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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 220


Chapter 220: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan (One)

Yun Li’s face began to darken as Duo Li continued to speak into his ear nonstep with an even grimmer expression .

After commander Duo Li had finished talking, Yun Li turned back to Jian Chen with a bewildered expression, yet he did not leave.

Yun Li furrowed his eyebrows together as he continued to look at Jian Chen. With a moment’s hesitation, he finally spoke, “Brother Jian Chen. One year ago in Wake City a major event took place. The number one clan in Wake City, the Tianxiong clan had their young lord Tianxiong Kang killed by someone. And if this piece of information is reliable, then the person who killed Tianxiong Kang is a youth that isn’t too far apart in age with you. Most importantly, this youth’s name is also Jian Chen, surely that means the two of you are the same person.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen’s facial expressions didn’t change at all. This type of end result was something he should have anticipated long ago. Without any other words, he smiled, “The lord is correct, that person is this one.”

Although he had long since guessed that this answer was coming, Yun Li still couldn’t help but feel his heart rate speed up after hearing Jian Chen’s answer.

Although this matter regarding Jian Chen and the Tianxiong clan was completely unrelated to this magical beast wave, this was still a crucial moment where the lives of tens of thousands of citizens were at stake. This wasn’t a time for them to be sloppy, the entire defense force had to be one cohesive unit in order to help defend Wake City. Whether it was Jian Chen or the Tianxiong clan, they were still one of the bigger powers of Wake City. With this hatred between the two of them, it would bring about a huge headache for Yun Li since he knew that the two were like fire if put together. He was afraid that if they were to get too close to each other, then there would definitely be huge losses for everyone. If this was any other time, Yun Li wouldn’t have cared, but at this moment where a wave of magical beasts would be coming soom, he definitely wanted to avoid the explosion that would happen in between them. At the very least, until the magical beast wave was over, he could not let Wake City lose any more power.

Yun Li looked at Jian Chen seriously, “Brother Jian Chen. Even I have heard about the grudge between you and the Tianxiong clan, and while I myself would like to stay out of it, Wake City is in a moment of crisis at the moment. We need to protect this city, so I would hope that you and the Tianxiong clan can put aside your differences temporarily until the wave is over. Would brother Jian Chen agree to this?” Yun Li spoke courteously. Since he had placed Jian Chen in a high position now, he wouldn’t dare try to belittle him whether or not he had the support of a clan.

Jian Chen shook his head as his eyes narrowed, “Lord Yun Li, I’m afraid my answer will disappoint you.”

Hearing this, Yun Li’s face dropped slightly. His heart knew that answer was coming, yet he still wasn’t willing to let the question drop.With a heavy heart, he asked once more, “Brother Jian Chen, please pay attention to the current situation. Furthermore, the Tianxiong clan is even stronger than the Zhou clan. Despite the calamity they faced a year ago and losing the number one clan title in Wake City, they remained strong willed. No matter how much they lost, the Tianxiong clan still is one of the strongest clans and are not to be belittled.”

Jian Chen’s heart shook for a moment after listening to Yun Li, “Lord Yun Li. Aside from Tianxiong Lie, what other experts does the Tianxiong clan have?”

Yun Li hesitated for a moment before saying, “Aside from Tianxiong Lie, there is another Middle Great Saint Master expert who is the younger brother of Tianxiong Lie. His name is Tianxiong Daoyun. Other than that, Tianxiong Lie has a few connections with some of the captains of the stronger mercenary groups. If they were to unite, then their power would be extraordinarily terrifying.”

After finding out this piece of information, Jian Chen’s face still didn’t make a change in expression. He simply had the same reaction as before while he sipped his cup of tea.

Seeing how calm Jian Chen was as if he didn’t care at all for the Tianxiong clan, Yun Li’s inner thoughts were finally decided. He was afraid that Jian Chen had an extremely strong background supporting him, but that couldn’t be said for sure. He wasn’t even sure if a high leveled expert was protecting him either.

Yun Li was a meticulous person. The moment he saw that Jian Chen didn’t have any plans of letting the Tianxiong clan go, he didn’t plan on trying to convince Jian Chen anymore. To him now, Jian Chen was worth far more than the Tianxiong clan was.

Even if Jian Chen had no background to support him, for a youth like him to be able to kill a Great Saint master, this was a talent that transcended the heavens! With some time, his achievements throughout the Tian Yuan Continent would be known to all.

After Jian Chen left the mansion, the sky had already turned dark. While he was still in the mansion, Jian Chen didn’t ask about uncle Kendall’s family. In his opinion, that matter would be best done when the matter between him and the Tianxiong clan was finished;this was the best and safest way to find out about Kendall’s family.

The day was already all but gone, and Jian Chen had already fought in two different battles. This had lead to a huge decrease in his energy so now was not the time Jian Chen wanted to fight against the Tianxiong clan, instead, he began to look for a restaurant and inn to stay for the night.

Time quickly flew by as morning came. Jian Chen opened his eyes from his sitting cultivation position. All of the energy he had used up yesterday had been completely recovered, making him able to operate at his peak condition once more.

After Jian Chen left the inn, he listened to the random discussions of the people outside regarding the total annihilation of both the Zhou Mercenaries and Zhou clan.

The Zhou clan and Zhou Mercenaries had very strong reputations within Wake City, but for them to both be exterminated in such a short amount of time;this news had quickly spread throughout the city like wildfire. No matter if it was a small or large street, every person was talking about it.

At the same time, every single major power within Wake City had immediately set out to scout for information the moment they heard about this.

The Tianxiong clan used to be the number one power in Wake City and their might was known to everyone. No matter where he went, Jian Chen would be able to hear about the Tianxiong clan.



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