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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 163


Chapter 163: Leaving the Magical Beast Mountain Range

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes from his cross-legged meditation position. Turning his head to look at the wound that used to be there on his left shoulder, he raised a hand to gingerly touch the new skin over it. Feeling the skin without noticing any strange peculiarity with it, Jian Chen could only sigh in admiration of the effects of the Radiant Saint Force.

Jian Chen tore off his damaged clothing to reveal his blood splattered body underneath. Then, using the pieces of clothing he had ripped off, he began to wipe away the blood.

Slowly standing up, Jian Chen’s eyes looked at the corpses of the two Class 5 Magical Beasts on the ground with a profound look. “Based on the appearances, this snowy white magical beast must be the Quick Cloud Beast. The books said that the body of a Quick Cloud Beast was small, but was unnaturally nimble with fur that resembled the clouds above in the sky. And this other magical beast with wings on its back, this must be the Magical Skywing Cow. The wings on its back can only be used to attack, and cannot be used to fly with.” In a flash, Jian Chen had remembered the information he had seen back in Kargath Library to identify the corpses in front of him.

“The Magical Skywing Cow’s monster core is hidden underneath the wings I’m sure, and the Quick Cloud Beast has its in its skull.” The Light Wind Sword appeared in Jian Chen’s hands before it quickly stabbed into the body of the Quick Cloud Beast and dug around in its head.

After some effort, the monster core of the Quick Cloud Beast was extracted, causing the dog like magical beast, in the end, to resemble something grotesque.

This Quick Cloud Beast was a Class 5 Magical Beast, but because of their specie type and limited potential, their body was never able to grow past 2 meters unless they reached the Class 6 level. Because of this, even the monster core within their body was only the size of a walnut.

After extracting the Quick Cloud Beast’s monster core, Jian Chen moved onto the Magical Skywing Cow and used his Light Wind Sword to stab into the area below the wings for the monster core. Then with a great amount of effort, he finally extracted the monster core from its body;in contrast to the other monster core, this one was half the size of a fist.

Jian Chen dried off the blood from both monster cores using the ripped of pieces of his shirt before revealing two sparkling pieces of crystal like items.

Feeling the amount of energy hidden away within the monster cores, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel a little fearful inside. It was no wonder there was such a difference between a Class 5 and a Class 4 Magical Beast–just looking at the monster cores anyone could clearly tell the difference. In comparison to a Class 4 Monster Core, a Class 5 Monster Core had an extreme qualitative leap that would be incredibly difficult to try to make a comparison with.

Also, despite the 2 monster cores coming from different magical beasts, the amount of energy contained inside was hardly any different.

“With just these two Class 5 Monster Cores alone, I suspect that they will last me a very long time as I cultivate with them.” Grasping both Class 5 Monster Cores in his hand, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel happy. In his heart, this was nothing but good fortune.

The happy mood continued for another small moment before becoming tranquil once more. Taking out his Space Belt, he placed both Class 5 Monster Cores and the corpses inside.

The carcasses of a Class 5 Monster Core was very valuable, so Jian Chen couldn’t abandon them like he did the Class 3 or Class 4 Magical Beasts. With these two carcasses alone, Jian Chen could sell them for a high price since any corpse of a Class 5 Magical Beast or higher was usually an object that had no standard price in any city. The reason was because the blood and meat of a magical beast of such a high class was good for the body when consumed. The high quality meat of a magical beast could even increase one’s strength or alter the body in a certain way.

The bigger of the two magical beasts here was the Magical Skywing Cow which was around 4 meters big. Meanwhile, the Quick Cloud Beast was only a meter wide, so Jian Chen could just barely fit them both into his Space Belt.

After storing away the two magical beasts into his Space Belt, Jian Chen took out another set of clean clothes and put it on. Although he hadn’t left the Magical Beast Mountain Range in a long time, the amount of clothes he had taken from the other mercenaries wasn’t lacking.

After taking care of everything, Jian Chen immediately left the area. Although the fight between two Class 5 Magical Beasts had scared away all of the surrounding Class 4 Magical Beasts, he wasn’t completely sure there were not other Class 5 Magical Beasts that might have wandered closeby.

If one more Class 5 Magical Beast came, Jian Chen wouldn’t be able to fight against it at all. Even with his Peak Saint Master strength, he didn’t even have any confidence that he could run away from a Class 5 Magical Beast. Unless he were to come across a species that was particularly slow, otherwise he wouldn’t have a chance to escape.

In a flash, another half month had gone by.

In the depths of the Magical Beast Mountain Range, Jian Chen stabbed through the heart of a cyan colored python and extracted its monster core. Then, he grabbed a handful of the grass below to wipe off the blood on it.

“This half month I’ve only collected ten Class 4 Monster Cores. For the sake of my cultivation, I should keep some just in case. For now, instead of trying to increase my strength, I should try to resolve any issues within my body. Otherwise, the berserk elements within the monster cores may cause some sort of issue. In any case, I should leave this area and take a look at the situation on the outside.” Jian Chen cleaned off the rest of the blood on the fist sized Class 4 Monster Core as he finished talking.

“Besides, I’m still carrying the final wishes of Kendall. I must find his family quickly.”


Leaving the Magical Beast Mountain Range, he traveled for another two days after passing through the forests and killing countless numbers of magical beasts and wild beasts before finally coming to a large grassland.

Jian Chen didn’t return to Wake City because Tianxiong Lie of the Tianxiong Clan possessed an Earth attribute Saint Force. With that Earth Saint Force, he held the superior defensive advantage over Jian Chen’s nimble sword play. Not only that, but Tianxiong Lie’s strength was also at the Peak Great Saint Master, so until that man was dead, Jian Chen wouldn’t want to carelessly walk back there.

Also with the Tianxiong Clan being one of the hegemons in Wake City, they surely must have many personal connections despite their heavy losses in the Magical Beast Mountain Range. The moment Jian Chen came back, he may or may not come across another Great Saint master, or even be encircled by multiple Great Saint Masters.



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