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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 218


Chapter 218: The City Lord

Zhou Butong looked at the bloody Light Wind Sword that had been stabbed through his throat with a look of utter disbelief. He didn’t possibly think that a twenty year old youth would be able to kill him so easily. Right now, Zhou Butong couldn’t believe how strong he was;he thought he was in a dream. The events that had occurred in this hour had developed far too fast for him to take in. Just earlier, he had been the leader of the high and mighty Zhou clan discussing the matters of a magical beast wave with the Wake City Defensive Guard Commander. But now, not even half an hour after that, his Zhou clan had been completely destroyed.

Zhou Butong heaved a heavy sigh in unwillingness before closing his eyes and allowing his elderly body to hit the ground slowly.

Jian Chen stared at Zhou Butong’s fall to the ground coldly without any emotion. Thanks to the memories of his previous incarnation, his determination had been rather resolute. Even if he were to massacre many people, he wouldn’t be affected too much.

Slowly, the Light Wind Sword was pulled out from Zhou Butong’s neck as Jian Chen turned to look for Zhou Yun. However, his face darkened as he looked at the bodies that littered the floors of the courtyard. Yet Zhou Yun was nowhere to be found.

At this, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed, “So he ran away.”

As he spoke, Jian Chen looked at the dead bodies on the floor before finally looking at the Space Belt on Zhou Butong’s waist. With two steps forward, Jian Chen had grabbed at the Space Belt.

Zhou Butong was the leader of a clan after all, the items within his possession would surely be expensive.

“Eh?” Just outside the corner of Jian Chen’s eye, he noticed a single thread on Zhou Butong’s neck. Hidden by the blood and cloth of Zhou Butong, Jian Chen had then finally found the secret the corpse was hiding.

This hidden string was almost invisible to the naked eye. It had only been revealed after the blood dyed the string a shiny red allowing Jian Chen to discover it.

Jian Chen slowly parted the cloth away from Zhou Butong’s bloody neck to reveal a ring tied to a piece of string that led down to his stomach.

The moment Jian Chen found the Space Ring, his eyes began to sparkle as he cried out in surprise, “This is a Space Ring!” There was a large amount of happiness in his voice.

This Space Ring had been personally hidden and worn by Zhou Butong. With such a secret, there would definitely be a hidden treasure within this.

Pulling at the hidden Space Ring away from Zhou Butong’s neck, Jian Chen was exceptionally happy. Although he hadn’t yet looked at the items within, he stored it within his own Space Ring. He didn’t have time to look at it for now, so he immediately rushed out of the courtyards.

The moment Jian Chen had exited the courtyards he immediately heard the sound of voices of a few men who had heard the fight take place in the courtyards.

Everyone’s faces were full of shock as they looked at the Zhou Courtyard. Their unwavering gazes stared at the horrifying view, as if they couldn’t believe what had just happened.

The Zhou clan had been completely destroyed in an instant.

“Out of the way, out of the way! Everyone get out of the way…”

At this moment, an extremely loud sound cried out from behind the group. The dense group of people standing near the Zhou clan courtyards immediately saw a group of heavily armored men with weapons who were running straight through them.

“Eh? Isn’t that the city lord of Wake City? I didn’t think he would come here as well.”

From the midst of everyone, a group of heavily armored men walked forward. One man in particular wearing a black robe stood tall. His eyes shined with a purpose as sharp as his sword. From the perspective of a regular person, the man’s skin resembled that of copper, and combined with his stature, the man looked rather intimidating.

This was the city lord of Wake City–Yun Li.

Under the protection of the city guards, the city lord of Wake City–Yun Li continued to walk into the Zhou clan courtyards. Stepping through the gates, he could only see the large amount of bodies littered about.

Yun Li walked forward a few more steps before coming to a stop as he looked at the corpses with a heavy expression. Finally, his eyes landed upon the dead body of Zhou Butong before his face became like stone.

“Ai!” Yun Li cried out as he closed his eyes sadly.

Standing right next to him was the commander of Wake City’s defensive guards, Duo Li. Sighing, Duo Li couldn’t believe what he was seeing before speaking out with a dejected tone, “Lord, we came a moment too late.”

At this, Yun Li once more opened his eyes as he stared at the multiple bodies strewn across the ground. Finally suppressing the sadness within his heart, he only then realized that every single man had a wound on their throats. It was only just that one wound, and Zhou Butong was no exception either.

“Duo Li, the one that came here to declare revenge on the Zhou clan was a single twenty year old youth, correct?” Yun Li stared at commander Duo Li with a cold face.

“Yes, my lord. From his appearances, his age was estimated to be around twenty years old;an exceptionally young face.” Duo Li spoke out frantically.

Hearing this, Yun Li went silent as he began to think. “So the Zhou clan has been destroyed. This has weakened our defensive troops for the magical beast wave by a large amount, yet with this young expert in our Wake City, if we can rope him in, we will be able to defend ourselves against the magical beasts with ease.

“The lord is quite wise, your subordinate here thought of the same thing.” Duo Li spoke out with a serious expression.

“Come, he hasn’t gone too far yet. Let us chase after him.” Yun Li began to walk even faster as he lead Duo Li and the group of guards out of the courtyard.

Afterward, Yun Li began to chase after the bloody footprints Jian Chen had left behind.


Jian Chen slowly walked through the streets with furrowed eyebrows as he thought to himself. He had no idea how he would find uncle Kendall’s family;Wake City wasn’t too small, but there was still a few hundred thousand people. Just finding two people within a population like that was no simple task. Plus, right now Jian Chen couldn’t even guarantee that uncle Kendall’s family was still living in Wake City or if they had moved out of the city. To try and find the family would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

“Uncle Kendall, don’t worry. No matter what, I will find your family and take care of them. I will definitely let them live happily for their entire lives.” Jian Chen muttered to himself. However, before he could fully commit himself to finding Kendall’s family, he first had to deal with the Tianxiong Clan.

In the beginning, Jian Chen had been forced to run away from Wake City thanks to the Tianxiong clan. This grudge he had for them could be said to be extremely deep and was unforgettable. He also knew that because he had killed Tianxiong Lie’s son, Tianxiong Kang, their grudge against him was equally deep. This had gone far beyond what could be solved with words;one side would have to be wiped out.

If he didn’t deal with the Tianxiong clan, then Jian Chen wouldn’t dare to try to find news about uncle Kendall’s family. Otherwise, in case the Tianxiong clan found out there was a connection between him and Kendall’s family, then they would try to place him in a trap that would be inescapable and unavoidable.



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