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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 183


Chapter 183: One Against Three

The Light Wind Sword was still moving extremely fast, the silver glow had become a streak of light that made it hard to distinguish the blade. Great Saint Masters would have to be careful when dealing with it, while a Saint Master would find this blade fatal.

The Light Wind Sword wrecked havoc as each Youlan clansmen was completely powerless to do anything before his throat was slashed, cutting the main artery in their neck. Saint Masters only saw a streak of light, before they felt a sharp pain at their throats.. Following that, each one of them began to choke and fall to the ground.

Jian Chen continued to move in between each Youlan clan member as his Light Wind Sword continued to move around with Sword Qi enshrouding it. Within the group, each clansmen felt a sharp pain at their throats before falling to the ground. Wherever Jian Chen moved, people would fall, and within that group of Saint Masters, very few escaped his wrath.

Within the time it took to take two deep breaths, Jian Chen had already killed twenty men from the Youlan clan group.

Since his sword techniques were very fast and accurate, Jian Chen’s killing potential was tremendous. For those who only had the same level of strength as Jian Chen, it was guaranteed that the first strike would be fatal. In the time it took for the Youlan clan’s Great Saint Masters to reach the frontlines, they saw 20 of their men die. They could only glare and gnash their teeth in anger before they reached him.. Those Saint Masters who died may have only been the middle ranking members of the clan, but they had brought a total of fifty people. For almost half of their group to be gone within two deep breaths, this was an incomparably cruel event for them.

“You seek death!”

“Wu Yun, don’t think you can escape alive!”

The elder and middle aged man leaped down from the rooftop with a snarl, as they charged toward Jian Chen. Their Saint Weapons pulsed with a strong Saint Force that vibrated against everyone’s ears as they slashed through the air toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen and the middle aged man crossed swords.The middle aged man with red eyes snarled and pushed against Jian Chen.

“Three Great Saint Masters!” Feeling the intense energy of three Saint Weapon users, Jian Chen’s face revealed a cold smile. If he were still at the Primary Saint Master level, then three Great Saint Masters would have given him a tremendous amount of trouble. It was a shame for them that Jian Chen had reached the Peak Saint Master level which was a world away from the Primary level. These 3 Great Saint Masters could be fought with his strength as long as they didn’t have an attribute or some sort of strong battle skill.


The Light Wind Sword, encased in light, stabbed forward with an ear splitting sound. In an instant, Jian Chen had already stabbed ten times, intercepting the three incoming Saint Weapons, causing a series of metallic sounds.

Those ten strokes smashed against the three Saint Weapons like a torrent. Although they saw the amount of power put behind each one of the ten strokes, the owners of each Saint Weapon weren’t worried. A large amount of Saint Force exploded from their weapons and reinforced their attacks’downward momentum which were focused on Jian Chen.

Even though he was up against three Great Saint Masters as a Saint Master, he wasn’t afraid at all. Instead, his fighting strength was at an all time high. The Light Wind Sword disappeared in a blur once more as he clashed against the three Saint Weapons.

Although Jian Chen could dodge the blows, he had wanted to verify his own strength against the three Great Saint Masters. After all, he had finally reached the Peak Saint Master level;and this was the first battle where he was up against multiple Great Saint Masters. With his own eyes, he wanted to find out his limits.

The slim Light Wind Sword clashed once more with the Saint Weapons, releasing a large amount of Saint Force that was disproportionate to its size. The clash of Saint Force rippled throughout the area and crashed against the buildings surrounding them again. Immediately, the stone walls began to grow cracks, like cobwebs, that spread further and further out.

Long before they had begun fighting, the civilians within the buildings had already evacuated from them, so they weren’t afraid of involving any innocent bystanders. The streets that previously had hundreds of people had all been evacuated, allowing the fighters a wide open space to fight.

The people not involved in the fighting were astounded. They saw Jian Chen, a Saint Master, able to fight on equal grounds with three Great Saint Masters. Not a single one of them believed what they saw.

“This Wu Yun is truly complex. To only be a Peak Saint Master yet have this much fighting strength? He is truly strong, and his sword strokes are incomparably fast yet accurate. His sword has already slashed twice or thrice, but each movement is very smooth, like water. There is not a single wasted movement, and each sword stroke flows into the next seamlessly with absolutely no space in his movement. Ai, just based on fighting experience, he is not lacking in the slightest.” An elder spoke with some admiration.

“It would seem that the Wu Yun’s experiences with life or death battles number way more than ours, otherwise, there would be no way for him to have such a refined fighting experience. Fighting experience isn’t something that can be taught and learned, but only experienced by walking the line between life and death. This is something that can only be comprehended by the fierce hammer of experience.”

“The most important detail is the speed of his sword. It is far too fast to be created by experience, could it be a special type of battle skill?”

Upon hearing those two words, everyone’s eyes began to shine. Battle skills were very precious on the Tian Yuan Continent as well as being very rare. The influential powers gathered here didn’t even have a single low class battle skill. Even if they did, only the core of the clan members would be able to have the chance to learn it.

These two words had overwhelming temptation, much more than that of a silly Class 5 Monster Core.

“This sword style that Wu Yun uses must definitely be a profound battle skill, otherwise he would not be able to contend against a Great Saint Master and wouldn’t be so fast.”

In that short moment, everyone in the crowd had approved to this explanation. In their eyes, aside from a battle skill, there was no other explanation for Jian Chen’s speed or strength.

Just thinking about if Jian Chen had a battle skill caused everyone to have a burning glow within their eyes. Battle skills were a thing that every cultivator drooled over. As long as one was a cultivator, there was no way to resist the allure of having a battle skill.



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