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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 243


Chapter 243: Several hundred Class 4 Magical Beasts

On the wall, the Magical Crystal Cannons continued to fire at anything within their three kilometer range, causing the ground below to have many holes. The soldiers in charge of recharging the cannons hurriedly scrambled about grabbing Class 2 Monster Cores from chests to load the cannons.

Although Wake City was a Third Class City, it was extremely close to the Magical Beast Mountain Range where monster cores were abundant. So after many years of savings, the amount of monster cores they had stored away were fully capable of empowering ten different cannons for up to two or three days of shooting.

Jian Chen and the two envoys stood on the city walls along with the Great Saint Masters and Yun Li. Not a single one of them ran to participate since these Class 1 and Class 2 Magical Beasts could be taken care of by the mercenaries down below. For now, they would wait for the Class 4 Magical Beasts so they would not squander their energy on the lower leveled ones. If they did, then who would protect everyone from the Class 4 Magical Beasts?

On top of the wall, Jian Chen looked at the various magical beasts with a look of lament, “There truly are many magical beasts gathered here.”

Katata nodded his head in agreement, “Although this is the first time I’ve come to help Wake City during a magical beast wave, I still think this amount of magical beasts is quite excessive. Take a look at the back, there’s a few hundred magical beasts who haven’t moved yet. Based on their presence, I can see that they are Class 4 Magical Beasts!”

Surveying the back, Jian Chen saw a wide variety of magical beasts of every size and shape waiting. They weren’t moving toward Wake City at all and instead kept their distance.Jian Chen wasn’t as strong as Katata so he couldn’t tell just how strong they were.

Despite the fact that several hundred Class 4 Magical Beasts sounded quite unbelievable, Jian Chen knew that Katata wouldn’t lie about such a thing. “These Class 4 Magical Beasts are equal to Great Saint Masters in terms of strength. If our Wake City has a few hundred thousand men, then the amount of Great Saint Master experts among them pales in comparison. There definitely isn’t enough to fight against these Class 4 Magical Beasts.”

“Right now we can only rely on the Magical Crystal Cannons. With Wake City’s four Middle Tier Magical Crystal Cannons, we should be able to do some damage to the Class 4 Magical Beasts. They’re about 8 kilometers away anyway, that’s within the range of those cannons.” Katata spoke seriously before waving his hand to Yun Li. “Yun Li! Have the four Middle Tier Magical Crystal Cannons aim at the back over there. Those are all Class 4 Magical Beasts, the cannons should be enough to kill them and the pressure on us will be lessened!”

“Yes, senior envoy!” Katata’s words were like the commands from a superior officer to his subordinate so Yun Li couldn’t disobey. Without hesitation, Yun Li immediately ordered the four Middle Tier cannons to aim at the Class 4 Magical Beasts and fire.


The cannons fired and the energy within seemed as if it were a shooting star that flew through the air toward the middle of the magical beasts.

The fortunate thing was that the group of Class 4 Magical Beasts were well within the range of the blast zone, and so the energy blasted the ground in the middle of the group, sending dirt flying everywhere as the wild energy wrecked havoc on everything. Immediately, many magical beasts were sent flying twenty meters away from the impact zone along with some body parts. Blood spilled like rain down below. Soon enough, the body parts fell back down into the dust storm, making visibility zero.


The Class 4 Magical Beasts all cried out in anger and the injured ones all glared at Wake City dangerously. Their eyes were filled with hatred as they suddenly charged at the walls without the previous patience.

“Aim at that cluster of Magical Beasts once more with the Middle Tier cannons, keep firing!” Yun Li called out with a hardened expression. From Katata’s words, Yun Li had guessed that that large amount of magical beasts were of the Class 4 level. Compared to the large amount of the magical beast numbers, the amount of Great Saint Masters within the ranks of Wake City’s soldiers and mercenaries was still far from the triple digits. At most, there were only a few dozen Great Saint Masters that could stand their own against a Class 4 Magical Beasts, so for now the best way to deal with those magical beasts was to use the cannons to whittle away at their numbers.

Thanks to the change of targets by the cannons, the previously safe and sound Class 4 Magical Beasts in the back had suffered a tremendous loss. The Middle Tier cannons had brought about a disastrous amount of damage to their ranks, and with each new volley of cannon fire, even more lives were taken.

A large amount of the magical beasts began to retreat as the cannons began to focus their fire on them. The remaining few began to snarl and roar as they charged at the walls. Because of the cannons, they had lost all rationality and in their blood thirst, they threw the other magical beasts out of the way and even killed a few of the weaker ones in their rampage.

At that moment, each one of the magical beasts had broken free from the fearful control of the Class 5 Magical Beast.

The Middle Tier cannons continued to fire and fill the skies with sounds from each blast. Time and time again, crowds of Class 4 Magical Beasts went up in smoke, leaving a crater in the ground below.

The Class 4 Magical Beasts were incredibly fast however, as the Middle Tier Magical Crystal Cannons fired the fifth volley, they had already arrived within 500 meters of the wall. Because of the cannons, their numbers had went from several hundred to around 150 of them and a great deal of them were injured to some degree as well. Despite the good news however, the Great Saint Masters still had extremely serious expressions on their faces.

By then, before Yun Li could say anything, the Great Saint Masters immediately leaped off the walls down into the crowd of magical beasts. Only they could defend against the Class 4 Magical Beasts, and if those magical beasts were to fight against the Saints or Great Saints, then there would be catastrophic damages to the human side.

In a flash, the dozen Great Saint Masters were all engaged in deep combat. At that moment, only Yun Li, Jian Chen, and the two envoys were left on the walls without any other Great Saint Master there.

Even the seven Great Saint Masters from the Flame Mercenaries were beginning to fight the Class 4 Magical Beasts.



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