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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 250


Chapter 250: In Possession of Another Two Class 5 Monster Cores

Upon arriving at the Kai clan compound, Jian Chen walked past the gates unhindered as the guards respectfully called out to him.

Jian Chen continued to walk toward where the Flame Mercenaries were. Very few people were moving about, and not too far away, the sounds of pain and suffering could be heard loudly.



The moment they saw Jian Chen walk in, many of the Flame Mercenaries members scrambled to greet him with a greater tone of respect than before. During the magical beast wave, Jian Chen had killed many of the Class 4 Magical Beasts that were close to killing them, thus saving the lives of many of the Flame Mercenaries members while taking revenge for those who were dead.

“Captain, you’ve returned!” Qingfeng, Mo Tian, Charcas, Duo Kang and Seth all immediately came from within the courtyard to greet Jian Chen. Each one of them had a few wounds on their bodies, and the bandages wound around their wounds still had blood staining through them.

Slowly as everyone came to greet him, Jian Chen couldn’t help but sigh in relief as he saw no serious wounds on the five Great Saint Masters. These five were the pillars of the Flame Mercenaries, and the goal of almost every member in there. He definitely did not wish to lose any of them.

“How are the casualties?” Jian Chen asked the five.

“The casualties aren’t as heavy as expected. In total twenty of our brothers have lost their lives, eight of them were Saint Masters. Sixty more of our brothers are injured to a lesser degree as well.” A man reported.

“That’s not as bad as expected, that’s good.” Jian Chen relaxed before opening up his Space Belt. “Here are a thousand purple coins, go buy the medicine needed to heal our brothers and give the rest of the money to the families of the deceased.”

“We thank the captain!”

With Jian Chen’s actions, both the five Great Saint Masters and the rest of the members were moved. Immediately, their faces all lit up with emotions as they thanked him.

Within the mercenaries, while there were many people that were orphans, there were just as many of them with elderly parents or a wife and children. Many of them had risked their lives on the Tian Yuan Continent in order to improve themselves and make a living to support their families. They were the backbone of their families and the only source of income. With one’s death, that meant their family would have no way of making a living and be forced to live an arduous life. Jian Chen’s actions caused everyone there to be moved emotionally. With this, many of the mercenaries decided for good that they would follow Jian Chen in the future.

It could be said that this action of Jian Chen had purchased everyone’s affection.

Two days later, Yun Li and two guards arrived at the Kai clan before walking into the small courtyard where Jian Chen was.

“Brother Jian Chen. After preparing for the past two days, the monster cores from the magical beast wave have all been gathered. In accordance to your contributions, the items in this Space Belt are for you.” With that, Yun Li handed a Space Belt to Jian Chen.

Looking inside the Space Belt, Jian Chen saw a large pile of monster cores. There were plenty of Class 4 Monster Cores, but what had amazed Jian Chen the most was that there were two Class 5 Monster Cores.

“There are a total of four hundred Class 3 Monster Cores, a hundred Class 4 Monster Cores, and two Class 5 Monster Cores.” Yun Li explained after handing it to him.

“Lord, surely the distribution of the monster cores is too much for me. A quarter of the monster cores here are of the Class 4 level, and there are even two Class 5 Monster Cores. This type of distribution will surely make many people bitter. It’s also only reasonable to say that these two Class 5 Monster Cores should be given to the two senior envoys.” Despite being tempted by the two Class 5 Monster Cores, Jian Chen knew that there were only three of them, if a single person were to get two of them, then the two envoys would definitely not feel satisfied by such a decision. Class 5 Monster Cores were rare treasures, and Jian Chen had no desire to offend two Earth Saint Masters.

“Brother Jian Chen, this type of distribution is already unfair to you as it is. You’ve contributed so much to the magical beast wave efforts. Even if you were to collect half of the total Class 4 Monster Cores, no one would complain because aside from the Class 4 Magical Beasts killed by the Magical Crystal Cannons, the rest of them had been entirely killed by brother Jian Chen. Because of your actions in dealing with them, many of our brothers were saved. And for the Class 5 Monster Cores, this was what the senior envoys had both wanted.” Yun Li explained.

“Haha, brother Jian Chen. These monster cores belong to you, so don’t try to get out of it and just accept them.” As soon as his laugh ended, the two white robed Katata and Katafei swiftly entered, with Katata speaking out kindly.

In the time span of the past two days, Katata and Katafei had quickly healed thanks to the Radiant Saint Master and their own healing ability.

“Brother Jian Chen. Even though you have two Class 5 Monster Cores, we feel that this is still too little. After all, all three of the Class 5 Magical Beasts were killed by your hand. If it were not for you, then the both of us would not have been able to kill any of the Class 5 Magical Beasts and would only have been able to run away. Even with just one Class 5 Monster Core, that is by itself a tremendous profit already.” Katata spoke with a gentle laugh and a kind smile.

“Then if senior envoys both agreed to this, then I will accept it.” Jian Chen smiled. Even Jian Chen wanted the Class 5 Monster Cores because of their overwhelming superiority over Class 4 Monster Cores. There was a huge qualitative and quantitative gap between the two as one Class 5 rivaled at the very least ten Class 4 Monster Cores.

“Brother Jian Chen, I’ve also consented to give all three Class 5 Magical Beast’s corpses to you. I don’t know how you plan to deal with them, whether it be sending them to the auction house or for your own personal usage.” Katata laughed.

