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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 253


Chapter 253: The Might of a Battle Skill

One of the three Great Saint Masters, Duo Kang immediately laughed, “Young lord of the Xia clan, please wait one moment, we’ve already notified captain Jian Chen.”

“Hmph, I did not think that there would be men in this tiny city that would dare to force our Xia clan to wait. Uncle Liu, teach these men how different the heavens are to the earth!” The youth within the chariot commanded.

One of the men sitting on top of the Class 2 Magical Beast leaped off of his mount with his eyes flashing dangerously. In mid air, he flew ten meters to where Kai Er was and lashed out with a kick at his head.

Kai Er sneered before condensing Saint Force within his hands before meeting each kick from the man with his Saint Force enhanced hands.

“Bang bang bang….”

Following a muffled sound, Kai Er and the middle aged man exchanged a series of blows before the man finally landed on the ground. Kai Er’s feet couldn’t help but be forced back a bit as his hands started to redden. The middle aged man on the other hand was still as composed as ever.

They were both experts of the Great Saint Master level. The difference was, this middle aged man was already at the Peak Great Saint Master realm which was higher than Kai Er’s level by a good amount.

When the middle aged man landed on the ground, he laughed, “How insignificant you are. To dare place our Xia clan on the same level as your Kai clan. Today will be the day I teach you a lesson.” Immediately, a blue colored Saint Force began to form in his right hand before forming a long and slender blue whip. To the observant ones, they would be able to see water like ripples gleam across the whip’s surface.

“Water attribute Saint Force!”

Seeing the long whip within the man’s hands, all four of the Great Saint Masters were shocked. Saint Force with an attribute was extremely rare in Wake City, but this man unexpectedly had a water Saint Force.

The man brandished the whip and allowed it to snap back in the air for a crisp “Pa!” sound before flying straight toward Kai Er. The moment when the whip flew at Kai Er, the blue light from the whip immediately spread out and confused everyone who was watching as it masked the trajectory of the whip’s path.

Against a peak Great Saint Master, Kai Er didn’t dare to underestimate him and so he immediately brought out his own Saint Weapon to clash against the whip.

The whip was unnaturally soft, and so the moment the two weapons hit, the whip coiled around the sword like a viper before going taut.

Immediately feeling the change in control of his Saint Weapon, Kai Er immediately gave a big shout as a surge of Saint Force rippled out from his sword and slashed down onto the whip wielder.

The middle aged man sneered as he pulled on his whip. The whip immediately went from a soft form into one of rigid steel that restricted Kai Er’s sword in midair.

Tugging on his sword, Kai Er was unfortunately unable to force his sword to move thanks to the immovable whip around his sword.

With his Saint Weapon unable to be swung or moved, Kai Er was forced into a position where he couldn’t do anything.

“Hmph! How savage the Xia clan are.” Duo Kang sneered from the side before immediately swinging down onto the whip with his Saint Weapon.

The middle aged man sneered in disdain before retrieving his whip with a simple hand gesture. In an instant, the whip flew away from where Duo Kang had swung down on.

This time, the man didn’t take advantage of Duo Kang’s sword to swing his whip around it. Instead, the whip became an extremely strong weapon of steel and smashed against the lateral side of Duo Kang’s sword.


Following the sounds of metal hitting metal, Duo Kang’s sword was immediately knocked away. Even a sudden attack on him had been quickly nullified by the whip.

Duo Kang’s expression grew dark before quickly before looking to Charcas and Qingfeng, “He’s quite strong, come help!” With the man from the Xia clan having a water attribute Saint Force as well as being a Peak Great Saint Master, his strength was not something Duo Kang could face on his own.

Qingfeng and Charcas didn’t hesitate and immediately brought out their own Saint Weapons to charge at the man. Charcas’ Saint Weapon was a sword that was extremely large. With each swing, a large ear piercing sound could be heard. Qingfeng’s weapon was a three meter long spear that left a streak of white light as it moved through the air. Its movements were like a coiling dragon as well as a viper, unpredictable: its path would change with each strike.

The middle aged man’s strength was extremely strong and so even against three Great Saint Masters, he wasn’t at a disadvantage at all. With the whip being so flexible and him being an expert, his whip skill was at the pinnacle of mastery. The whip was capable of being soft and flexible yet at the same time becoming as strong as rigid metal that couldn’t be defended against.

The whip and the Saint Weapons of the three Great Saint Masters continued to clash in an endless stream of blows as the sounds of battle rang through the courtyard.

Within the Kai clan, more and more members of the Flame Mercenaries slowly came to the front to hear what the sound was. The moment they saw that Duo Kang and the other Great Saint Masters were fighting, each one of them pulled out their own Saint Weapons and prepared to fight as well.

