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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 188


Chapter 188: To Fight and Escape

A person with Wind Saint Force would hold the superiority in speed. If one were a wind attributed Great Saint Master, even an Earth Saint Master wouldn’t be able to compare with their speed. While Jian Chen himself wasn’t an ordinary person, he was only a Peak Saint Master which was already lower than a Peak Great Saint Master by a large gap. If he were to compare speed against a wind attributed person, then there would be no way to escape.

In less than a second, the wind attributed Great Saint Master flew toward Jian Chen with a large gust of wind covering and forming into the shape of a large sword. Instantly, that cyan colored sword had reached the back of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. There was 500 meters separating him and the group behind him until this man came forward. Before the rest of the Great Saint Masters could reach him, he would need to quickly take care of this wind attributed person. If he didn’t then there would be no doubt that he would be stuck in between them all once more, making another escape unlikely.

The Light Wind Sword instantaneously appeared in his right hand as he instantly shot a sharp amount of Sword Qi toward that man.


When the layer of wind attributed Saint Force made contact with the sharp amount of Sword Qi, the amount of Saint Force coming from both sides instantly repelled each other in such a way that was visible to everyone. The shockwave rippled through to the buildings and caused spiderwebs of cracks to appear. Even the stalls selling monster cores suffered from the wave of energy that had been created.

“Oh my, there’s a fight happening…”

“A cyan colored light, that’s the sign of a wind attributed person…”

“Hurry up and hide, these two are experts! In the case someone gets injured, it’ll be one of us!”

“The guardsmen will be here quickly…”


The two men battled and quickly caused the street they were on to become disarrayed. A few of the weaker men instantly tried to move further away to avoid getting hurt.

Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword stabbed forward quickly with a hazy glow to distort the path of the weapon. In this small moment, it was imperative that he killed this wind attributed man quickly.

Unfortunately, this wind attributed Great Saint Master wasn’t as easy to kill as the other Great Saint Masters. Even under the flurry of stabs, this Great Saint Master was exceptionally difficult to fight against. Although he wasn’t fighting as flustered as the rest, Jian Chen was still fighting at an extremely fast speed either way. Even more so, this wind attributed Great Saint Master was only trying to stall Jian Chen, and so with the man trying to defend himself so adamantly, Jian Chen found it difficult to kill him.

With this delay, the large group of Great Saint Masters had almost caught up to him. Seeing how rapidly the group was coming toward him, Jian Chen bit his lips and gave up trying to fight. His legs turned around and dashed toward the city gates once more.

Once Jian Chen began to run, the Wind attributed man immediately began to chase after him so that Jian Chen wouldn’t have a good chance to escape. With this, it was easy for Jian Chen to get encircled once more.

“Wu Yun, let’s see you try and escape from us this time!”

The group of Great Saint Masters weren’t from the same side, but for the sake of capturing Jian Chen, they had all joined forces. Not only were there some men on the ground, but some were standing on top of the roofs incase Jian Chen tried to run through the sky again.

Seeing the amount of Great Saint Masters circling him, Jian Chen’s face took on a serious expression as he prepared to defend himself against the multitudes of men by each sides of the streets before charging into a restaurant.

“Shua shua shua!”

The figures of a few men began to flicker as a few more Great Saint Masters followed him into the restaurant while the rest of the men stayed outside.

Within the restaurant, a slender blade suddenly flew toward those that entered the moment they crossed into the building.


Although someone had realized the incoming attack, the sword was coming at an extremely fast speed. Adding onto the fact that everyone had expected Jian Chen to try and continue to escape instead of ambushing them inside the restaurant, not a single one of them was able to react or dodge.


The Light Wind Sword stabbed into the throat of another Great Saint Master, killing him. Then, Jian Chen pulled out the sword and immediately began to battle with the others once more.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The tables within the restaurant were knocked around and became extremely damaged. Since right now wasn’t a time for patrons to eat, the restaurant was almost absolutely empty. Aside from a few waitresses, the rest of the patrons were scattered about randomly. When they saw the restaurant get invaded and Jian Chen ambush the Great Saint Masters, each of them instantly stood up to get far away.

Jian Chen started to fight with another Great Saint Master by the narrow doorway. Since it wasn’t as hectic as when a group of men were all fighting him at the same time, Jian Chen found this to be much easier.

“Honored Uncles, please take your fight outside. This restaurant can’t handle a fight like this!” A flowery uniformed person wailed with a face full of shock. It was a waitress who had ran and hid under a nearby table.

“Boom bang!”

Just then, another two explosions could be heard as the wall to the restaurant suddenly collapsed and a group of Great Saint Masters began to flow into the building with the intent to kill.

Jian Chen became startled at this as the restaurant suddenly gained another few Great Saint Masters, making the numbers equate to ten men that entered with him. If he were to continue fighting he would be straining himself. Ceasing his fighting, his feet stomped on the ground before propelling himself through to the wooden floor of the second story.

“Chase him!”

The 10 Great Saint Masters immediately followed Jian Chen through the hole he made to the second story.

As they arrived on the second story, before they could even take in the scenery around them, a minute sword suddenly stabbed through their necks from behind.

Then with another flash of silver, the sword stabbed through the front of another man’s throat.

In an instant, Jian Chen had capitalized on the opportunity to kill two people. In the following moment, the others finally realized what was happening as they saw the two men fall to the ground with cold sweat. Their hearts began to feel a secret amount of joy as they thought themselves lucky that Jian Chen hadn’t chosen them as his initial targets. Otherwise, it could have been them lying on the floor instead of those two.

“Right now I’ve only about half of my Saint Force left. If I were to go all out right now, it won’t take too long for me to run out. I need to hold on until I can escape but I have to avoid fighting with them as well. If I run out of energy while trying to escape, then today will be the day I die.” Jian Chen planned to himself mentally. Now that everyone was prepared for an attack, he had lost the element of surprise.

So if he were to try to try a sneak attack again, it wouldn’t work as well as the first time. They would only fall for it once, not twice.

With that, Jian Chen immediately broke out of the restaurant into the courtyard before dashing toward a nearby well.



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