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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 421


Chapter 421: Disturbance in the Inn (Two)

’’Honored customer, I am truly sorry but you will have to find a new inn for the night. The roasted beef will be free of charge;we sincerely hope that the honored customer will forgive us.’’ The youth returned the gold coin back to Jian Chen with an apologetic look.

Jian Chen looked at the youth for a moment without making any movements to take back his gold coin. Then, he turned around to look at the youth from the Yangji Sect. ’’Just how much money do you plan to give to this inn?’’

Hearing this, the youths from the Yanji Sect all looked at Jian Chen with a cold look. Their eyes began to gleam dangerously to the point where if a timid person were to be the center of their attention, they would have fainted.

’’Kid, who are you?’’ One of the youths spoke out with a dark expression. He had taken Jian Chen's words as an attempted challenge.

The other men from the Yangji Sect began to glare icily at Jian Chen. They didn't know just where Jian Chen had come from since the entire Qiangan Kingdom had heard about the Yangji Sect. Very few men would not know about the sect whose eyes had spread throughout the entire kingdom. Very few could contend with the Yangji Sect, so they were worried that he may belong to one of those groups.

Jian Chen let out a small smile, ’’You don't have the qualification to ask for this one's name, nor have you answered my question. How much do you plan on giving this inn?’’ Jian Chen had a slight arrogant tone to his voice as if he hadn't bothered to care about the Yangji Sect at all.

The youth and the shopkeeper had troubled looks on their faces. Each one knew that there would be no way for the Yangji Sect to take this lying down. In the case that a fight were to break out, their shop would be the one taking damage.

The youth and shopkeeper initially moved to plead with Jian Chen, but after realizing that Jian Chen was no ordinary person from his aura, they stopped where they stood. As a shopkeeper and waiter, they saw many different people everyday, making them able to discern a person by glance alone. In their minds, they knew that Jian Chen was no ordinary person;therefore, trying to plead with Jian Chen would have been useless unless they wanted trouble.

The men from the Yangji Sect were all prideful. Each one of them had a powerful group supporting them, so Jian Chen's words stung their pride. Taking out a purple coin, one of the youths spoke out, ’’I've a purple coin to give to the inn, do you have any problems with that?’’

A single purple coin was worth a hundred gold coins. This was practically half a year's worth of pay, meaning a purple coin was a large sum of money for one single purchase.

The shopkeeper and the waiter were shocked at the large sum of money. With a mutual look, the both of them were greatly moved.

Jian Chen put down the platter he had been eating from. With a single movement, he took out several purple coins from his Space Ring, ’’Then here's ten purple coins to rent out the inn. You may leave now.’’ Jian Chen wasn't one to show off, but these men in front of him were not pleasant people. He decided to take such unusual actions against them.

Seeing the ten purple coins on the table, the men from the Yangji Sect were infuriated. One of them even bursted out in anger, ’’Kid, do you wish to make trouble for our Yangji Sect? You must not like living!’’

’’Wisen up and get the f*ck out of here. Even if you have money, that doesn't mean we won't spare your life!’’

’’If you don't wish to die, then get out! Offending our Yangji Sect is something even the prince can't do.’’

The youths began to cry out in anger as they slowly made their way toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen didn't bother to look at them anymore and continued to eat his meal. ’’If you cannot bring out the money, then please leave. I've already reserved the inn, I don't welcome you here.’’

’’You're taking quite the risk here!’’ One of the youths shouted angrily as he and another person prepared to slam their fists into his head.

With a look of disdain, Jian Chen's chopsticks instantly shot toward the two men that came at him with blinding speed.

Shua! Shua!

Two cries of pain could be heard as the two chopsticks skewered through their fists, causing them to be unable to open their fists. The pain was so intense that they couldn't help but gnashed their teeth together furiously.

Jian Chen's movements shocked the other Yangji Sect men who all looked on in fear.

’’You actually dare to attack our Yangji Sect? You're tired of living!’’ A youth roared.

