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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 153


Chapter 153: Meeting Another Great Saint Master

The injury to the right shoulder had impacted the man’s ability to swing his sword. The man who was struck through the shoulder had felt an injury so grave that it was beyond anything he had ever felt. Because of the Sword Qi enhanced sword tip, when the Light Wind Sword stabbed through his right shoulder, his entire right arm had lost functionality as well asfighting ability.

The injured members could only helplessly retreat while Jian Chen advanced forward to fight the other mercenaries.

The sounds of Saint Weapon clashing against Saint Weapon could be heard constantly as the Saint Force from everyone mixed in with everyone else’s. The Saint Force had even reached a point where the nearby grass was flattened while the dirt from the ground flew up in one giant dust cloud, covering everyone’s figure.



Every so often the miserable sounds of pain could be heard as yet another person was kicked into the air. Each figure was soaked with blood and had injuries all over their bodies. Not too long later, the previously 10 mercenaries had been reduced down to a small handful.

Jian Chen’s figure had been constantly slashing at his opponents in a fierce manner, but there was not even a single wound to be seen anywhere on his body. Blocking the downward slash of a sword, Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword streaked forward and stabbed into the right shoulder of another mercenary.

“I don’t wish to slaughter the innocent, so I’ll give you one last chance to go. If you remain stubborn like this, then don’t blame me anymore.” Jian Chen called out without any emotion, but it could be seen that there was a killing intent within his eyes. He had been very lenient until now, but because they were so stubborn, he had no choice but to kill them.

This was a very common thing on the Tian Yuan Continent, so Jian Chen didn’t think he was at fault. After all, this world obeyed the primal laws of the jungle, and so the strong held all of the power. The weak would never have any say in this world.

If any mercenary were to come into the Magical Beast Mountain Range, they were there just to capture Jian Chen and bring him back to the Tianxiong clan for the bounty, and these 10 mercenaries in front of him were no different. If it weren’t for the fact that Jian Chen was stronger than them, these mercenaries wouldn’t have been so unwilling to fight him at first.

Hearing this, the one called Mu Jian revealed the struggle he was having within his mind as he looked at his heavily injured and weakened mercenaries. Biting his lip, he finally yelled out, “Stop!”

Mu Jian didn’t have a weak amount of prestige among this group of mercenaries. The moment he had spoken, every single mercenary had immediately jumped backward and looked with fear at Jian Chen and his slender Light Wind Sword. His sword was so fast that it had caused even them to be extremely afraid. During their battle with Jian Chen, there were many times that the Light Wind Sword had almost struck them, only to be saved by their nearby comrades at the very last moment.

Mu Jian continued to look at Jian Chen with a complicated look, but seeing the amount of blood that was leaking down from his Light Wind Sword, he suddenly became dejected and said helplessly, “Everyone take out your monster cores. Honored Jian Chen has already been merciful toward us, if we don’t follow his demands this time, then simple injuries won’t be the end of our problems.”

This time, none of the mercenaries had any thoughts of disagreeing. With a dejected look on their faces, they silently began to pull out all of their remaining monster cores from their Space Belts and piled them up on the ground.

After that short exchange, they all knew that even with 10 people, they were not enough to be classified as an opponent for this youth. With his extremely fast sword strokes and ability to defend so quickly, they simply had no way of attacking or resisting.

These 10 Saint Masters had many monster cores on them. Although they didn’t have many Class 3 Monster Cores, they still had plenty of Class 2 Monster Cores.

“Jian Chen, this is all of the monster cores we have, that means we can go now, correct?” Mu Jian spoke with an ugly expression.

Jian Chen looked at the pile of monster cores on the ground with an involuntary smile on his face. “If you had just given the monster cores earlier, then all of this could have been avoided. That’s fine, although I, Jian Chen, cannot call myself a gentleman, I am a man who keeps his promises. You can go.”

Mu Jian spared one last look at the small pile of monster cores on the ground, a look of reluctance. With a helpless sigh, Mu Jian and his friends could only leave this place behind. Although the pile of monster cores wasn’t a lot relatively speaking, it was all the Saint Masters had.

“Remember, I don’t wish to see you come and face me again, otherwise, I will definitely not be as merciful. You would best do to leave the Magical Beast Mountain Range immediately.”

As the 10 mercenaries walked away, Jian Chen had called out to them before they could get too far.

Hearing this, Mu Jian had stopped for only a second, but he didn’t say anything. Quickly after, he disappeared into the forest.

Jian Chen recollected his Light Wind Sword and calmly walked toward the pile of monster cores. Bending down to store all of it into his personal Space Belt, he had counted that there were around 200 monster cores. A good amount of the cores were Class 2, but there were around 20 Class 3 Monster Cores.

Just as Jian Chen had finished cleaning up all of the monster cores, he slowly straightened his back and gave a cold smile. “Fellow friend, you’ve been here for some time and seen quite enough. Isn’t it time for you to come out?”


Just as Jian Chen finished talking, a loud voice came out from the forest. Afterward, a gray shadow flew out from within and landed 20 meters away from where Jian Chen stood.

The person who came was rather old, his age was around 50 to 60 years old. His face was rather red as he looked at Jian Chen with a lively expression. Judging by how disorderly his silver hair was, the man was rather unconventional with his looks. He wore a gray robe and was taller than Jian Chen by a large amount, and even though he was standing on the ground with no unusual posture, Jian Chen could feel an indomitable pressure enshrouding him.

Seeing this elder, Jian Chen couldn’t help but heighten his guard as his face grew more serious. Staring deeply at the elder, he spoke 3 words, “Great Saint Master!”

The elder laughed, “Little baby, I didn’t think you’d be able to tell this old man’s strength. Not bad, not bad. Truly not bad. It would appear you have some strength, it is no wonder that old bastard Tianxiong Lie wasn’t able to capture you.”



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