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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1450


Chapter 1450: 1450

Chapter 1450: Settling Down Magical Beasts

Jian Chen made his way to the Beast God Hall after he arrived on the Beast God Continent. Cangqiong personally received him, inviting him into the Beast God Hall.

The white tiger remained on the ninety-ninth floor of the divine hall, still accepting its legacy. The ninety-ninth floor seemed like it had entered a whole different space, having been cut off from the world completely. Jian Chen could not sense what was going on inside at all and whatever was happening inside was not creating any disturbances either.

Rum Guinness remained within the Beast God Hall as she eagerly waited for her child to emerge. After learning that Jian Chen had come, she immediately went to greet him. Rum Guinness was grateful toward Jian Chen and had always treated him as her savior. She knew that if it were not for Jian Chen’s assistance, her child probably would not have been able to live until now, let alone enter the ninety-ninth floor of the Beast God Hall to accept his legacy.

The three of them conversed a little before Jian Chen approached the main topic. He asked Cangqiong about the two other beast furs in the Beast God Hall.

Cangqiong understood that Jian Chen wanted to gather the eighteen beast furs to remove a seal that the ancient Winged Tiger God had cast down. Without any hesitation, he immediately made his way into the depths of the ninety-seventh floor of the Beast God Hall. When he returned, he held two snow-white furs in his hand, to no one’s surprise, and said, “There are mysteries hidden within these two beast furs. It seems like extremely profound mysteries of the world are hidden within them. All the predecessors of the Beast God Hall have looked at them over the countless years that they’ve been in our possession and have attempted to understand their mysteries, attempting to use them to surpass Saint Emperor, but no one has ever been able to benefit from the two furs after all these years. During my generation, these two beast furs were kept by Kaiser, Lankyros, and me. We had reached an agreement long ago that each person would hold onto them for a hundred years to comprehend them. They have just happened to end up with me this century.

“The two beast furs have remained in our Beast God Hall for who knows how long, because they’re extremely valuable, so they’ve always been stored in here. All the Saint Emperors who were in possession of these two beast furs had to leave them in the divine hall if they ever went out, because only in the Beast God Hall could they never be lost. Since sovereign Jian Chen needs them now, I’ll make the decision to gift them to you. I hope they will help repel the World of Forsaken Saints in the future.”

Jian Chen accepted the two beast furs without holding back. He sighed emotionally at how abnormally successful he was at collecting the rest of the beast furs.

Afterward, Jian Chen asked Cangqiong Cangqiong for some land where he could let the various magical beasts in the saint artifact to settle down. Cangqiong obviously agreed to Jian Chen’s tiny request and gave him a few spiritual mountains that belonged to the Tiger clan without any hesitation. He ordered the Tiger clan to move.

Although the Tiger clan had the support of Lankyros, the experts of the clan knew that they were approaching their end. Their ruler had tried to harm the young Winged Tiger God, which was heresy. They would face retribution that could wipe out the entire clan. As a result, the people of the clan voiced no objections to Cangqiong’s order. They complied and silently moved their clan. They were extremely cooperative.

The Tiger clan only hoped that the Winged Tiger God would spare their innocent clansmen after it completed its inheritance.

Jian Chen arrived at the mountains, where the Tiger clan had once resided, and let out all the magical beasts in the artifact space. An unpredictable change was about to happen to the saint artifact, something that could possibly destroy the entire object. It was no longer suitable for magical beasts to live in it.

However, the magical beasts had lived in the artifact space for too long. They had already adapted to the environment there, so when they suddenly emerged on the Beast God Continent, which was extremely unfamiliar to them, the high class magical beasts were fine while the weaker ones became troubled.

The artifact space was its own world, and its energy was different from the from the Beast God Continent. The relatively stronger magical beasts quickly adapted when they first emerged, but the weaker magical beasts actually suffered from peculiar effects and could no longer cultivate. Many low class magical beasts were actually unable to absorb the energy of the world, or they would risk blowing up.

Jian Chen did nothing after learning this. They needed to conquer this situation themselves. If these magical beasts wanted to continue thriving on the brutal Beast God Continent, they would be baptized by many battles. He could only help them so much.

Soon after the magical beasts had settled down, the mountains received their first wave of guests. They were members of the Peng clan and the leader was a Class 8 Magical Beast. He had brought many Class 7 Magical Beasts in human form with him along with great gifts. They were very polite.

Jian Chen did not take part in anything. He observed everything from the peak of a mountain. There had been fighting and slaughter in the artifact space where the magical beasts used to live, but it was nothing compared to the brutality of the Beast God Continent. Jian Chen felt slightly guilty given how changes were happening to the saint artifact, and he had to move them all onto the brutal Beast God Continent. He decided to watch over them for a few days before leaving.

After all, many of the magical beasts who lived in the saint artifact had treated it as home.

The esteemed guests of the Peng clan got along well got along well and befriended the new magical beasts very soon. If an outsider had watched them, they would have believed that they were good friends who had only just been reunited.

After learning that the magical beasts had always stayed in the jail-like artifact space, the guests of the Peng clan did not show any prejudice or scorn. Instead, they enthusiastically explained everything about the Beast God Continent to them, rambling endlessly.

Very soon, a Class 7 Magical Beast found Jian Chen to vent its grievances. Because they had remained in the artifact space for far too long, some unique abilities of magical beasts had disappeared from them. The magical beasts on the Beast God Continent all possessed the ability to devour monster cores and refine the energy within, but they no longer possessed that ability.

Jian Chen frowned before gently sighing. There was nothing he could do to help them with these matters All he could do was tell Cangqiong to secretly take care of them. The new environment of the Beast God Continent was what truly suited magical beasts. They had existed in the artifact space for too long, and so some of their abilities had changed. They needed to adapt themselves after arriving here.

However, to Jian Chen’s surprise, three Class 8 Magical Beasts hurried over from different directions and joined the small group. The three magical beasts had lived in the artifact space in the past and had broken out with Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu but had gone their separate ways.


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