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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 219


Chapter 219: Invitation of the City Lord

“Fellow brother, please wait a moment.”

As Jian Chen continued walking, a sound suddenly rang out from behind accompanied by the sounds of heavy footsteps.

Jian Chen’s eyes furrowed together as he turned his head, only to see a squad of heavily armored soldiers running at him quickly with two middle aged men leading the squad.

He looked at the armored pair of men with a suspicious look. Although he realized one of them was the man he saw not too long ago, the commander of Wake City’s defensive troops, Duo Li.

Seeing these troops from Wake City approach him, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel suspicious. He had no idea if these men were here for the sole purpose of capturing him for his eradication of the Zhou clan.

Yet while Jian Chen didn’t fear these men, he wanted to find uncle Kendall’s family within Wake City. It was for this reason that he wasn’t yet willing to fight with the local ruler of Wake City.

“Fellow brother, please wait!” Seeing Jian Chen slow done, Duo Li called out to him once more as he urged his group to go faster.

Jian Chen looked at Duo Li and his group of men next to him before asking Duo Li, “Commander Duo Li, is there a problem?”

Commander Duo Li revealed a cordial smile as he gave a salute to Jian Chen. “Fellow brother, this is the lord of Wake City.” He pointed to the middle aged man next to him.

“The leader of Wake City!” Jian Chen was a bit startled. Immediately looking at the lord, he cupped his hands together, “So you are the lord of Wake City, this one is Jian Chen, excuse this one for his lack of knowledge.”

When the city lord had first heard that Jian Chen was a twenty year old that had reached the Great Saint Master level, he originally thought that Jian Chen was from a clan with a strong background. At this moment, he saw neither the rich robes or the air of arrogance, making his impression of Jian Chen neither good nor bad.

The lord of Wake City cupped his hands together, “So you are called Jian Chen, this one is called Yun Li. Brother Jian Chen, if it’s not too much to ask, just call me elder brother Yun Li instead of Lord if that can be avoided.” Seeing Jian Chen’s calm face, Yun Li could ascertain that whether it was his expression or the strange attitude of Jian Chen, he was no ordinary person. Despite the fact that Jian Chen was wearing mediocre quality clothing, the city lord didn’t look down on Jian Chen at all, instead, he had actually admired him for a moment.

Hearing the words of Yun Li, Jian Chen understood that he was trying to make friends with him. However, he still didn’t dare to lower his guard, since with Yun Li’s strength, he couldn’t afford to treat him as nothing.

“What might lord Yun Li want to do with this one?” Jian Chen spoke with a smile and a calm tone.

Laughing, Yun Li said, “Brother Jian Chen, talking on this street is rather inconvenient, would you mind coming with me back to my mansion?”

Upon hearing those words, Jian Chen’s heart beat wildly as he suddenly thought about his problem with uncle Kendall’s family. Without any hesitation he complied with the lord.

The mansion of the city lord was located within the heart of Wake City and was the most magnificent of buildings in the city. It was built over several square kilometers and was also the largest building. Even the Mercenary Union couldn’t compare in size to the mansion. Around the building, many squads of men constantly patrolled around it day and night without any corner unsearched, making this building a heavily guarded area.

Within the mansion’s main hall, the city lord Yun Li had even given up his usual seat at the throne to instead lower himself to the status of Jian Chen and sat on the same level as Jian Chen. As they waited, a few female waitresses began to serve them by occasionally serving them a cup of tea.

The two began to chat with each other for a while before finally getting down to the main problem.

“Brother Jian Chen, I’m sure you realized that our Wake City is about to face off against a wave of magical beasts. This is a test of life or death for our Wake City. In the case that we fail to defend Wake City from these magical beasts, then the tens of thousands of people will become the meal of the magical beasts, so I sincerely hope that brother Jian Chen will lend his power to help defend Wake City.” Yun Li’s smile had faded from his face and a serious look replaced it as he began to talk about this serious topic.

Jian Chen laughed, “The city lord truly thinks too highly of this one. I am one who walks the path of solitude. What reason would I have to protect the population of Wake City from this wave of magical beasts?”

At Jian Chen’s words, Yun Li’s face tightened as he realized Jian Chen had no plans on protecting Wake City from the wave of magical beasts. Before he could say something, Jian Chen continued to speak, “However, since I’m already at Wake City, I may as well participate. Yet, whether or not Wake City survives the magical beast wave, this one cannot guarantee that.”

Jian Chen’s words made Yun Li’s eyes widen immediately as he smiled joyously, “Just hearing these words from brother Jian Chen makes this one feel at ease. When brother Jian Chen joins Wake City, then our city will definitely be safe from this danger once more.”

At this moment, commander Duo Li suddenly burst through the doors and quickly walked toward Yun Li. Giving a complicated look at Jian Chen, he bent down to whisper something into Yun Li’s ears.

Seeing how the lord of Wake City Yun Li’s face grow even more serious before a look of massive confusion overtook his face, Jian Chen had a complicated look on his face as well.

After seeing how the gradual change in Yun Li’s face, Jian Chen began to feel curious. Although he didn’t know what words had been said to elicit such a massive change, Jian Chen could begin to guess at an idea or two of what the situation might be after Yun Li and Duo Li had stared at him.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes flashed as he thought to himself, “Could it be a matter regarding to the Tianxiong clan?” Jian Chen’s enemies within Wake City were very few, but after seeing Yun Li’s face grew extremely serious, there could only be one other answer after the Zhou clan and Zhou Mercenaries were ruled out. Tianxiong Lie from the Tianxiong clan knew of his name, and after Jian Chen had killed his son Tianxiong Kang, there was a grudge that could never be resolved peacefully.



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