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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 229


Chapter 229: Rise In Power

Jian Chen led the forty men to the Mercenary Union in the heart of Wake City with plans to add them all to his Flame Mercenaries.

“Fellow Swordsman, how should we call you in the future?” A man asked Jian Chen.

“Call me Jian Chen for now. When you are all in my mercenary group, then you will call me captain.” Jian Chen spoke evenly before turning back to the first man who had pledged himself to him. “I still don’t know your name.”

Upon hearing that, the man laughed heartily, “I am called Xiong Tai, but captain can call me Da Xiong instead.”

“Ah,” Jian Chen nodded his head lazily as he looked at the other five captains, “Have you figured out how to deal with your mercenary groups yet?”

The five men all hesitated for a moment before Duo Kang answered, “Since we are planning to go with you, then this matter should be resolved by you.”

Jian Chen narrowed his eyes as he thought for a moment. “After we get there, you will bring all your mercenaries there. Whichever mercenaries that are willing to follow me will join our Flame Mercenaries, whichever that aren’t willing can go. However, those with a stronger amount of power than the others should be asked to stay behind for me to look at, understood?”

“Understood!” The five answered immediately.

Then, Jian Chen paused for a moment before speaking to them once more. “I know that you are unwilling to disband your mercenary groups, but do not worry. To follow me is to walk the right path in life. In the future, our Flame Mercenaries will definitely shock the entire Tian Yuan Continent.” With that, Jian Chen’s eyes emitted a bright glow of light as he vowed to make his plans come true.

When his words landed upon the ears of the others, they had all thought it to be a joke. No one there treated it seriously. For an unknown mercenary group to want to become a super mercenary group that could shock the Tian Yuan Continent? These men were experienced with the long and arduous road of life, they knew that with the current strength of the Flame Mercenaries, the distance separating them and Jian Chen’s goal was almost endless,

“Captain, what about our Dohre and Kai clan? Although our clans aren’t all that weak, but our strengths isn’t well developed in the martial arts section. Both of our clans focuses on other affairs, and if we were to reallocate ourselves to being like a mercenary group, then that would damage us tremendously.” Kai Er asked.

Hearing that, even Jian Chen went silent. Kai Er’s words had merit to them, the Kai and Dohre clan were strong on some level, but they were both clans that were built on commercial business. After years of development, they had gained a huge role in Wake City’s market. If that were dissolved, then their years of hard work and arduous labors would be lost without a chance of regaining it.

Jian Chen pondered this for a good while before finally coming to a conclusion that the two clans should commit to their original growth. Both Weiss and Kai Er would be the overseers to the operations of their clan, but in the end, Jian Chen would be the ultimate puppeteer behind the scenes.

As the large group of people walked through the streets in a wave like manner, the passersby couldn’t help but look at them. Seven of the men there were prestigious members of Wake City and would seldom be seen out in public. Many people recognized who they were and began to talk among themselves about what was happening.

Before they got onto the street with the Mercenary Union, Jian Chen and the five captains split ways. Then, with the remaining members from the Tianxiong clan guards and the two elders, Jian Chen entered the union.

Within the Mercenary Union, there were a total of forty three guards and the two Great Saint Master elders who then underwent a few procedures and became official members of the Flame Mercenaries.

Within these forty three people, there were unexpectedly sixteen Saint Masters The remaining twenty seven were all at the Great Saint level. With these people and the seven Great Saint Master experts, it could be said without exaggeration that the previously unknown and small scaled Flame Mercenaries had become one of the strongest powers in Wake City almost instantly.

Although the amount of strength the Flame Mercenaries could utilize had exploded instantly, the rank of the mercenary group was still at the C rank. If they wanted to increase their ranking, they would have to accomplish many missions first.

After all the procedures were done, Jian Chen led the entire group out of the Mercenary Union when suddenly Jian Chen heard a loud sound call out to him.

“Brother Jian Chen, I’ve finally found you.”

Jian Chen immediately stopped moving forward out of the Mercenary Union and then subconsciously turned to look in the direction of the call. As he turned his head, he saw the man who he had only just separated from two days ago;Hudolf, the captain of the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries came running up to him,

Arriving at Jian Chen’s side, Hudolf had a look of surprise at all of the people behind him but immediately turned back to look at Jian Chen. “Brother Jian Chen, if I may be so bold to ask, but perhaps you could agree to my request?”

Smiling, Jian Chen replied to him, “Captain Hudolf, speak whatever it is on your mind.” When it came to Hudolf, Jian Chen had a rather favorable opinion of him and so he was polite to the man.

“Brother Jian Chen, I wish to join your mercenary group and travel with you from today on forward. Will you agree to my request?” Hudolf was rather embarrassed as he spoke;he was already fifty years old, yet he was asking to wander around the continent with a twenty year old, truly this was an awkward question for him to ask.

Hearing the words of Hudolf, Jian Chen was utterly surprised. This request of his was something that Jian Chen had not expected.

Despite feeling shocked in his heart, Jian Chen quickly calmed himself down, “Haha, so even captain Hudolf wishes to travel with me around the Tian Yuan Continent? Then this one would be honored to have you, but captain Hudolf, how will you deal with the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries?”

“After you left yesterday I’ve already made my peace with the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries. My captain position has already been given to a capable brother to uphold, meaning that I am no longer a part of the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries.” Pointing behind him, he introduced five men that stood close by, “These five men you’ve seen before. They are my brothers and left the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries with me in hopes that we could travel with brother Jian Chen once more.” Hudolf’s eyes looked distant as he thought back to when Jian Chen had easily killed that warbeast. With so much power at such a tender young age pointed out that Jian Chen was anything but ordinary. So after consideration, Hudolf had decided to abandon the dozen years of hard work he had put to become the leader of the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries and instead became a follower of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen looked at the five people behind Hudolf. These five weren’t unfamiliar at all, they were the Saint Master experts from the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries! Jian Chen wouldn’t decline their request to join his Flame Mercenaries and immediately led the six in to deal with the official procedures to join the Flame Mercenaries as six new capable Saint Masters.

At this moment, the heavily armored commander Duo Li came into view with two guards at his side. Immediately walking up to Jian Chen, he cupped his hands together and smiled, “Brother Jian Chen, the lord wishes for you to come up to his mansion for a small talk regarding some important matters.”



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