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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 430


Chapter 430: Guardian Clan

Underneath, every disciple looked up from far away. Even from such a distance, the look of respect and admiration toward their elder patriarch was clear to see.

The fact that their elder patriarch had a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was something that the disciples could feel joyous about. If he were to use it, the intruder would surely die.

Even the higher ranking members of the sect were astounded by this fact. The current acting patriarch was no exception either. Ever since the elder patriarch had founded the sect a few hundred years ago, not a single person had known that he was in possession of one. If it were not for the fact that an intruder of incredible power had came today, the entire world would remain clueless about his Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

’’Die!’’ A Heaven Saint Master would not always need a long time to prepare a Heaven Tier Battle Skill before it was fully prepared. With a loud explosion, the entire world shook and the mountains echoed with the sound. All everyone could see was the giant hundred meter long sword fly out from his Saint Weapon. From far away, it was like a giant sword had come down from the Heavens themselves in a glorious manner.

Afterward, the elder patriarch waved his Saint Weapon, causing the giant sword to come dropping down toward Jian Chen with a spectacular light. The light was compressed to the point of resembling a mini-sun with the sharp light rays it was emitting. Even the space where the sword was traveling was starting to crack from the pressure in an extremely noticeable way.

Jian Chen had been locked onto by the Heaven Tier Battle Skill, making him unable to move out of the way. With no other choice, he was forced to block it head on.

Growing serious, Jian Chen began to concentrate the Origin energy. At the same time, his eyes began to glow with both the azure and violet light in an unholy manner that made him seem more ghost than human. On the ground, several trees were suddenly uprooted as they splintered into several pieces of timber. In the next moment, each one of the pieces shot toward the giant sword, and the light it was giving off while Jian Chen stayed behind and gathered even more Origin energy.

As for the mother and son, the surrounding earth rose up to cover them, like a fortified fort with the two protected inside. Not only did the earth rise up quickly, but it also compressed the material together to become as dense as iron, and from far away, it looked as if it was a large boulder.


Following a giant explosion from Jian Chen coming into contact with the Heaven Tier Battle Skill, a large wave of energy billowed out like a giant tidal wave. Any building in its path was destroyed and the trees were uprooted. Grass was broken into pieces and even the earth was stripped away of its first layer. Only the mother and son were protected within the stone fort, but even that had started to crack.

After some time, the energy finally started to die down, but the Yangji Sect did not look the same as it had before. The entire place was nearly barren now. The majority of the nearby buildings had been utterly demolished. Many of the disciples of the sect had even been tossed to and fro with serious damages to show for their pains. Some of the weaker men had even fallen off the sides of the mountains;making it difficult to see whether or not they had survived.

The elder patriarch floated up above with a pale face from the exertion. The outcome of his sect was not of concern to him, only the enemy in front of him. When he looked down, an unbelievable sight greeted his eyes.

Jian Chen could be seen floating up in midair with the Origin energy blazing brightly in his right hand. The only difference to him from before the Heaven Tier Battle Skill had struck was that he was slightly pale and his clothes were in tatters. There was also traces of blood coming from his nose and lips that trailed down his throat and to his chest. With his clothes in such a tattered state, the pale white flesh could be seen underneath.

A Heaven Tier Battle Skill was unbelievably strong, and even Jian Chen had to make use of his entire strength in order to block it. If it had been an Earth Tier Battle Skill, even an advanced one would pose no threat to Jian Chen, but a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was completely different compared to an Earth Tier Battle Skill. With just an elemental sword to help him block, Jian Chen wouldn't be able to shrug it off so easily. Jian Chen had to use the Origin energy from the Sword Spirits in order to help, but even then, he had sustained some damage.

’’You... you blocked my Heaven Tier Battle Skill!’’ The Yangji Sect elder patriarch cried out in shock. He couldn't understand how that was possible. Despite it being only a Primary Heaven Tier Battle Skill, it was still a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. He had long since mastered the basics to the skill and could cause devastating damage to even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, so there should have been no way for Jian Chen to escape with just the damage he showed now.

Jian Chen's eyes glowed brightly, ’’I had no idea you would have a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, but even with that, it changes nothing.’’ Right after he spoke, Jian Chen's eyes grew even brighter as he charged toward the elder patriarch.

The elder patriarch's strongest Heaven Tier Battle Skill had been unable to kill Jian Chen, causing him to lose his will to fight. Immediately flying back, he attempted to run away from him.