Jian Chen’s eyes sparked dangerously as he said, “I will take the Golden Fur Tiger King. As for the Green Scaled Ape’s corpse, the envoys can have it. After all if it were not for the chance given to me by the envoys, I would not have been able to kill the Green Scaled Ape.”

Hearing that, Katata and Katafei both had happy looks on their faces, “Then we will happily take the Green Scaled Ape’s body.” With that, Katata didn’t try to avoid taking the corpse. The corpse of the Green Scaled Ape was something that he desired, and had originally planned on buying the corpse from Jian Chen with money. However, now that Jian Chen had unexpectedly given him the corpse, then he would gladly accept it. From the three corpses, the Green Scaled Ape was the highest quality one since it was at the very least a Fifth Cycle Class 5 Magical Beast. This level of power was stronger than both Katata and Katafei, so the price would definitely be higher than that of the Golden Fur Tiger King and the Bladed Crocodile.

Afterward, Jian Chen and Katata began to talk to each other. There was a huge kind smile on Katata’s face that would allow anyone to feel at ease when talking to him. Katafei on the other hand, had the expression of a board. Sitting by the side with a blank face, he was almost like a statue and did not say a single word.

“Brother Jian Chen, tomorrow Katafei and I will leave Wake City to return to our Tianlong City. Should you come by our Tianlong City, then you should go to the lord’s mansion to find us. Should you also come across any trouble there, be sure to tell them our name. I believe no one would dare find trouble with you after that.” After the battle, Katata had a favorable impression of Jian Chen’s strength. He had killed multiple Class 4 Magical Beasts like ants and killed the Class 5 Golden Fur Tiger King with a single sword strike to the head. Then, with another strike, the Bladed Crocodile had its head shattered and rendered;anyone that had witnessed the fight would have been speechless. Even as Earth Saint Masters, Katata and Katafei didn’t dare to try and be arrogant around Jian Chen and so they treated him as an equal and tried to strike a courteous relationship with him.

“Definitely. If I ever come across trouble, I will remember your words.” Jian Chen smiled respectfully with gratitude.

Quickly, Katata and Katafei both left the courtyard leaving only Yun Li and Jian Chen behind.

“Brother Jian Chen, might you have any other questions for me?” Yun Li asked politely.

“Lord Yun Li, this one has one thing I hope you can help me with. Might you assist in finding some people for me?” Jian Chen immediately got straight to business.

“Haha, no problem. I don’t know who brother Jian Chen wishes to find, but as long as they are within Wake City, then I will overturn the entire city to find them.” Yun Li laughed.

Afterward, Jian Chen supplied Kendall and the other dead members’ name and appearance to Yun Li before saying, “Lord Yun Li, would you be able to find their families for me?”

Yun Li furrowed his eyebrows, “Brother Jian Chen, this amount of information is too little. To try and find them from this information may be difficult, but don’t worry. This matter is something I will personally oversee and search the entire city. Whether it is possible or not, I will find out. As long as they are in Wake City, then I will definitely do something.”

Jian Chen nodded his head silently, “Right now, I only wish that they are in Wake City. Otherwise, with the continent being so vast, where would I go to find them? It is a shame that uncle Kendall’s quick death left me with little information. He wasn’t able to tell me where his family was, otherwise I wouldn’t have such trouble.”

“Brother Jian Chen, what type of connection does this Kendall have with you?” Seeing the expression on Jian Chen’s face, Yun Li couldn’t help but be curious.

Jian Chen’s expression grew dark for a moment, “Uncle Kendall was the benefactor who saved my life and was also the first captain of the Flame Mercenaries.”

“So it is like that.” Yun Li suddenly connected the dots. Immediately, he left the courtyard in order to start the investigation.

In the afternoon, a member of the Flame Mercenaries came to Jian Chen’s courtyard. “Captain, the captain of the Bloodrain Mercenaries wishes to see you.”

From within, Jian Chen opened his eyes from his meditative position. “What purpose does he have?”

“It would appear he wishes to give thanks to you for saving his life.” The mercenary responded.

“Tell him that a few days ago, everyone was in the same situation. Help should be a given, and so his thanks are unwarranted.” Jian Chen replied evenly.

“Yes!” The mercenary replied before quickly leaving.

Not too long after that, another mercenary came by to Jian Chen’s courtyard. “Captain, the captain of the Mercenaries of the War God is here to see you.”

“Tell him that I am still recovering from my wounds and cannot properly receive him.”


“Captain, the captain of the Storm Mercenaries is here to see you.”

“I’m not here!”

“Captain, the Blue Mercenaries vice captain is here to see you.”

“I’m not here!”


After that. Jian Chen’s days were not peaceful. Countless of mercenary captains as well as the leaders of many clans came to see him in an endless stream. Right now four days had past since the magical beast wave had ended. Thus, many of the men who took part in the battle had researched just who the youth was that had rescued them as well as the one who killed the three Class 5 Magical Beasts. So more and more people came;after all, Jian Chen’s fighting strength was on par with an Earth Saint Master so many people had wished to establish some sort of friendship with him.

Jian Chen had long since guessed their intent, so he locked the doors and refused to see anyone, otherwise he would have a huge mess on his hands.



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