Jian Chen's eyes flashed dangerously as he waved his hand, causing the two chopsticks to come flying back. In an instant, he stabbed them straight through the throats of the one that spoke, killing him instantly.

Jian Chen's action stunned the entire group to the point where one person began to stutter, ’’Y-yo-you actually killed a member of our Yangji Sect?’’

’’If you wish to live, then get out of the inn. Otherwise, I'll kill you all here.’’ Jian Chen spoke with a tone so icy that even a bucket of ice water would seem hot in comparison.

The group couldn't help but feel extremely vexed at Jian Chen's words, but they had no other choice but to leave the inn dejectedly.

’’Halt, take this body out with you.’’ Jian Chen spoke as he pointed at the corpse on the ground.

With the others unwilling to do it, one reluctant person took the body and left the inn with the group.

After the Yangji Sect left, the entire inn was a deathly calm silence. The inn's shopkeeper and the waiter only looked at Jian Chen timidly, not knowing what he was planning to do next.

Jian Chen threw the chopsticks in his hands and spoke, ’’Shopkeeper, since I've reserved the inn, these ten purple coins are yours.’’ Then without waiting for the shopkeeper to respond, Jian Chen took the satisfied tiger cub up to the second floor.

The sky was already quite dark now, and while Jian Chen was only in a Second Class City, he could hear the sounds of a carriage slowly roll through the streets. In the next moment, several more magical beast mounts could be heard charging toward the inn from every angle. With just one look, anyone could tell that these men were very rich.

At that moment, the youths from before came running toward the carriage. They were from the Yangji Sect, and on their backs, the corpse of their dead friend could be seen hanging.

’’Young lord, please help us take revenge. There is a man that dared challenge our Yangji Sect's power and undermined it. Furthermore, he has killed our fourth youngest!’’

’’Young lord, our fourth youngest has been killed. There must be justice for this, otherwise, where would our Yangji Sect be able to stand afterward?’’

As the youths approached the carriage, they began to cry out with furious expressions.

’’What has happened, explain the situation to me.’’ A middle-aged man on a magical beast mount asked.

Shortly after that, the youths added oil to the fire by exaggerating the story to the man. They spoke of how Jian Chen had completely pushed around the Yangji Sect, causing the other men on the mounts to be furious and their eyes filled with killing intent.

’’Young master, that man is far too brazen. We must definitely teach him a lesson so that he knows the consequences of messing with our Yangji Sect.’’ One of the riders spoke.

’’Definitely, young master, we surely have to give a good lesson to whoever spares no face for our Yangji Sect.’’

’’Does he think our Yangji Sect is an easy target to bully? To kill a disciple of our Yangji Sect... why if news of this were to spread, then our Yangji Sect wouldn't have enough face to remain in the Qiangan Kingdom!’’

Many guards immediately spoke their disapproval and anger at the situation.

’’Everyone should calm down. If that mysterious youth is truly this strong, then he must be an Earth Saint Master at the very least. In that case, we cannot afford to act rashly. Tomorrow, third uncle will be coming to visit, wait for him to come and we shall see just how strong this youth is. Then we'll see how justice is served.’’ The middle-aged man spoke calmly.

This man clearly held a large amount of power, as his words caused everyone else to stay quiet.

A voice could be heard from within the carriage, ’’Uncle Zhou, your words seem to ring true. That man seemed to have killed one of our own with chopsticks, meaning his strength is quite vast. If we were to try and capture him now, our losses would not even compare to our gains. Let us wait for tomorrow so that third uncle can look for him instead.’’

’’Yes, young lord.’’ Every guard spoke in agreement.


The second morning, Jian Chen immediately left the inn and continued on toward the Qiangan Kingdom's imperial palace.

Meanwhile the shopkeeper looked at the purple coins given to her after Jian Chen had left. She couldn't even contain her joy at the large sum of wealth in her hands, but before she could even enjoy it for long, a large group of men instantly stormed into the inn...


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