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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 248


Chapter 248: Heavily Injuring the Ape

A surge of fire Saint Force rippled out from Katafei’s body as it formed a faint shield around him, making it seem as if the god of fire had just descended..

The Green Scaled Ape still paid no attention to Katafei. Both of its eyes were focused on Jian Chen with a blood thirsty and malicious glare as if it had a deep grudge against him.

Wincing from the pain in his chest, Jian Chen staggered up from the ground. The bones in his chest had already fractured and some pieces had even started to stab into his inner flesh, causing him to feel so much pain that a thick blanket of sweat could be seen on his forehead. Watching the Green Scaled Ape come running at him, Jian Chen’s face grew solemn. He knew that the three Class 5 Magical Beasts were on friendly terms with each other, so when he had killed two of the three, the Green Scaled Ape would definitely come running at him.

Upon seeing how the Green Scaled Ape had essentially ignored him, Katafei growled under his breath as another explosion of fire essence came out from him before forming a three meter long blade.

“Cloudfire Blade!” With a loud shout, the floating red blade above his head immediately flew through the air like a shooting star with the Green Scaled Ape as its destination.

It was then that the Green Scaled Ape finally halted its movement. Snarling angrily, it raised a fist to smash apart the Cloudfire Blade.

Straight away, the Cloudfire Blade was smashed into pieces from the ape’s fist. The energy splashed all over the area and filled the sky with its heat before incinerating any nearby plant life into ashes.

Upon the disappearance of the flame, Katafei’s body fell from the sky like a kite without a string. His body fell twenty meters from the sky before finally crashing down to the ground with an extremely pale face.

The Green Scaled Ape’s body shook slightly as it looked at the wound on its fist. The scales on that part of the fist had been obliterated and a green liquid began to drip down slowly from its fist to the ground.


Roaring angrily once more, it raised a fist to strike at the grounded Katafei. With this, it had finally changed targets from Jian Chen to Katafei and moved closer to him. An injury by Katafei would not be excused by the ape.

“Cloudfire Blade!”

Just as the Green Scaled Ape was completely focused on Katafei, Katata suddenly rose up into the air and slashed at the Green Scaled Ape with another Cloudfire Blade.

As soon as the Cloudfire Blade made contact, the Green Scaled Ape’s shoulder immediately began to bleed.

“What a strong defense!” Katata cried out. The defense of the Green Scaled Ape was far beyond what he had expected. To think that even after using his entire strength, there would only be a small amount of damage.

Suddenly a large palm came toward Katata to smack him down. Borrowing the body of the Green Scaled Ape, Katata kicked off from the ape in order to dodge the strike.

With bloodthirsty eyes, the Green Scaled Ape swung toward Katata with an arm ready to strike Katata down from the air once more.

Katata’s face changed immediately. Since he was in midair, he had no way of moving and so with the Green Scaled Ape’s fist, there was no way of dodging it.

Katata let out a loud shout as a large amount of fire Saint Force exploded from his body. In an instant it covered his entire body before using his Saint Weapon to slash at the Green Scaled Ape’s fist.

The Green Scaled Ape wasn’t afraid and the fist continued to move in a fluid motion to swat Katata, a layer of green scales immediately came close to hitting him.

Katata’s sword was knocked aside from the force of the Green Scaled Ape’s fist before landing fiercely onto his body. With a bone breaking sound, Katata’s body was sent flying with blood coming out from his mouth.

At the same time, Jian Chen resisted the great feeling of pain within his chest and soared toward the ape. With the Light Wind Sword flashing dangerously, he stabbed at the throat of the Green Scaled Ape.

The Green Scaled Ape suddenly turned its head to look straight Jian Chen. Despite the sword coming at it, he didn’t move to dodge the sword and instead lifted a giant hand to swat at Jian Chen.

The ape had complete confidence in its defenses. If two Earth Saint Masters weren’t able to cause any major sort of damage on it, then a Great Saint Master like Jian Chen wouldn’t even land a scratch.


For a brief moment, the Light Wind Sword was stopped by the defensive scales on the ape’s neck. Then, the azure and violet glows on the Light Wind Sword instantly cut through the scales like a hot knife through butter and the blade was inserted deep within its throat.


Almost at the same time, the Green Scaled Ape’s palm slammed against Jian Chen’s chest with an unbelievable amount of force, causing some of his inner organs to rupture. Flying away from the fist, Jian Chen began to vomit blood as he felt excruciating pain in his body.

“Hou!” After a fatal blow to the throat, the Green Scaled Ape cried out angrily toward the heavens;causing the group of magical beasts around it to shiver in extreme fear.

From far away, the mercenaries all stopped what they were doing and slowly turned to look at the Green Scaled Ape. Each one of them knew that whether Wake City could be saved or even if they could survive, depended on this one battle. Not only was this battle determining Wake City’s future, but also whether or not the entire group of humans there would live or die.

Green liquid slowly dripped down from the throat of the Green Scaled Ape in an endless stream. Despite it slowly losing its life, its eyes carried a malicious and dangerous glare as it strode toward Jian Chen.

At that moment, another two streaks of red light flashed as Katata and Katafei charged toward the Green Scaled Ape. The both of them knew what had to be done, with the Golden Fur Tiger King and Bladed Crocodile dead, the two of them could do what they had initially planned on;killing the Class 5 Magical Beast.

“Brother Jian Chen, while we stall the Green Scaled Ape, find an opportunity to kill the beast!” Katata cried out from his position. Despite the two of them suffering from heavy wounds themselves, they could both manage to stall for time if they worked together. Furthermore, the Green Scaled Ape itself had suffered serious wounds on its neck. Despite it not dying straight away, its strength would surely be less than before.

Katafei and Katata continued to fight the Green Scaled Ape and were periodically sent flying backwards at least three times. The two of them were suffering from grave wounds, but finally, Jian Chen had found an opportunity and with one final leap toward the Green Scaled Ape, he slammed his sword into its head with Sword Qi enforcing it for a stronger effect.

The Green Scaled Ape’s gigantic body began to shake slowly. With a tiny wobble, it finally came crashing down to the ground.

As for Jian Chen, with no more energy left in his body, he fell to the ground unconscious as well.



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