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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 442


Chapter 442: Power

Saiya's words caused the patriarch to look shocked as well. He had a deep fear of Chang Wuji since he knew that at the northern stronghold, Chang Wuji had used a Heaven Tier Battle Skill to kill two Heaven Saint Masters. This to him, was an incredibly shocking fact.

Quickly, a cyan robed man came descending from the sky to the ground, and landed in front of the Changyang clan in opposition to the Hua Yun Sect.

’’Chang Bai, you've finally returned!’’ Changyang Ba had a happy look to his face as he looked at the new elder. He was excited because Chang Bai was a Heaven Saint Master. Now that he had returned, they were able to defend the clan against Saiya, and prevent the Hua Yun Sect from being able to look through the manor as they pleased. Not only would his fourth child be saved, but their honor would remain safe as well.

At the most crucial moment, Chang Bai suddenly returned to save Changyang Ba by tossing him a rope to grab hold of. The heart that had leaped into his throat finally fell back down and even the other Earth Saint Masters gave a sigh in relief. There was finally a Heaven Saint Master that could help them.

Chang Wuji gave a hard look as he surveyed the broken courtyard around him and then to the pale white elders. Upon seeing their wounds, Chang Wuji's eyes gained a baleful aura as he spoke, ’’Leader, just what happened here.’’

Walking forward, he spoke, ’’Chang Bai, yesterday, Xiang'er suddenly returned home. The Hua Yun Sect somehow heard news of his return and came to capture him.’’

’’What? The fourth master has returned home?’’ Chang Bai's face grew shocked. There had been no sign of Jian Chen for several years after he left. At one point, Chang Bai had even doubted that Jian Chen would ever come back. He didn't expect that after so long his fourth master would abruptly come back. This was something that he felt was extremely unexpected.

Changyang Ba nodded his head with a faint smile. ’’Xiang'er suddenly came back from who knows where. After being lost for so long, he has returned safe and sound.’’

’’He's back, that's all that matters!’’ Chang Bai's face lit up with happiness. Jian Chen had been a talented genius that Chang Bai had huge expectations for. He had even looked after Jian Chen while growing up, so his feelings for him were rather deep.

Chang Wuji stifled the happiness in his heart and glared at the Hua Yun Sect with a dangerous look. With a furious voice, he spoke, ’’Although the master isn't here, our Changyang clan will not be so easily bullied. Hua Yun Sect, remove yourself from my sight!’’ With that, Chang Bai's arms clenched the air, causing a wave of world energy to gather at an alarming rate. Then, with a push outward, the energy flew toward the Hua Yun Sect.

Against such a strong blow, the men from the Hua Yun Sect weren't able to defend themselves at all. Each one flew into the sky and fell outside the courtyards, but several Earth Saint Masters somehow managed to defend themselves.

Even the newly advanced Heaven Saint Master Saiya found it difficult to resist. Both of his feet dragged against the ground, leaving behind deep skidmark from his backward momentum.

Chang Bai's control of the world energy was exceedingly strong and fine tuned. There hadn't been any form of damage to the surrounding area. He had already been in the Heaven Saint Master realm for many years, so his strength far outstripped that of Saiya.

Seeing that he was unable to defend against such a blow from Chang Wuji, Saiya's face grew ugly while fear crept into his heart.

Chang Wuji had been a secretive person and was not counted within the top ten experts of the Gesun Kingdom. Only those of the Changyang clan had known that Chang Bai was a hidden expert. If it were not for the four kingdoms, his strength would have never been known to anyone outside of the clan.

Chang Wuji's eyes fell upon Saiya with a little surprise, ’’I believe you are called Saiya? I didn't think that you would become a Heaven Saint Master, but because you've injured my Changyang clan, don't blame me for being impolite. The honor of my Changyang clan cannot be so easily trampled upon.’’ With that, Chang Wuji's right hand clenched the air, causing all of the world energy around him to transform into fire the strongest of the six elements in terms of offensive might.

Chang Wuji's speed at gathering the fire elements was extremely fast. In an instant, he had formed a giant sword of fire that flew toward Saiya.

Blanching, Saiya knew that as a recent Heaven Saint Master he was not a match for Chang Wuji. Without hesitation, Saiya instantly took out his Saint Weapon to attack the fire sword.


A large wave of energy exploded outward after the initial collision, covering the entire area within its spread. At the same time, a faint red glow could be seen protecting the entire Changyang clan. Even the walls to the manor were protected from the energy wave.

Saiya let out a mouthful of blood and quickly became pale before staggering back. Although he was a Heaven Saint Master, the difference between the two was far too much if he couldn't even handle a single blow.

The disciples of the Hua Yun Sect had been caught in the blast as well. When the wave of fire had engulfed them, several of the men had lost their lives while many others had barely escaped with their lives. However, they themselves were in a sorry position with their clothes burned completely away.

In an instant, the previously winning Hua Yun Sect fell into disarray from Chang Wuji's appearance. Chang Wuji's strength caused the entire Hua Yun Sect to go quiet with dark expressions.

Suddenly, two giant forces of power came flying forward from far away. As they approached, they slowly dropped down in front of the Changyang Manor.

These two men looked to be seventy year old elders with white robes and bright eyes. However, their faces were scrunched up in anger as they looked forward.

However, the moment the Hua Yun Sect's patriarch saw these two elders, he let out a look of joy and immediately knelt down. ’’I pay my respects to the grand elders!’’

The entire group of disciples from the Hua Yun Sect immediately followed suit and greeted the two elders. Their voices were extremely respectful and shook the sky.

The two grand elders looked ahead of them for a moment before one of them spoke up, ’’Cheng Fei, what is going on here.’’

After asking, the patriarch explained the entire story to the two elders. Upon listening, the two elders grew quiet for a moment. If it was in the past, the Hua Yun Sect wouldn't allow for such treatment from the Changyang clan, and would have beaten them all to death a long time ago. Now that Chang Wuji's strength had been revealed after the events at the northern stronghold, the two elders were secretly afraid of him and didn't dare belittle the Changyang clan. To be able to kill two Heaven Saint Masters wasn't the work any regular person could do. Chang Wuji even had a Heaven Tier Battle Skill which placed heavy pressure on the two grand elders.

One of the grand elders looked to Chang Wuji wearily, ’’Chang Wuji, with one move you've killed a dozen of my Hua Yun Sect. You are being too fierce.’’

Chang Wuji let out a snort, ’’Your Hua Yun Sect has caused such a mess within my Changyang clan and injured a dozen of our clan's strongest. How should such a debt be repaid?’’ Chang Wuji took a step forward with a head held high for the two experts, ready to fight if need be.

The two grand elders from the Hua Yun Sect were taken back for a moment, but they did not shirk away. One of the two immediately explained, I've heard of the matter from those years ago. The fault lies with Changyang Xiangtian, he cut off the arm of our patriarch's son, Cheng Mingxiang. If we tally things up, it is the fault of your Changyang clan. Our Hua Yun Sect only wishes to do things right.’’

’’You jest! The matter had already been investigated into, everything was because of the instigation your Cheng Mingxiang caused with our fourth master. If there's anyone to blame, blame Cheng Mingxiang. A Middle Great Saint having his arm cut off by a Primary Saint is too laughable.’’ Chang Wuji spoke without holding back.


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