correct, that is me. Patriarch Cheng, did you still wish to capture and bring me back to your Hua Yun Sect? Right now, I, Changyang Xiangtian have taken the initiative to come to your sect. How exactly will you deal with me now? Those years ago, you forced me to leave my home, but today, I will settle the debt here and now.’’ Each and every word Jian Chen spoke carried his fierce anger.

Cheng Fei had some doubt as he looked at Jian Chen and then right behind him. Then, with a serious expression, he exclaimed, ’’Senior Chang Wuji, since you've come, you should show yourself.’’

Jian Chen's lips curled up into a cold smile, ’’There's no need to shout. I came by myself without Chang Bai.’’

Hearing this, Cheng Fei had a look of joy to his eyes and all the worry in his heart evaporated. ’’Changyang Xiangtian, if you were to stay within the Changyang Manor, our Hua Yun Sect would truly have no way to deal with you. Now that you've taken the initiative to come out to seek us, we cannot help ourselves to the prize then.’’

’’Hmph, your tongue doesn't seem to fear pulling a muscle from overuse. It is unclear which one of us today will die.’’ Jian Chen spoke in disdain.

Cheng Fei had a cruel smile on his face as he looked around the ruined gates and halls. With a pejorative voice, he spoke, ’’Changyang Xiangtian, do not mistake that your experience these past years will help you here. Six years have gone by, today, I will settle the hatred from when you cut off the arm of my son.’’ Cheng Fei moved back and spoke, ’’Forward, but don't kill him.’’

The strongest ten around Cheng Fei instantly took out their Saint Weapons and disappeared in a blur as they streaked toward Jian Chen each one of them were Earth Saint Masters. Although they were Earth Saint Masters, they each could tell from the fact that Jian Chen had wrecked havoc on their gates and halls that he was at the very least an Earth Saint Master. Not daring to belittle him, they all began to go all out.

Jian Chen's eyes flashed with a fierce killing intent as the azure and violet Sword Qi shot out from his fingers. In an instant, several rays flew out toward the incoming Earth Saint Masters.

The Earth Saint Masters from the Hua Yun Sect didn't dare to overlook the attack and waved their Saint Weapons to defend themselves against the blow. With a sharp cracking sound, the Sword Qi disappeared, causing the attackers to come to a grinding halt. In the next moment, they fell back three steps before stabilizing themselves.

Although the azure and violet Sword Qi was barely the width of a finger, the energy it contained was far more than what the Earth Saint Masters could manage.

Every single expert of the Hua Yun Sect was greatly shocked, and before they could even calm down and stabilize their footing, another ray of azure and violet Sword Qi came streaking through the air. Several of the experts hurriedly put up their Saint Weapons, but three of them had been far too late. The Sword Qi pierced the space between their eyebrows and instantly killed them. As they fell to the ground, their eyes remained wide open in death.

Seeing such a spectacle, the elder who was originally watching in amusement instantly grew shocked. ’’Assist them!’’ He cried to the ones who had first charged at Jian Chen. The remaining fighters who had been watching with their arms crossed pulled out their Saint Weapons as well and followed the elder to charge at Jian Chen.

The patriarch Cheng Fei revealed a thunderstruck look as he glared at Jian Chen. ’’How is this possible? Changyang Xiangtian is only 21 years old, how could he suddenly become this strong? Even if he is a genius among geniuses, breaking through to the Earth Saint Master realm is far too miraculous. This isn't a strength he should be wielding.’’


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