’’Elder Yang, I'm here to help! I doubt that a Heaven Tier Battle Skill didn't cause as much damage as he shows!’’ The grand elder cried out as he charged toward Jian Chen with his blue colored Saint Weapon.

The elder patriarch's eyes flashed with realization as he spoke, ’’That's right! Even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master would be unable to defend my Heaven Tier Battle Skill. Your internal damages must be worse than what you're trying to show us! Hmph, don't even try to trick us with your nonchalant act.’’ The elder patriarch immediately stopped his retreat and regained the will to fight. Taking out his Saint Weapon, he immediately flew back toward Jian Chen to fight him.

As if taunting them, Jian Chen began to laugh out loud. At the same time, the grand elder had already drawn close to Jian Chen and tried to stab in between Jian Chen's eyes with his water attributed Saint Force.

Jian Chen's right hand blurred into motion as the Origin energy made sword stabbed at the Saint Weapon aimed at him.

Knowing just how strong the Origin energy was, the grand elder had no desire to cross blades with it and immediately changed the trajectory of his blade toward the heart instead.

Despite Jian Chen losing his Saint Force, his reaction speed was still fast and his body was still strong. Capable of using up to 80% of his original speed, he could easily twist his wrist so that the Origin energy sword chased after the enemy's Saint Weapon with a trail of azure and violet. In a moment of light, the two powers clashed together, causing the elder's Saint Weapon to break off in another piece.

The grand elder let out a mouthful of blood as the color drained away from his face. Despite making a great attempt to dodge Jian Chen's weapon, he had still been unable to dodge it.

’’Illusion of the Thousand Swords!’’

The elder patriarch had managed to get close as well and used his Earth Tier Battle Skill without hesitation. Images of his sword began to cover the sky in numerous amounts. Each sword looked more real than not with real killing intent pouring from them.

Jian Chen's eyes flashed with the azure and violet light once more. In an instant, Sword Qi began to shoot out from Jian Chen's body toward the Earth Tier Battle Skill. They shattered each illusion and completely dissolved the elder patriarch's battle skill. The Origin energy in Jian Chen's hands then transformed into a bright gleam of light that shot toward the grand elder.


Stabbing through the area between the grand elder's eyebrows, the Origin energy immediately pierced his head, completely obliterating his soul.

’’Elder Gao!’’ The elder patriarch cried out in grief and anger.

Jian Chen's left hand shot forward to grab the elder's Space Ring. Immediately after, the Origin energy shot forth from his right hand to stab at the grieving elder patriarch.

The elder patriarch's face fell as he immediately backed away in fear. ’’You will regret your actions on this day! No matter who you are, you have earned my wrath upon your next nine generations.’’

Jian Chen paid no heed to his words and chased after him, ’’Starting from today, we'll see if the Yangji Sect will even continue to exist.’’

’’Ignorant man. Do you take my Yangji Sect as a small sect? My sect has a strength far bigger than what you could even imagine!’’ The elder patriarch roared.

Hearing this, Jian Chen stopped for a moment as he thought about his words, ’’Could he have some sort of strong support behind him?’’

’’Hmph, my Yangji Sect cannot even be measured by any means. In front of my sect, you are nothing more than a frog in the well. This division is merely one of the many sects established to look out over the entire continent. Since you've destroyed my Yangji Sect branch here, there'll come a day where the Yangji Sect will dispatch an even stronger expert to eliminate you.’’ The elder spat ominously.

Jian Chen sneered and said, ’’I don't care who you are. You will not escape today.’’ Without any further ado, the azure and violet Origin energy immediately grew bright before speeding toward the elder patriarch without mercy.

The elder patriarch grew dark as he spoke, ’’To offend my Guardian clan, you will regret this!’’ With that, the elder patriarch took out a piece of jade from his Space Ring and instantly crushed it. A strange energy immediately rushed out of it before wrapping the elder up in a strange spatial distortion. He quickly disappeared without a trace.

Jian Chen was shocked. Blinking his eyes, he spread out his omnipresence to cover an entire fifteen kilometer circumference in an attempt to find just where the elder patriarch had gone, but it was to no use. The elder patriarch had disappeared without a trace and could not be located.

’’What was that mysterious item if it could let someone escape more than fifteen kilometers away?’’ Jian Chen questioned with confusion.


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