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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 245


Chapter 245: Despair! 3 Class 5 Magical Beasts

Two hours later, a hundred Class 4 Magical Beasts had been killed, and practically 99 of them were all killed by Jian Chen. With the Class 4 Magical Beasts dead, the Great Saint Masters were now gaining the upper ground and were completely dominating the weaker leveled magical beasts.

Jian Chen didn’t stop even for a moment. The Class 3 Magical Beasts were his new goal;separating himself from the others, he immediately set about killing every Class 3 Magical Beast in sight. Soon enough, the surrounding environment around Jian Chen was filled with a small mountain of magical beasts that had been completely slaughtered by him.

Within another crowd of magical beasts, Jian Chen constantly brandished and thrust his sword at an unbelievable speed while maintaining a style of movement that seemed as if he were dancing. Around him on the ground, magical beasts were falling one by one without realizing that they were dead. Their strength was only that of a Class 3 Magical Beast and were not able to even go up against Jian Chen’s might. Almost as if he had eyes on the back of his head, Jian Chen could always quickly dodge out of the way from a sneak attack from behind. Even if he were surrounded, he was not afraid at all and instead began to reap the lives of the magical beasts like a god of death.

Against Jian Chen who seemed to be the embodiment of the god of death, these magical beasts were not afraid at all. Their bloodthirst was instead increasing their berserk nature, yet they did not run at Jian Chen just yet. Instead, each one began to roar out loud with a roar that seemed to reverberate across the horizon.


Just then, another heaven shaking roar emerged from the forest and shook even the ground everyone was standing on. The moment the magical beasts fighting near Wake City heard the angry roar, a look of fear entered their eyes, and they began to shake as if they were cold. Even the magical beasts that had Saint Weapons slashed into their bodies just stood there without retaliation almost as if their terror had prevented them from making a move.

Slowing down his slaughter of the magical beasts, Jian Chen pointed his sword at the ground at such an angle that all of the blood on it dripped off.

He didn’t understand just why the magical beasts were shivering with fear, but when he followed their gaze toward the Magical Beast Mountain Range, he suddenly understood. That was where the Class 5 Magical Beast was. Perhaps, if the magical beast was as strong as Katata said it was, then even if the two strong envoys joined together, at the very most they would only be able to stall it.

The forests began to shake for a moment before a five meter tall magical beast walked out from it. This magical beast resembled an orangutan, but not quite. It had no fur on its body, instead, its entire body was covered with dark jade colored scales like a viper. In the daylight, the scales radiated a brilliant glow.


The ape like magical beast walked on over from the forest slowly while snarling angrily. Its roar shook the heavens and deafened the ears of everyone around so that their eardrums were trembling from the vibrations.

As for the magical beasts that had been fighting the mercenaries, each one of them suddenly turned around and crawled back toward the ape, ignoring the mercenaries.

“This is the Green Scaled Ape! Its strength is rumored to be unmatched and its green scales are unbelievably durable. Even an Earth Saint Master isn’t able to break them with ease!” Seeing the ape, Jian Chen couldn’t help but cry out to himself as he felt the domineering pressure it was exhibiting.

Katata stood on top of the city wall with a hardened expression as he spoke, “I didn’t think that the Class 5 Magical Beast would be a Green Scaled Ape. Their defenses are abnormally strong and even a Fourth Cycle Earth Saint Master would be hard-pressed to deal with one.

“How troublesome!” Katafei called out right next to his brother. Ever since the beginning of the war, this was the first time Katafei’s face had a significantly different expression.

Suddenly, another two figures came out from the forest and stood behind the Green Scaled Ape.

These two figures belonged to a giant sized magical beast. One was a tiger with a golden mane of fur that was two meters high and five meters tall. Next to the tiger was another magical beast that was a few dozen meters in length, however it was only as tall as half an adult human. This magical beast resembled that of a crocodile with black leather like skin and eyes that seemed to reflect coldly with a deadly intent. Several two meter long sword like spikes were growing on its back, and as it walked into the light, its figure only seemed even more deadly.

Upon seeing the two magical beasts, Katata’s face grew deathly pale in fright as he cried out, “Golden Fur Tiger King and a Bladed Crocodile! T-th-this…this means there are three Class 5 Magical Beasts!”

Katafei’s face also grew white as he looked at the three magical beasts in front of him. He felt an extreme amount of dread now, he and his brother couldn’t even fight against the Green Scaled Ape together, but with the introduction of the Golden Fur Tiger King and the Bladed Crocodile. It would be extremely difficult to fight against three Class 5 Magical Beasts at the same time…

Katata sucked in a deep breath as he tried to shake away the extremely cold feeling in his limbs. Immediately, he turned to Yun Li, “Quickly, notify every commoner in Wake City, they must evacuate as soon as possible. Wake City is no longer safe!”

“Ye-yes…I will do that now.” Yun Li replied with an equally white face. Three Class 5 Magical Beasts were not something Wake City could defend against. Even if a Middle Tier Magical Crystal Cannon was enough to injure them, Wake City would still need at least five Earth Saint Masters to improve their chances somewhat.

“What do we do now!” Katafei asked.

“Right now we can only hope to stall for time by blocking them. Fight so that the commoners of Wake City will be able to evacuate. Although we are powerless to win, we can still stall for time. If we can do that, then those three Class 5 Magical Beasts will be hindered for just enough time. But we still need to be careful so we don’t get injured, otherwise, I’m afraid we will become easy targets for the Class 5 Magical Beasts and most likely end up dead.” Katata spoke seriously.

Katafei nodded his head without saying a word.

Within the crowd, Jian Chen realized that there were two more magical beasts standing behind the ape. The moment his eyes landed on the golden mane of the Golden Fur Tiger King, a bolt of electricity ran through him as if he remembered a flash from the past.

It was in the past that this Golden Fur Tiger King had forced the Flame Mercenaries to flee…

It was in the past that this Golden Fur Tiger King had made the Flame Mercenaries have only one member left…

It was in the past that this Golden Fur Tiger King had killed Uncle Kendall and the rest of his brothers…

The selfless Kendall, the outspoken Hu Po, and the ever so passionate Xiao Dao….

The members of the Flame Mercenaries burned vividly within Jian Chen’s mind like a wall scroll. The group had been a happy family for a short moment, but then, everything had changed when the Golden Fur Tiger King attacked.

Even though the Flame Mercenaries still exist, everything was different now.

This past memory had been forever burned into Jian Chen’s mind so that he would never forget it. The brothers that had passed away long ago, would never return. Their familiar spirits had long since disappeared into the boundless heavens and had left behind only a sorrowful memory.

A fierce killing intent flowed out from Jian Chen’s eyes as his Light Wind Sword explode with Sword Qi. A fierce light shined from the tip of the sword, and if one looked closely enough, there was a hint of azure and violet shining in it.



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