At this moment, two shadowy figures shot past the Flame Mercenaries to where the other Great Saint Masters were. The two of them didn’t waste any time and immediately joined with Duo Kang and the others to fight against the middle aged man from the Xia clan. After all, seeing them fight meant there was no need for any words to be said.

“Haha, I didn’t think the Kai clan would be hiding so many experts. five Great Saint Masters, this is truly a strong force within Wake City.” The young lord of the Xia clan spoke slowly.

“My lord, you might know this but, each one of the five Great Saint Masters in front of us once led their own strong mercenary group. Once Jian Chen appeared, each one of them dissolved their mercenary groups and became one with the Flame Mercenaries. Furthermore, the leader of this Flame Mercenaries is Jian Chen. I’ve also heard that the Kai clan and the Dohre clan have also joined with the Flame Mercenaries” A youth spoke out respectfully to the one inside the carriage.

“Oh, is that right? Ha, it seems the one named Jian Chen is quite a complex person. I’ve heard he is only twenty years old;a youth with this much strength is surely someone I can praise.” The young lord within the chariot laughed.

Within the Kai courtyard, the middle aged man from the Xia clan was feeling pressure now that he was fighting against five Great Saint Masters. His face was extremely serious now. He was no longer the calm and composed person he was before. Despite being a water attributed Peak Great Saint Master with top notch strength, fighting against five Great Saint Masters was still very difficult. With three Middle Great Saint Masters and two barely Peak Great Saint Masters, this was enough to give him an extremely challenging time.

Kai Er stood off to the side and watched the battle continue. Because of how these five Great Saint Masters all had experience fighting with each other, they were able to fight seamlessly in coordination. If he were to join in the fight however, he would break apart the understanding of the group and how they fought.

The six people continued to fight for some time, pushing the middle aged man into a disadvantageous situation. Then at that moment, the middle aged man’s eyes flashed dangerously as he roared, “Let me show you how dangerous my battle skill then, Water Stream!” A strong amount of his water Saint Force immediately flowed around him as his whip began to move about crazily. Around him, numerous blue colored whips formed and filled the sky before flying toward the five Great Saint Masters.

Duo Kang and the other four all shouted angrily as their inner Saint Force pulsed out of them to form on the outside of their bodies. Immediately, the stream of water crashed into the five’s defenses. While their Saint Force pulsed violently upon contact, the good thing was that despite the strength of the battle skill, the defenses of the Great Saint Master were enough to defend against it.

“Mountain Carrying Torrent!” The man shouted once more as the whip in his hand rippled once more before striking at Duo Kang and the others in the pattern of a viper.

The five weren’t afraid at all and struck at the whip simultaneously.

While the whip looked small at first, it then suddenly transformed into the size of a huge mountain. The moment the five Great Saint Master’s Saint Weapons clashed against it, a loud vibration was sent back through their arms and numbed them so much that they felt as if their bones were about to shatter. Their Saint Weapons couldn’t help but fall to the ground as they all fell back a few steps.

The whip didn’t falter in the least and struck them all in the chest firmly.


Following the large sound, Duo Kang and the other four’s shirts were all instantly destroyed. Blood flew through the air as their heavy bodies flew along with it before falling to the ground five meters away. With difficulty then, each person tried to crawl back up from the ground.

Originally, victory had been in sight for the five Great Saint Masters, but with this battle skill, the situation had changed. From this it could be seen that the power of a battle skill was truly terrifying.

The middle aged man sneered at the floored men. “To be able to force me to use my battle skill, you should all be proud of this achievement until you die. Today I will break apart your legs to vent my anger.” The middle age man lifted his whip and was about to lash out when another voice called out to him immediately.

“Halt!” The voice was filled with such anger that it was almost a roar.

Hearing the, the middle age man couldn’t help but stop his hand before turning to look only to see a youth around the age of twenty wearing a cheap white robe. His hair only reached his shoulders and despite the clothes looking so simple, the youth himself was rather handsome. His skin was as white as a sheep’s wool, making it hard to believe that this skin color, that’d make any woman jealous, actually belonged to a man. His delicate facial features matched each other flawlessly. It was to the point where people suspected that his face was the killer of all the girls in the world.

Jian Chen had cultivated the Azulet Sword Law since his birth and so practically every cell within his body was strengthened. Not once had he ever tried to alter his body and had allowed nature to run its course instead. Therefore, no matter whether it was his body or his appearances, the Azulet Sword Law was the cause. From the beginning it had developed him perfectly so that even his appearance would become handsome looking. As he grew older, he had also continued to train his body and strengthened it, causing his appearances to follow suit.

“Who are you!” The middle-aged man from the Xia clan sternly asked as he glared sharply at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s expression was overcast as he said, “I’m the one you’re looking for, Jian Chen.” He didn’t conceal the intense killing intent reflected in his eyes.



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