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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 363


Chapter 363: Inescapable Net (One)

After the battle, Jian Chen continued to use the Radiant Saint Force to heal himself. However, since he had used a lot of his ’’Spirit’’ to try and seal away the dark energy within Rum Guinness, he did not have enough power to completely recover from his own wounds in one go. After healing himself to a half state, Jian Chen stopped the process and took the tiger cub in order to look for a cave to hide in and resume the process of healing himself.

While the ancestor of the Moyun clan had escaped with grave injuries, he still knew where Jian Chen was. Jian Chen didn't know when the elder would be back with reinforcements, so he had to quickly heal. As long as he had enough strength, he would be able to escape. If he didn't, then he wouldn't be able to run far. In the case that another Heaven Saint Master were to give chase, he would not be able to cope.

Jian Chen spent the rest of the day trying to regain all of his strength before attempting to use the Radiant Saint Force to heal himself once more.

Now that Jian Chen had more spirit than before, his ability to control the Radiant Saint Force was even better now. Despite the severity of his injuries, it only took him another hour to completely heal himself.

After his wounds were fully healed, Jian Chen didn't stop to rest. Immediately taking out a Class 5 Monster Core, he began to recover the rest of his Saint Force. After using the Heaven's Stolen Fortune to multiply his strength by three-fold, the amount of Saint Force that he had used had been hefty. Right now his Saint Force was still not in tip top shape and was slowly recovering from his exhausted state.

Recovering the Saint Force was a slow process. It was only ten hours later that Jian Chen's Saint Force had been fully recovered.

Slowly standing up from the ground, Jian Chen changed into a new set of clothes from his Space Ring before taking the still sleeping white tiger out of the cave.

It was well past the midnight hours, and the poisonous fog around the valley was even more noticeable than before. Yet, it was also weaker in potency as well. This type of poison would pose no problem to an Earth Saint Master at all.

Just past the foliage of the trees, Jian Chen could clearly see the blanket of stars and the bright white moon hanging overhead, shining down on the lands.

Jian Chen was still carrying the sleeping white tiger as he looked around the area. After confirming that it was safe, he left from the area under the guise of the dark night.

Jian Chen quickly flew through the forest at a rapid pace. He had already discovered that there were torches lit from every direction, meaning the other factions had already blockaded the entire area and must have hired countless of men to comb through the forest to look for the white tiger cub.

Knowing that the Thousand Poison Valley was no longer safe, Jian Chen could no longer stay here. Using the cover of night to leave the valley, he began to travel through the forest with the Illusionary Flash.

Four hours later, Jian Chen had traveled a far distance away where the outskirts of a city could be seen to Jian Chen.

Immediately dashing for the city, Jian Chen arrived at the wall of the city before silently and sneakily climbing over it and into the city.

Because it was night time, the city was extraordinarily quiet with not a single inn open. Even the streets were cold and desolate without a single person.

Holding the tiger cub close to him as if he was smuggling something, Jian Chen quickly walked by a quiet looking inn. Jumping up to the third floor, he quietly slipped inside through the window without being detected.

Within the inn, Jian Chen set the tiger cub on the bed and then took out another Monster Core to restore his Saint Force.

On the second morning, Jian Chen had changed his appearances to become a thirty year old youth once more before hiding the tiger cub beneath his clothes and leaving the tavern.

One of the waitresses to the inn stared at Jian Chen's back with a suspicious stare, ’’If my memory isn't wrong, I could have sworn that I didn't see him yesterday. Could he have snuck in when I wasn't looking?’’

After leaving, Jian Chen took himself on a stroll around the city before entering a foodstore, ’’Shop owner, do you have any fresh magical beast milk for sale?’’

This shop owner was a forty year old skinny but scholarly man. When he heard Jian Chen, he turned around without batting an eye at the bulge of Jian Chen's stomach. ’’Yes yes, naturally, I have some for sale. Whichever type of magical beast milk the honored customer wants, our store will have it.’’

’’Then let's have a look at your tiger milk. Make them all as fresh and as many as possible, money is not a problem.’’ Jian Chen spoke without a question.

’’Alright, honored customer, please wait one moment, I will be back with your items.’’ With that, the shop owner walked to the back of the store to fetch the items.

