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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 242


Chapter 242: Desperate Close Combat

“Fire the crossbows!”

With Yun Li’s command, the men stationed within the walls began to fire the crossbows at a lightning quick speed. The bolts flew through the air with a whistling sound that left the onlookers quite terrified.

“Pch! Pch! Pch!”…

With the tremendous penetration force of the bolts, many of the Class 1 Magical Beasts were instantly speared through. Even as the bolts flew straight through the beasts, they did not slow down in the least. The bolts continued to fly through another three or four Class 1 Magical Beasts before finally losing their initial momentum, embedding themselves in one final beast.

This volley of firepower had shot over 200 crossbolts which ended up taking the lives of over 500 Class 1 Magical Beasts.

After that, the second volley of fire immediately mowed down the front most magical beasts and filled the air with howls of pain and gunfire. From overhead, the cannons continued to fire down upon the mass of magical beasts that took even more lives.

That didn’t deter the lesser intelligent magical beasts at all. The scent of all the blood in the air had roused their bloodthirsty nature as they continued to roar out loud while increasing their pace toward the walls despite the continuous volley of fire directed at them.


The magical beasts were now so close to the wall that some of them were now firmly striking at the armored plating on the walls. Following each blow, the steel plating began to tremble and vibrate while some parts of the metal defenses had began to dent a little.

A few of the more fragile magical beasts had begun to make use of their claws in hopes of damaging the steel plating while some had resorted to biting the walls. Some had even managed to take advantage of the various cracks on the plating to climb up it.

Seeing the larger magical beasts approach, Yun Li’s eyes flashed dangerously as he shouted, “Douse them in hot oil!”

A vat of scalding hot oil was suddenly poured down from the walls and splashed down onto the magical beasts below. Immediately, the fur of those who got splashed by the oil caught fire before turning the magical beast into a moving bonfire.

Underneath, countless of magical beasts howled miserably in pain as their entire bodies were submerged in the burning oil. As their fur caught fire, the fire and the oil began to cause a tremendous amount of damage to their bodies.

There was an abundant source of hot oil thanks to the various stoves working to create some more. As the streams of hot oil fell down the walls, the entire ground below had became a sea of fire and misery as the beasts roared in pain. Afterward, a putrid smell wafted up and invaded everyone’s noses.

Wake City had no moat around so the magical beasts had no chance to find a source of water to douse themselves in to remove the flames and oil. There were many magical beasts in close proximity and with their fur being extremely flammable, the fire had quickly spread out to encompass everyone.

Underneath the walls, the magical beasts were in chaos;even though they lacked intelligence, even the dumbest of magical beasts could tell that they were on fire and would die if they stayed there. Consequently, the magical beasts all scattered to get away from the splash radius of the oil.

However the oil continued to rain down from the walls. Despite the steady stream, their supply was not endless and eventually ran out. In the half hour of warfare, the oil supply had all but ran out, but the damage had been done;the oil had damaged plenty of magical beasts and burnt a good amount of them to death.

Now that there was no more threat of the oil, the still alive magical beasts quickly stamped out the remaining fire and continued to charge at the wall once more. The more nimbler magical beasts began to climb up the walls once more alongside a large number of vipers.

Those who ran up the walls were immediately cut down by multiple Saint Weapons, sending their bisected bodies flying back down to the earth.

At the same time, a soldier quickly ran to where Yun Li, “A report for the lord, the crossbows are all finished firing, not a single bolt is left unshot!”

Looking at the scene below, Yun Li nodded slightly before crying out, “Open the gates and attack!”

Wake City’s most terrifying weapon against the magical beast waves were the Magical Crystal Cannons, oil, and crossbows. The cannons were for long ranged fighting and were used to target and kill the strongest magical beasts. As the magical beasts approached, then they would switch to the oil and crossbows. After a good amount of time past, both the oil and crossbow ammunition had been all used up. At this moment, the only thing left to do was attack.

Slowly, the gates creaked open as the magical beasts changed directions to charge in between the opening gates. However, the moment they stepped inside, the various mercenaries inside blocked them.

“Fellow brothers, charge! Work hard to collect those ears!”

“Charge! The sparkling allure of a purple coin will soon lay within our pouches!”


Every single mercenary was boiling with excitement as their will to make battle soared into the air. One by one they charged through the open gates with their Saint Weapons leading the vanguard. With each swing a magical beast would fall to the ground, be split in two and rain down blood everywhere.

“Hou!” A few magical beasts cried out in pain as they felt the chilling metal of the Saint Weapons bite into their bodies. In a flash, many more magical beasts were quickly cut to pieces and a few of the more nimble men quickly grabbed at their ears before happily storing them into their Space Belts.

“Hurry up and charge everyone! A huge pile of purple coins await us!”

“Dont waste any time and hurry up…”


A shout emerged from each mercenary as they charged toward the savage magical beasts almost as if they were pieces of coins. Because of the allure of money, these men were not afraid of death.

Underneath the power of every mercenary, every single magical beast was swiftly harvested and stored away for future use.

Over 200,000 mercenaries stormed out from Wake City to fight with the magical beasts in intense close combat. Every second a magical beast or mercenary fell to the ground never get back up.



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