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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 262


Chapter 262: Finished Operation

With the heavy rain and darkness, visibility was extremely hampered. Combined with the fact that every single Xia clansmen was still fighting, the death of the patriarch of the Xia clan had gone completely unnoticed.

After piercing through the throat of the patriarch, the Light Wind Sword spun in the air and flew back toward Jian Chen’s hand. The Xia clan’s patriarch truly did deserve the rank of being an Earth Saint Master. Even after being pierced through the throat, he did not die. Both of his eyes were wide open with terror, but unfortunately with his throat pierced, he had lost the ability to talk. Otherwise, he would have said what was on his mind as he was at his final moments.

Because the sword that had pierced his throat was so inconceivably fast and could independently fly around the air, the Xia clan’s patriarch had no knowledge of what this sword was.

The life continued to drain away from the patriarch’s inner organs and body. Slowly, he closed his eyes as he continued to try and solve the mystery that was on his mind.

Thunder could be heard from the skies once more as the lightning illuminated the entire area for a brief moment. The immense downpour slammed against the ground so heavily that everyone’s sense of hearing was severely affected.

Jian Chen’s water soaked figure continued to drip with water as he walked toward the body. Squatting down, Jian Chen took off the patriarch’s Space Belt on his waist and the Space Ring on his hand. With a brief inspection to see whether or not they were damaged, he then immediately left the area.

The patriarch of the Xia clan was the leader of the clan, and was also the founder. At the same time, he was also an Earth Saint Master, meaning that the wealth he had would surely be a great boon to Jian Chen and the developing Flame Mercenaries.

After killing the patriarch, Jian Chen didn’t give up fighting and immediately charged toward the rest of the Xia clansmen. Since he now had an utter dislike for the Xia clan, he would not be merciless. With each one of these men being the strongest fighters in the clan, if they were all killed, then the Xia clans strength would be drastically weakened

The Xia clan had an advantage, with multiple Great Saint Masters and a few Saint Masters, their fighting strength was strong enough for the seven Great Saint Masters to be injured. Even Qing Shan and Qing Mu were both injured, leaving only the earth Saint Force and battle skill owner, Qing Yun, to be unscathed. He was fighting several Great Saint Masters by himself, greatly reducing the pressure for the others on his side.

With Jian Chen added to the mix, the previous advantage the Xia clan had was flipped around. A few ordinary Saint Masters working together may have threatened a regular Great Saint master and may have been enough to kill one, but in Jian Chen’s eyes, they were nothing more than lambs to the slaughter.

Jian Chen entered the group of Xia clansmen with his Light Wind Sword striking everywhere at a rapid speed. Each and every sword strike found a home in one of the Xia clansmen’s throats, and before they could react, their life had been claimed by Jian Chen.

Under the quick killing pace that Jian Chen was setting, the Xia clansmen’s numbers quickly dwindled down, and not too long after, not a single one remained.

With his sudden appearance, the three men from the Tianhua Sect were utterly amazed at Jian Chen.

There had been three hundred men from the Xia clan. Including the patriarch, everyone was killed without a single one escaping.

On the other side, only the Great Saint Masters from the Flame Mercenaries, Qing Shan and Qing Mu had taken damage. Every one of them was bloodied with open wounds that blood streamed out of.

“Brother Jian Chen, is the patriarch of the Xia clan dead?” Qing Yun panted as he asked Jian Chen. Because Jian Chen and the patriarch had been fighting a far distance away in the pitch darkness, Qing Yun was completely unable to tell how the fight had gone. Furthermore, with the pressure he was feeling during the fight, he couldn’t spare the time to try and get a good look.

Jian Chen smiled, but with the darkness, it was not easily seen by the others. “Don’t worry, that old man has been taken care of by me already.”

With that, the three men from the Tianhua Sect felt sweat form on their foreheads. Their hearts felt utter shock at this piece of information;none of them had thought that Jian Chen would be able to kill an Earth Saint Master with a battle skill so fast. Furthermore, from what information they had previously gathered, they knew that the patriarch was a Second Cycle Earth Saint Master who was on the verge of making it to the Third Cycle.

“It’s a good thing that our Tianhua Sect chose not to provoke Jian Chen. For the sake of a single Class 5 Monster Core, it would not be worth it to make such an expert our enemy.” Qing Yun thought to himself.

Walking up to the rest of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen looked at everyone and asked, “Are there any major injuries?” With these Great Saint Masters being experts of the battlefield, Jian Chen wasn’t willing to lose any of them.

“While there’s a few heavy injuries, they’re not life threatening.” Duo Kang spoke with a weak voice.

“Brother Jian Chen, their injuries look quite serious. We should head back to Wake City and have a Radiant Saint Master come treat them.” Qing Yun proposed.

Nodding his head, Jian Chen immediately set off to grab the Space Belts from every single person on the battlefield. Afterward, he led the group back to Wake City.

“Brother Jian Chen, Wake City doesn’t have any Radiant Saint Masters, and even if there are, they are hard to find. You should take them back first, I’ll go to a nearby Second Class city to go find one.” Qing Yun then followed up.

“Then I’ll be relying on you, brother Qing Yun.” Jian Chen spoke with a respectful salute.

“Haha, brother Jian Chen doesn’t need to be so polite.” Qing Yun responded before leaving by himself. Since Qing Shan and Qing Mu were injured, they followed Jian Chen and the others back to Wake City.

The trip back to Wake City was rather slow because of their injuries. The rest of the morning passed by, Jian Chen and the rest finally arrived at Wake City.

After reaching the Kai courtyards, Jian Chen found a few rooms for the nine to rest up in. He dabbed some medicinal herbs onto their wounds and gave them some panacea so their wounds would heal at a faster rate.

By evening, Qing Yun had brought a white robed youth back to the Kai clan. This youth was around twenty eight years old with frail looking disposition. There was an arrogant look on his face as he came in with a dark skinned Great Saint Master.



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