Patiently, Jian Chen stood at the front of the store. The tiger cub hadn't eaten for two days, and while Jian Chen didn't know how often the tiger cub needed to eat, it would be for the best if he had some tiger milk on hand.

Soon enough, the time it took to burn a candlewick had gone by without the shop owner reappearing or any sound coming from the back at all.

By now, even Jian Chen had an impatient look on his face. But for the sake of the tiger cub's meal, he could only continue to wait.

Afterward, another brief moment had gone by without the shop owner ever returning. A sense of paranoia struck Jian Chen as he decided that staying here any longer would be unwise and turned to walk out.

Just at that moment, a squad of armored guards suddenly walked through the doors toward Jian Chen.

’’Crap!’’ Jian Chen thought, knowing what this matter was coming too.

Then, the commander of the squadron walked up to Jian Chen with a cold glare, ’’Who are you? Speak your name!’’

Without hesitation, Jian Chen responded, ’’I am Chen Yi, what might the militia want with me?’’

The commander of the soldiers looked at the bulge on Jian Chen's stomach for a moment before speaking, ’’What are you hiding in there, show it to us!’’

Jian Chen's face grew dark, ’’The items in my possession have nothing to do with you.’’

’’Hmph, there has been a spike in criminal acts in the city recently, you must be hiding stolen goods.’’ The commander spat out the words as if he thought Jian Chen was a fiend.

Hearing that, Jian Chen gently lifted away the robes to reveal the head of the tiger cub who was still sleeping soundly, ’’Is this an item that appeared to be stolen?’’

The soldier's eyes immediately shined as he spotted the tiger cub, ’’Quick, capture the cub and report it to the city lord straight away!’’

The surrounding soldiers charged at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons ready to strike.

Snorting, Jian Chen's hand flashed through the air and shot a strong gust of wind that pierced into their chests before sweeping his other hand across the counter. In a single movement, he had already collected all of the nearby milk bottles into his Space Ring before leaving the shop.

Most of the soldiers were Great Saints while the commander himself was only a Saint Master, just how could they stop him?

Bursting out of the store, Jian Chen immediately held tight to the tiger cub as he ran for the city gates. Leaping across from roof to roof with an impeccable speed, everyone on the ground could only look at him in shock as they talked to each other.

’’Qui-quick, send a report to the city lord's mansion, we've found the target!’’ The commander who had his chest pierced by the gust of wind cried out loud as he clutched at the part of the chest.

In a flash, an ear splitting sound could be heard as a ball of fireworks flew off into the air before exploding loudly.

Not too long after, a figure could be seen flying through the air in the direction of where the firework had exploded.

’’Look, that person's flying...’’

’’Heavens, who would have known there would be a Heaven Saint Master within our Lanfeng City.’’


At the front of the city, a soldier guard cried out in a large voice, ’’Hurry up and close the gates! Everyone forward! Anyone that disobeys will be killed without mercy! Archers, prepare your arrows and await the signal! Hurry up and get ready!’’

Immediately, the soldiers all began to busy themselves with their own respective tasks as the gate began to close. At the same time, each person were shouting out commands to each other.

Continuing to fly along the road, he quickly came to the city gates which were already closed and had blocked many people from entering or leaving.

With a single leap, Jian CHen had already began to scale the wall in an attempt to cross it.

’’Fire!’’ The soldier commander had barked out.

Suddenly, the already notched bows of the archers were released, causing a myriad of arrows to fly at Jian Chen while the crossbow wielders launched the heavy bolts at him as well.

With a sneer, Jian Chen let a bubble of Saint Force out from his entire body before spreading out twenty meters away from him with a thickness of two inches so the arrows wouldn't pierce it.

’’Fire, fire, fire! Don't let him get away!’’ The commander cried out.

The soldiers continued to hustle around as they resupplied for the second barrage. Jian Chen's speed was far beyond what they had anticipated and so by the time the archers had notched their arrows again, Jian Chen had already started to run further up the city walls. With each step he made, he accelerated in speed before he finally cleared the wall and escaped the city.

’’Commander, he escaped! What should we do now, give chase?’’

’’Commander, should we bring people to chase after him...?’’

The other soldiers could only cry out for the commander and wait for a response, but no response came.

’’Commander, what should we do?’’ A captain had asked once more.

Suddenly, a line of blood could be seen on the commander's neck. Then, right in the middle of everyone, the head of their commander fell to the ground.


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